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She Was Scratched On the Hand by a Black-and-Tan Terrier While Playing With Dog About Five Weeks Ago.

Lucy M. Taylor, the eight-year-old daughter of John G. Taylor of Vanderburg, died on Thursday from the effects of the bite of a dog, which occurred about five weeks ago. The wound was considered trivial at the time and but little thought was given to it, but later blood poisoning or hydrophobia set in and caused the child's death.

The dog which bit the child was a small black-and-tan terrier. The terrier had been bitten some time previously by a larger dog, but had shown no signs of being rabid. When the little girl was bitten, she and the dog were playing together, and the wound consisted of a slight scratch on the back of the hand which was made by the dog in the course of their play, and which bled very little. Two days later the child complained that the wound hurt her, and as a matter of precaution a doctor was called in and the wound was cauterized. This allayed the pain and the wound healed. Two weeks later the hand and arm began to swell. The child became sick and grew worse steadily until her death. She was attacked with spasms, and there were the other usual symptoms of hydrophobia. In one of her spasms, just before her death, she made three slight scratches on her father's nose, who was by her bedside, caring for her. Mr. Taylor had the scratches cauterized at once, but as an additional safeguard he went to Philadelphia for treatment. The surgeons there told him there was not the slightest danger of hydrophobia from the scratches.

The funeral was held on Saturday afternoon from the Holmdel Baptist church. The services were conducted by Rev. Robert B. Fisher and Rev. Garrett Wyckoff. The attendance at the funeral was large, and the remains were buried in the Holmdel cemetery. The pallbearers were four boys, schoolmates of the dead child, and were Robert and William Weeks, Joseph Hudge and Fred Burr.

Richard Longstreet Dies Suddenly in Globe Court.

Richard Longstreet of Mount street was found dead in the roadway of the Globe hotel, near the stables of J. H. Hendrickson, early Saturday morning. He had fallen dead in a fit, to which he had been subject for a number of years past. For several days previous to his death he had been feeling unwell and when he started out on Saturday morning, he was advised by his wife to remain at home. This he refused to do. Shortly after turning into Globe court he was attacked with the fit and died almost immediately. The body was taken in charge by Robert T. Smith, the deputy coroner. His funeral was held on Monday afternoon. He leaves a widow and eight children.

He Was Taking His First Ride on a Tricycle With His Daughter When He Was Stricken - His Funeral to Be Held Friday.

Capt. Amos W. Sanford of Oceanport died of heart disease at Eatontown yesterday afternoon. He was riding a tricycle with his daughter Lucy when attacked, and died within five minutes. He was carried into the house of Mrs. Thomas Johnston, where attempts were made to revive him, but without success. When he died his daughter fainted, and did not recover consciousness for several hours.

Mr. Sanford had lately bought the machine and this was the first time that he had ridden it. He had been troubled with heart disease for a number of years, but seemingly in good spirits when he started for his ride. When attacked he fell over on his daughter unconscious and did not regain consciousness.

Capt. Sanford was 63 years old. For a number of years he had been pilot on ferry boats at New York. For the past ten years he had been in the employ of the Central railroad company of New Jersey. Before this time he piloted ferry boats between Brooklyn and New York. He leaves a widow and one daughter. He was a brother of Borden Sanford, the pilot of the steamboat Albertina.

The funeral will be held on Friday afternoon at two o'clock from the home of his daughter. The interment will be in Greenwood cemetery.


Capt. John S. Conover.

Capt. John S. Conover of Holmdel died at the German hospital at Newark on Friday. He was 69 years old and had been sick for the past year with rheumatism. His condition became very bad and about ten days ago he was taken to the hospital for treatment. The rheumatism developed into paralysis, his legs being the parts of his body affected.

Capt. Conover was born at Holmdel and in his early life he followed farming. Some years ago he became captain of the propeller Holmdel, which plies between Matawan and New York, and he held this position up to the time of his death. He leaves four children. They are Edward Conover of Connecticut, Joseph Conover of Newark, Miss Alice Conover, who lived at home, and Mrs. Archibald Sutphen of Syracuse, N. Y.

The body was brought from Newark on Saturday and the funeral was held at the house on Monday afternoon. Rev. R. B. Fisher preached the funeral sermon. The interment was in the cemetery at Holmdel.

Alfred Pope.

Alfred Pope, a well-known farmer, died at Colt's Neck on Thursday, aged 83 years. His death was due to heart disease and the infirmities of old age. He was born on the property upon which he died and had lived there all his life. He was very successful as a farmer and leaves his family in good circumstances. He was a member of the Colt's Neck Reformed church. He leaves a widow and six children. They are Mrs. Charles Hoeding of Bristol, Pa., Mrs. E. Scobey of Eatontown, Joseph and Wyckoff Pope, who live on the homestead farm, Edgar Pope of Brooklyn and Jacob Pope of Holmdel. The funeral was held at the house on Saturday afternoon and was conducted by Rev. S. R. Cunningham. The interment was in the Holmdel cemetery. The pall-bearers were John Statesir, John Smock, Albert Polhemus, Henry Hance, Jerome Magee and John VanMater.

James v. Muildoon.

James V. Muldoon died of fatty degeneration of the heart and paralysis at Freehold on Monday of last week, aged 50 years. He had been sick for several months. He had served as lieutenant in the late war. He was a civil engineer and had laid out part of Prospect park in Brooklyn and had also done similar work in Texas and through the West. He had been station agent at Wickatunk and later on served in the same capacity at Freehold. About ten years ago he gave up this position to engage in the coal business, which business he continued up to his death. He was a member of the Royal Arcanum, Grand Army, United Workmen, American Mechanics and Knights of Pythias. He was also secretary of the Freehold board of trade. His widow will receive nearly $8,000 in death benefits from the lodges to which he belonged. Two children survive him.

Wellington Wilson.

Wellington Wilson died at the home of his parents at Eatontown on Friday of a complication of diseases. He was first taken sick with rheumatism, and this was followed by kidney trouble and later by an affection of the heart. He was given opiates to deaden his pain. They seemed to have no effect. He was found dead in his bed by his mother, Mrs. Margaret Wilson on Friday morning. He had been confined to his bed since the previous Sunday. Mr. Wilson was 44 years old last September. He was unmarried and was in no business. He had lived with his parents all his life. He leaves a sister, Mrs. Ada Hendrickson, widow of Daniel Hendrickson. The body was buried on Sunday in the Presbyterian cemetery at Shrewsbury.

Joseph B. Chamberlain.

Joseph B. Chamberlain died at his home at 409 Hudson avenue, Brooklyn, yesterday morning from catarrh of the stomach, aged 67 years. Mr. Chamberlain lived on White street, Red Bank, for a long time. His son, Joseph Chamberlain, lives at Red Bank, and he also leaves a brother and sister, Hiram Chamberlain and Miss Phebe Ann Chamberlain, who are residents of this place. Besides these relatives Mr. Chamberlain leaves five daughters. The funeral will be held at his late residence in Brooklyn at ten o'clock on Friday morning, and the body will be brought to Red Bank on the early afternoon train and taken to Fair View for interment.

Dr. Arthur V. Conover.

Dr. Arthur V. Conover died at Freehold on Saturday, June 6th, aged 87 years. His death was due to injuries received about two months ago by falling from a chair. He was a member of the legislature in 1839 and was elected surrogate in 1849, which office he held for ten years. At one time he owned the Wardell farm of about 500 acres, which extended from Long Branch to Seabright. He had also owned the Metropolitan hotel at Long Branch and he lost considerable money at the time it was destroyed by fire. Two children, Dr. William A. Conover, and Mrs. Allen V. Ryall of Hackettstown, survive him.

Mrs. Liscomb Sheppard.

Mrs. Liscomb Sheppard of Elizabeth died last Saturday at the home of her mother, Mrs. H. M. Andrews, at Little Silver, from cancer. The funeral was held on Monday, the sermon being preached by Rev. William Margarum. Mrs. Sheppard was taken to Branchburg, N. J., for burial.

Mrs. Cornelia Williams.

Mrs. Cornelia Williams, wife of James Williams, died at her home at Eatontown on Thursday, June 4th, of a complication of diseases. She leaves a husband and one son, Harry, of Eatontown. She also leaves two sisters, Mrs. J. E. Garnsey and Mrs. John McClaskey, both of Red Bank.

Joseph Lewis.

Joseph Lewis, who had been toll keeper at the toll house on the Middletown turnpike near Keyport for many years, died of heart disease on Friday, June 5th, aged 81 years. He had been married twice. He leaves a widow, and one son by his first wife.

Mrs. John Hoff.

Mrs. John Hoff of Seabright died yesterday of cancer of the stomach, aged 68 years. She had been sick a long time. She leaves a husband and one daughter.

Mrs. Ellen Conway.

Mrs. Ellen Conway died of diabetes at the home of her son, Michael Conway, at Freehold, on Sunday of last week, aged 65 years.


  • CHAMBERLAIN - At Brooklyn, on Tuesday, June 16th, Joseph B. Chamberlain, aged 67 years.

  • CONOVER - At Freehold, on Saturday, June 6th, Dr. Arthur V. Conover, aged 87 years.

  • CONOVER - At Newark, on Friday, June 12th, John S. Conover of Holmdel, aged 69 years.

  • GREEN - At Long Branch, on Thursday, Jun 11th, Jennie A., wife of E. S. Green.

  • HENDRICKSON - At Melbourne, Australia, on Thursday, April 16th, Edward B. Hendrickson, formerly of Long Branch, aged about 29 years.

  • HOFF - At Seabright, on Tuesday, June 16th, Mrs. John Hoff, aged 68 years, 11 months and 21 days.

  • LONGSTREET - At Red Bank, on Saturday, June 13th, Richard Longstreet.

  • LEWIS - Near Keyport, on Friday, June 5th, Joseph Lewis, aged 81 years.

  • MULDOON - At Freehold, on Monday, June 8th, James V. Muldoon, aged 50 years.

  • POPE - At Colt's Neck, on Thursday, June 11th, Alfred Pope, aged 83 years.

  • STRATTON - At North Long Branch, on Monday, June 8th, Hazel, daughter of William Stratton, aged 3 years and 8 months.

  • SCOTT - At West Long Branch, on Wednesday, June 10th, Clara, daughter of Samuel Scott, aged 1 year.

  • SANFORD - At Eatontown, on Tuesday, June 16th, Capt. Amos Sanford of Oceanport, aged 63 years and 8 months.

  • TAYLOR - At Vanderburg, on Thursday, June 11th, Lucy, daughter of John Taylor, aged 8 years.

  • WILSON - At Eatontown, on Friday, June 12th, Wellington Wilson, aged 44 years.

  • WILLIAMS - At Eatontown, on Thursday, June 4th, Cornelia, wife of James Williams, aged 62 years.

    Source: Red Bank Register, June 17, 1896

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