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Obituaries   >   New Jersey   >   June 10,   1896

The Man Took $800 Belonging to His Mother and Eloped With a Married Woman - He Was Killed by a Horse's Kick.

Peter Stein was kicked in the face by a horse last Thursday afternoon. Stein was employed by the Reid ice cream company of Asbury Park and was in the stable at the time of the accident. He was warned to keep away from the horse, but he replied that there was no danger. Just as he spoke the horse kicked, striking Stein full in the face. The right eye was torn out by the blow and was left hanging upon his cheek. The bones of his face were crushed.

Stein was taken to the Long Branch hospital at once. Here his eye was removed and the broken bones of his face were taken out. For two or three days he seemed to be improving. He was in good spirits. He and Harry Norcross, a fellow patient, whose legs had been amputated owing to an accident at the Highlands, joked with each other as to whether it were better to lose both legs or an eye, and each expressed a wish to be in the other's place. On Sunday Stein grew worse and on Monday the doctors practically gave up hope of saving his life. He died about twelve o'clock on Monday night.

Stein went to Asbury Park about two months ago from Jersey City. He was accompanied by a woman whom he said was his wife. She was almost frantic with grief when she heard of the accident. On Monday she called at the hospital and toward night she pleaded with the doctor to tell her Stein's exact condition. She was told that Stein could not possibly live through the night. She was asked to stay all night, but she said she could not sleep there and she took a trolley car on the Asbury Park route. The hospital people thought she went home. She got out at Interlaken and must have flung herself in the water there, as her body was found in the lake near the shore yesterday morning.

A poet-mortem examination of Stein's body was made yesterday afternoon and it was found that his skull had been fractured by the kick from the horse. A brother-in-law of Stein was present at the post-mortem. He stated that Stein had left his home in Jersey City about two months ago, taking with him $800 which belonged to his mother. He was in love with the wife of another man, and he induced her to desert her husband and children and go with him to Asbury Park. They lived there until the accident occurred to Stein, which resulted in his death and in the suicide of the woman who had eloped with him.

Stein had an insurance of $2,500 on his life. This will go to his mother.

An Accident to Mary J. McNeal of Asbury Park.

Mrs. Mary J. McNeal of West Asbury Park fell down a flight of stairs and broke her neck last Wednesday night. Her body was found at the foot of the stairway by her eleven-year-old son on Thursday afternoon. It is presumed that she was drunk when the accident took place, as empty beer bottles were found on the floor of her bedroom and a bottle of beer was under her pillow. She was 49 years old and leaves a husband and two children.


James H. Anthony.

James H. Anthony died at Long Branch on Monday of last week, aged 50 years. He was born in England and came to this country thirteen years ago, since which time he had been employed as a baker by William White. He had a house built at Long Branch about a year ago and ten months ago his wife and daughter came to this country from England.

Mrs. Martha C. Lawrie.

Mrs. Martha C. Lawrie, widow of George G. Lawrie, died of old age at the residence of her son, George Lawrie, at Atlantic Highlands, on Sunday. She was 87 years old and was a daughter Gen. Newbold. The body was taken to Cornwall, New York, for burial.

Mrs. Eliza Durnell.

Mrs. Eliza Durnell, widow of William Durnell, died at her home in Oceanport on Friday, aged 88 years. She had been sick about a week and suffered from stomach troubles. She left one son, William H. Durnell. The body was buried in the West Long Branch cemetery.

Mrs. Catherine Burdge.

Mrs. Catherine Burdge, wife of Merrick M. Burdge, died at Manasquan on Tuesday of last week, aged 74 years. She had been sick for some time with dyspepsia and the disease became so bad that she was unable to retain food.

Mrs. Margaret Wolcott.

Mrs. Margaret A. Wolcott, wife of William Wolcott, died of asthma at Long Branch last Wednesday, aged 56 years. A husband and a daughter survive her.

Matthew White.

Matthew White died of pneumonia at Freehold on Saturday, May 30th, aged 35 years. He had been married twice and a wife and two children survive him.


  • ANTHONY - At Long Branch, on Monday, June 1st, James H. Anthony, aged 50 years.

  • BURDGE - At Manasquan, on Tuesday, June 2d, Mrs. Catherine Burdge, aged 74 years.

  • DENISE - Near Colt's Neck, on Wednesday, June 3d, Helen, infant daughter of Frank Denise.

  • DURNELL - At Oceanport, on Friday, June 5th, Mrs. Eliza Durnell, aged 88 years.

  • HULSEBERG - At Long Branch, on Saturday, May 30th, John F. Hulseberg, aged 46 years.

  • HOFF - At Keyport, on Wednesday, June 3d, the infant child of Stephen Hoff.

  • MULLIGAN - At Oceanic, on Monday, June 8th, infant son of Daniel Mulligan.

  • WOLCOTT - At Long Branch, on Sunday, May 31st, Mrs. Margaret A. Wolcott, aged 56 years.

  • WHITE - At Freehold, on Saturday, May 30th, Matthew White, aged 35 years.

    Source: Red Bank Register, June 10, 1896

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