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Killed at Asbury Park.

William Neaves of West Ocean Grove was struck by a train last Thursday night and was instantly killed. Mr. Neaves was returning home from work and was about to cross the railroad track when he saw the south bound train approaching, and he stopped to let it pass. He failed to notice the north bound train coming towards him. He head was terribly mangled. Mr. Neaves leaves a widow and one daughter.


Neil Murphy.

Neil Murphy, who had lived for 28 years at Fair Haven, was found dead in his bedroom by his daughter Kittie on Sunday morning. When found he was sitting in a chair. On Saturday he was in good spirits and went about the village, as was his usual custom. On returning that night he complained of indigestion, but his sickness was thought to be trivial.

Mr. Murphy was born at Londonderry, Ireland, in August, 1818. When he was a lad of sixteen years he came to this country. He was engaged in the marble business at New York and Philadelphia for many years, but retired from active business at the time he moved to Fair Haven. The first house that he lived in at Fair Haven was the house in which he died. By his industry he had amassed quite an amount of money, and at his death he owned several houses at Fair Haven. He was a member of the Catholic church and attended St. James's church at Red Bank. His wife died four years ago. Two sons and a daughter survive him. They are John and Frank Murphy of Australia, and Miss Kittie Murphy, who lived with her father. His funeral was held from St. James's church this morning at half-past nine o'clock. A solemn requiem mass was celebrated by Rev. James A. Reynolds. The interment was in Mt. Olivet cemetery at Fair View.

Edwin P. Swanell.

Edwin P. Swannell died at his home on Front street, Red Bank, of the effects of a cancer of the face. He had been troubled with the cancer for four years. Mr. Swannell was born in England in 1828 and was 68 years old. He came to this country when a young man and learned the carpenter trade. He built the original Hubbard's and Cooper's bridges at Red Bank. He was a member of the first Methodist church of Red Bank. He leaves a widow and three children. The children are Mrs. Mary L. Ivins of New York; Miss Elizabeth Swannell and Joseph W. Swannell of Red Bank. The body will be buried in the Little Silver cemetery on Friday.

John Gilhully.

John Gilhuly, for many years a resident of Raritan township, died at the home of his son Stephen at Flemington on Saturday. Mr. Gilhuly and his wife have lived at Flemington for the past year or so. Previous to that time they had lived for a while with their son, Isaac Gilhuly, at West Long Branch. He leaves two other children, William Gilhuly of Keyport and Mrs. Dey, widow of Snowden Dey of Asbury Park. The funeral was held this morning at the Keyport Methodist church. In accordance with a request made by Mr. Gilhuly just before his death, the funeral sermon was preached by Rev. J. K. Manning of Red Bank.

Sarah A. Fleming.

Sarah A. Fleming, widow of the late Charles T. Fleming, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. John L. Conover, at Freehold, last Wednesday. She had been somewhat of an invalid for the past twenty years, but previous to her death she had been confined to her bed only four weeks. Mrs. Fleming was born at Shrewsbury on October 8th, 1817, and was the daughter of William W. Scott. She was one of the original members of of the Eatontown Baptist church. Besides Mrs. Conover she leaves one other daughter, Mrs. A. Mount of Long Branch.

John H. Matthews.

John H. Matthews died at Harmony, near Freehold, on Friday morning, aged about 68 years. He was born at Harmony and he had lived there all his life, where he followed farming. A widow and five children survive him. The children are William, Cornelius, Charles G., and Michael Matthews and Mrs. Mary A. Clayton, all of whom live at Harmony.

Mrs. Mary Walker.

Mrs. Mary Walker, wife of Dr. Anselle Walker, died of catarrh of the bowels at Freehold on Thursday. She was 73 years old. She was a native of the West Indies and had lived in Freehold since1848. She was an Episcopalian and was an active member of St. Peter's church at Freehold. She leaves two children, Miss Mary Walker and John P. walker, both of Freehold.

Mrs. Maria Demott.

Mrs. Maria Demott died of pneumonia at her home on Front street on Monday night, aged 75 years. She had been sick only a week. Four daughters survive her. The funeral services will be held this afternoon at five o'clock and the body will be taken to Plainfield for interment.

Mrs. Geraldine Penfield.

Mrs. Geraldine Penfield, wife of Roderic C. Penfield, formerly of Red Bank, died at Philadelphia last Thursday as a result of an operation for abdominal abscess. She was a member of the First Methodist church of Asbury Park. She leaves two children, a daughter and a son.

Mrs. Emily L. Wood.

Mrs. Emily L. Wood, wife of Stephen Wood, died at Keyport on Saturday, February 29th, aged 64 years. Her death was caused by dropsy. She had been sick only one week. She had lived at Keyport for fifteen years, and she leaves four children.

Mrs. Lydia Edwards.

Mrs. Lydia Edwards, widow of Henry D. Edwards, died at Long Branch City on Monday of last week of bronchitis and pneumonia. She had been ailing for seven years. She was 78 years old and leaves five children, two daughters and three sons.

Oliver Huff, Jr.

Oliver Huff, Jr., died at Yellow Brook, in the western part of the county, on Sunday of last week. His death was caused by pneumonia. He was about 49 years old and was a son of the late Oliver Huff of Ardena. He leaves a widow.

Mark Carr.

Mark Carr died at Freehold on Monday of last week, aged 49 years. His death was caused by pneumonia. He leaves a widow and four children. He was a member of the Catholic Benevolent Legion and of the fire department at Freehold.

Arthur Megee.

Arthur, the seven-months'-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Megee of Long Branch, died last Friday week from heart disease. This is the fourth death in Mr. Megee's family in fourteen months.

Mrs. Lavinia S. Brower.

Mrs. Lavinia S. Brower died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Jennie L. Morris, at Long Branch, on Tuesday of last week, aged 70 years. She leaves two children, a daughter and a son.

Mrs. Ann Jeffrey.

Mrs. Ann Jeffrey, widow of Courtney Jeffrey, died at Poplar last Wednesday, aged 70 years. She had been ailing for a long time. She leaves eight children, five sons and three daughters.

Charles Stankiewicz.

Charles Stankiewicz, eldest son of Joseph Stankiewicz, died at Locust Point on Friday, aged eight years. The body was buried in Mount Olivet cemetery on Monday.

Miss Sarah M. E. Foster.

Miss Sarah M. E. Foster, daughter of the late Hiram D. Foster, died at Long Branch on Monday of last week of consumption. She was 45 years old.


  • BROWER - At Long Branch, on Wednesday, March 3d, Mrs. Lavinia Brower, aged 70 years.

  • CUNNINGHAM - At Millhurst, on Thursday, February 27th, Mrs. Jane Cunningham, aged 53 years.

  • CARR - At Freehold, on Monday, March 2d, Mark Carr, aged 49 years.

  • DEMOTT - At Red Bank, on Monday, March 9th, Mrs. Maria Demott, aged 75 years.

  • EDWARDS - At Long Branch, on Monday, March 2d, Mrs. Lydia Edwards, aged 78 years.

  • FOSTER - At Long Branch, on Monday, March 2d, Miss Sarah M. E. foster, aged 45 years and 6 months.

  • FLEMING - At Freehold, on Wednesday, March 4th, Mrs. Sarah A. Fleming, aged 73 years.

  • JEFFREY - At Poplar, on Wednesday, March 3d, Mrs. Ann Jeffrey, aged 70 years.

  • LEEMING - At Freehold, on Sunday, March 1st, Mary, wife of Moses Leeming, aged 58 years.

  • MURPHY - At Fair Haven, on Sunday, March 8th, Neil Murphy, aged 77 years.

  • MATTHEWS - At Harmony, in Freehold township, on Friday, March 6th, John H. Matthews, aged 68 years.

  • MEGEE - At Long Branch, on Friday, February 28th, Arthur, son of Elmer Megee, aged 7 months.

  • McGOUTH - At Long Branch, on Sunday, March 1st, Mrs. Mary McGouth, aged 64 years.

  • PENFIELD - At Philadelphia, on Thursday, March 5th, Mrs. Roderick C. Penfield, formerly of Asbury Park, aged 30 years.

  • PALMER - Near Farmingdale, on Thursday, March 5th, Thomas Palmer, aged 80 years.

  • STANKIEWICZ - At Locust Point, on Friday, March 6th, Charles Stankiewicz, aged 8 years, 9 months and 23 days.

  • SWANNELL - At Red Bank, on Wednesday, March 11th, Edwin P. Swannell, aged about 67 years.

  • SANDBORN - At Bradley Beach, on Thursday, February 27th, Anne E., wife of Alfred Sandborn, aged 38 years.

  • TEST - At Ely, on Sunday, March 1st, Joel Test, aged 49 years and 18 days.

  • WOOD - At Keyport, on Saturday, February 29th, Mrs. Emily L. wood, aged 64 years.

  • WALLING - At New York, on Thursday, February 27th, Hamilton Walling, formerly of Keyport, aged 75 years.

  • WALKER - At Freehold, on Thursday, March 5th, Mary, wife of Anselle Walker, aged 73 years.

    Source: Red Bank Register, March 11, 1896

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