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Her Clothing Caught Fire While Playing Near a Stove.

Carrie Faist, aged about three years, the adopted daughter of Clifford Clayton of Nut Swamp, was badly burned early Sunday morning. Mr. Clayton farms the John S. Applegate place. He was late in getting out of bed Sunday morning. He supplies milkmen with milk and on account of being late his wife went out to help him milk the cows. They left the child in the house alone. Before going out Mrs. Clayton admonished the child to keep away from the stove. While they were milking the cows they were startled by hearing the child screaming. Mr. Clayton hurried out and saw the child running across the field with her clothes on fire. She was evidently bewildered. Mr. Clayton grabbed a horse blanket and gave chase to the child and smothered the fire with the blanket. The child was frightfully burned on the arms and the upper part of the body and around the mouth. She was also scorched about the body and face. She had on flannel underclothing and this protected her body. It is not known how the child's clothing caught fire but it is supposed that she was playing too near the stove. Dr. Elwood Morton of Red Bank was sent for and dressed the wounds. He was constant in his attentions, but the injuries the girl received were so severe that she could not recover, and she died on Monday morning. The pain was so intense that she went into convulsions whenever she moved. The child was very pretty and was the daughter of Gus Faist, who lived on Stout street up to the time his wife died, about two years ago. Faist then left town and the child was taken by Mr. Clayton.

Fatally Injured on New Year's Day in His Father's Store.

Herbert Whiting, son of A. J. Whiting of Red Bank, met his death through an accident on New Year's day. Herbert was a boy about sixteen years old, although he looked to be only about fourteen. He was a very bright, manly lad, and was employed by Borden & Longstreet. On New Year's day he went to the former store of his father on Front street, which was recently partially burned, to help move some of the articles which remained in the store. He was taking down some shelving when it slipped from his hands and fell, pinning him against the counter. He was taken home, but his injuries were thought to be slight. He was up and around the house all the rest of New Year's day. He was around the house nearly all day Thursday, but while at supper he complained of feeling bad and asked his father to carry him to his room. While he was being taken there he became unconscious, and in that condition he remained until quarter to twelve, when he died. He was born in England and had made two visits to England since he first came to this country, and he had thus crossed the ocean five times.

The funeral was held on Sunday afternoon from Grace church. There was a noticeably large attendance of young people. Rev. William Mitchell preached the sermon and Rev. J. Ward Gamble made a prayer. There were many very handsome floral tributes, among them being one from the Junior Christian Endeavor society of Grace church, of which the boy was a member. The pallbearers were Joseph W. Child, Jr., John Valentine, Jr., Warren Smock and Joseph Smock. The interment was made in West Long Branch cemetery.


Mrs. Sophia Mount.

Mrs. Sophia Mount died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Daniel Shutts, at Tinton Falls, last Thursday, aged 92 years. Her death was caused by paralysis of the brain. Up to a few days before her death she was in her usual health. Her death was painless, and she was conscious until the end. Although of a very advanced age the only faculty impaired was her hearing. Her eyesight was good and she could thread a needle without the aid of glasses. Her memory was excellent, and she was very entertaining in her relation of incidents of her childhood.

She was born in Philadelphia, where she was married when about eighteen years old to Joseph Mount, who died in 1863. Shortly after her marriage she moved to Whitesville, near Lakewood. During the war of 1812 Mrs. Mount and her sister cooked food and did knitting for the soldiers. She made the clothes in which she was buried. She leaves seven children. They are Mrs. Alfred Grover of Whitesville, N. J., Mrs. James White of VanHiseville, N. J., Mrs. Hannah Wilbur of Newport, R. I., Mrs. Mary Gouldry of Avon, Mrs. Daniel Shutts of Tinton Falls, Mrs. Herman Libenthall of Asbury Park and Mrs. Joseph Mount of Indiana. Her descendants number 88. She has 47 grandchildren, 33 great-grandchildren and one great-great-grandchild.

The funeral was held on Saturday from her late home. The interment was in the cemetery at Whitesville. The pall-bearers were Thomas Johnson, Van Johnson, Joseph Lefferson and Frank Wyckoff.

Daniel Schenck.

Daniel Schenck, who lived near Bradevelt, died on Friday afternoon of a complication of diseases, after a sickness of a month. Mr. Schenck was 74 years old and was the last of a family of eight children, four sons and four daughters. All of the girls married and they leave two heirs. The boys remained single. Their father, John R. Schenck, at his death left his farm to be divided into three equal sections, one section for each of the three remaining sons, one son, Noah, having died before him. Mr. Schenck was one of the first in this part of the county to engage in raising pears for market. In the growing of pears and apples he took great pride, and to these he gave his principal attention. The funeral services were held at the house on Monday afternoon. Rev. C. H. VanZee preached the sermon and the interment was in the Brick church cemetery.

John Farry.

John Farry of Matawan died on Tuesday of last week, aged 65 years. He was at one time an important factor in Monmouth county Democratic politics. He was freeholder from Matawan township for thirteen years. His business was that of hotel keeper. His health had been poor for the past two years, and he had spent some time in the South on this account. He leaves a wife and six children. He was a prudent man in his business affairs and leaves a large estate. The funeral was held last Thursday and was attended by prominent politicians and representative men from all over the county, including ten members of the present board of freeholders.

Miss Mary Crawford.

Miss Mary Crawford, daughter of John J. Crawford of Holmdel, died on Sunday of last week in New York. She was thirty years old. She had been in New York for some time undergoing treatment. She was well known in Red Bank and was a member of the King's Daughter and of the Red Bank Baptist church. Her funeral was held last Thursday from her home at Holmdel. The services were conducted by Rev. J. K. Manning, assisted by Rev. R. B. Fisher and Rev. Garrett Wyckoff. The interment was in the Holmdel cemetery.

Samuel W. Holmes.

Samuel W. Holmes, who had lived at Long Branch for a great many years, died on Sunday of last week from stone in the bladder. He was born at Shrewsbury on November 21st, 1825, and in the early part of his life he worked on a farm. Since 1866 he had conducted a bathing establishment at West End. He was a veteran of the late war and enlisted in company A. 29th Regiment, at the beginning of the war. He was the oldest member of the Long Branch council of Royal Arcanum. He leaves a widow and four children.

Mrs. Helenah W. DuBois.

Mrs. Helenah W. DuBois, wife of Benjamin DuBois, died near Freehold on Monday of last week, aged 85 years. Her early life was spent at Marlboro on the farm of the late Garrett Wyckoff. On February 1st, 1832, she married Benjamin DuBois, who survives her. She joined the Freehold Reformed church when it was organized in 1847. She was among twenty others who brought certificates from the Marlboro church to the church at Freehold and was the last but one of the original members of the church.

Mrs. Susan Harvey.

Mrs. Susan Harvey, wife of James Harvey, died at Oakhurst on Monday of last week, aged 75 years. Her death was caused by paralysis. She was born at Wayside and had lived all her life in this county. For many years she had been a member of the First Methodist church of Long Branch. She leaves three sons and a daughter. They are John W. and William L. Harvey of Oakhurst, Charles E. Harvey of West Long Branch and Mrs. E. T. Brand of Long Branch.

William Brown.

William Brown of Smithburg, son of Wm. H. Brown, died of Bright's disease on Friday, December 27th, aged 21 years. Last summer his brother jumped into the mill pond to take a swim and while there was taken with cramps and was drowned. William Brown was working in the mill near the pond and was perspiring profusely. When he saw his brother sinking he jumped into the pond to save him. Shortly after this he took cold and it gradually settled into Bright's disease.

Mrs. Bridget Court.

Mrs. Bridget Court, wife of John Court, died at Oceanic on Friday, aged 50 years. Her death was due to Bright's disease. She had been sick in bed only two weeks before her death. Eight children survive her. Her funeral was held on Monday at the Holy Cross church at Seabright. The interment was in the Catholic cemetery at Fair View.

Mrs. Halsted Wainwright.

Mrs. Halsted Wainwright died from blood poisoning at Farmingdale on Sunday of last week, aged 66 years. She had been sick with diphtheria about three weeks, but had almost recovered from this disease when blood poisoning set in. She leaves a husband and two sons, Lawyer H. H. Wainwright and Dr. J. B. Wainwright of Manasquan.

Miss Clara VanBrunt.

Miss Clara VanBrunt, daughter of Benjamin VanBrunt, died at Long Branch on Thursday. She had been sick only a week. She was to have been married in a short time to George Layton of Long Branch and her wedding clothes were all made. She was buried on Sunday in her wedding dress.

Mrs. Harriet M. Clayton.

Mrs. Harriet Clayton, wife of A. L. Clayton, died at Asbury Park on Monday of last week, aged 41 years. Her death was caused by cancer of the stomach, with which she had been sick over two years. Four children survive her.

Mrs. Mary Gardiner.

Mrs. Mary Gardiner died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Aaron Reid, at Long Branch, on Sunday morning of paralysis, aged 70 years. Her funeral was held to-day.


  • BROWN-At Smithburg, on Friday, December 27th, William Brown, aged 21 years.

  • CORYELL-At Long Branch, on Tuesday, December 31st, Barbara, wife of Howard Coryell, aged 41 years.

  • CLAYTON-At Asbury Park, on Sunday, December 29th, Hattie, wife of A. L. Clayton, aged 41 years.

  • CRAWFORD-At New York, on Sunday, December 29th, Mary, daughter of John J. Crawford, of Holmdel, aged 30 years.

  • DuBOIS-Near Freehold, on Monday, December 30th, Mrs. Helenah W. DuBois, aged 85 years.

  • FARRY-At Matawan, on Tuesday, December 31st, John Farry, aged 65 years, 1 month and 7 days.

  • HARVEY-At Oakhurst, on Monday, December 30th, Mrs. Susan Harvey, aged 75 years.

  • HOLMES-At Long Branch, on Sunday, December 29th, Samuel W. Holmes, aged 70 years.

  • LEONARD-At Scobeyville, on Monday, December 30th, son of Charles Leonard, aged 6 years.

  • NEWMAN-At Belmar, on Saturday, December 28th, Anthony Newman, aged 51 years.

  • PETERSON-At Asbury Park, on Saturday, December 28th, Mary E. Peterson, aged 18 years.

  • VanBRUNT-At Long Branch on Thursday, January 2d, Clara, daughter of Benjamin VanBrunt.

  • WHITING-At Red Bank, on Friday, January 3d, Herbert, son of A. J. Whiting, aged 16 years.

  • WAINWRIGHT-At Farmingdale, on Sunday, December 29th, Mrs. Halstead Wainright, aged 66 years.

    Wills and Estates:

    He Left a Big Farm, but it Was Mortgaged - Other Debts.

    Daniel Schenck, the eccentric farmer of Bradevelt, who died last week, and who was generally known as "Soft-Hand Dan," because he always wore gloves, even in summer, to keep his hands soft, left an estate composed chiefly of his farm of 146 acres. He was unmarried and was the last of his line. There are but two heirs to the estate, a niece and a nephew. They are Mrs. John R. DuBois of Holmdel and John Hoadley of Connecticut.

    Mr. Schenck had made a will about four years before his death, but had not signed it. In this will Hoadley was left an income of $75 a year, Mrs. Du Bois was not left a dollar, and Alfred Walling, Jr., was bequeathed $5,000. The will is of course valueless without his signature.

    For the past few years Mr. Schenck had lost about a thousand dollars a year.

    There is a mortgage of $7,000 on the farm. Lafayette Conover and John D. Honce had endorsed notes for Mr. Schenck and a few months ago Mr. Schenck made them his attorneys to conduct his affairs until the floating indebtedness was paid off. When the notes and bills were paid they were to turn the farm back to his control. It is understood that they will retain charge of the farm until this is done.

    The Hoey Estate.

    A meeting of the creditors of the John Hoey estate was held at New York on Friday and claims against the estate to the amount of $95,000, were canceled by the creditors taking property for their claims. It is estimated that the heirs of the estate will have over a quarter of a million of dollars left after the debts are paid.

    George P. VanBrackle's Estate.

    By the will of the late George P. VanBrackle of Keyport his daughter, Margaret E. Walling, is left $18,000 in cash and an interest in the schooner Charles H. Valentine. His grandson, George F. Walling, will receive $7,000 in cash when he is 21 years old, and he gets now a gold watch and chain and an interest in the schooner Thomas L. James. The residue of the estate, with the exception of $400, the interest of which is to keep his burial plot in order, he left to his widow during her lifetime. At her death it is to be equally divided between his daughter and grandson. His estate consists of over $25,000 in money and a large amount of real and personal property.

    Source: Red Bank Register, January 8, 1896

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