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The Body Afterward Run Over-One leg Severed and the Other Crushed-He Was Married Six Months Ago.

Terrance Mulligan, who lived on Bank street, was killed by a train on Saturday night. The accident occured in front of the Southern railway station, which is about fifty yards south of the New York and Long Branch railroad station. At the time of the accident it was very dark. No one saw the accident. The train by which he was killed is a northbound train and arrives at Red Bank at 7:05. A train comes up from Lakewood a minute or two later and cars from the Lakewood train are switched and connected with the train from Long Branch.

When the Lakewood train was broken and the cars were being switched over to the main New York track, the brakeman in charge of the cars saw Mulligan's body lying partly on the rails, but he could not stop the cars. After the cars were connected with the train for New York, he and the other train hands ran back to the body. The cars had cut the left leg off above the knee and the right leg was crushed below the knee. A slight bruise on the head was the only other mark on the body. From the position of the body the train hands concluded that he had been struck and killed by the train from Long Branch, before the Lakewood cars had run over him.

The body was carried to the platform in front of the station and Deputy Coroner R. T. Smith was notified. He took the body to his undertaking rooms on Front street and later to Mulligan's home on Bank street. His funeral was held yesterday morning from St. James's church. Mulligan was employed as a night watchman at the Brookdale farm at Lincroft. For several years he drove a wagon for Joseph Gill of Red Bank. When Mr. Gill went out of business he worked for Charles Gelhaus, a baker of Atlantic Highlands. He was married about six moths ago, but began housekeeping only last week. He was 24 years old.

A Sailor Drowned.

Louis Jans, a resident of Keyport, who was a sailor on the sloop W. I. Smith, was knocked overboard by the boom of the sloop one night last week and drowned. The sloop was on its way to New York with a load of oysters and was in charge of George Russell. The night was very dark and Russell went to the bow of the boat with the lead. The boom was suddenly jibed and Russell was knocked to the deck. When he arose he called to Jans but received no answer. On going to the stern of the boat where he had left Jans he could not find him. He called again and was answered by Jans, who was in the water, and who called out that he had been knocked overboard by the boom. The anchor was dropped but on account of the darkness Jans's rescue was impossible. Jans was about 58 years old and came to this country from Holland about fifteen years ago. He leaves no relatives in this country.


Peter T. Doremus.

Peter T. Doremus, father of Albert and Newton Doremus, died at the home of the former on Washington street on Sunday, aged 71 years. He was a resident of Wayne, near Patterson. About two years ago he was taken sick with the grip and was in such feeble health that from then until the time he died he had to be under the constant care of a nurse. Funeral services were held at Red Bank on Monday night and the body was taken to Wayne yesterday and buried in Pompton Plains cemetery.

Miss Amelia Taill.

Miss Amelia Taill died suddenly at Eatontown last Wednesday night. She was 86 years old. The night previous to her death she complained of feeling sick and went to bed at an early hour. A short time after retiring she died. She had lived at Eatontown nearly half a century, and had lived in the family of Joseph L. Anderson for 36 years. Her funeral was held on Saturday from Mr. Anderson's house. The body was interred in the cemetery at Branchport.

T. Alvin Harvey.

T. Alvin Harvey died of heart disease at the home of his mother at Oceanic last Wednesday. He was 49 years old. He had been sick for a number of years. He leaves a widow but no children. The funeral was held from the Oceanic Presbyterian church on Saturday afternoon, and the body was interred at Fair View.

Mrs. Catherine Zimmers.

Mrs. Catharine Zimmers died of pneumonia at Long Branch on Sunday of last week. She was 76 years old. She was born in Ireland and immigrated to this country when she was 21 years old. She was married twice and leaves two sons, one by each marriage. They are Paul Brazo and John Zimmers, both of Long Branch.

John F. Jeffrey.

John F. Jeffrey died suddenly at the home of his niece, Mrs. Edward Woolley, at West Long Branch, on Saturday morning, aged 76 years. On Friday night when he went to bed he was seemingly in good health, but the next morning he was found in a chair dead. His funeral was held yesterday afternoon.

Mrs. Maria Bowles.

Mrs. Maria Bowles, a well known colored woman, died at her home on Monmouth street last Wednesday. She was 77 years old and had been an invalid for a number of years. Her funeral was held on Friday afternoon. The interment was at Macedonia.

Thomas F. O'Conner.

Thomas F. O'Conner died at Gideon & Daly's farm near Holmdel on Friday, aged 27 years. His death was caused by a complication of diseases. He was a a resident of Troy, New York, where the body was forwarded for burial on Saturday.

Daniel B. Conover.

Daniel B. Conover, a prominent farmer of Manalapan township, died suddenly of Bright's disease on Monday night of last week, aged 76 years. He leaves two daughters, both of whom are unmarried.

Mrs. Annie Kline.

Mrs. Annie Kline, widow of Jacob Kline, died of pneumonia at Long Branch this morning. The funeral will be held from the Episcopal church, Long Branch, on Saturday afternoon at two o'clock.

Mrs. Margaret Stilwell.

Mrs. Margaret Stilwell, wife of John Stilwell, died of cancer of the stomach at Holmdel on Friday. She was 34 years old. Her body was sent to New York on Monday, where the funeral was held.

Mrs. Lucy A. Manahan.

Mrs. Lucy A. Manahan died of pneumonia at North Long Branch on Tuesday of last week. She leaves three children, two daughters and a son.


  • ATCHINSON - At West Long Branch, on Monday, February 17th, Mrs. Sarah Atchinson.

  • BOWLES - At Red Bank, on Wednesday, February 12th, Mrs. Maria Bowles, aged 77 years.

  • BAGGERT - At Freehold, on Saturday, February 15th, Mrs. Ellen Baggert.

  • DOREMUS - At Red Bank, on Sunday, February 16th, Peter T. Doremus, aged 71 years.

  • HARVEY - At Oceanic, on Wednesday, February 12th, T. Alvin Harvey, aged 49 years.

  • JEFFREY - At West Long Branch, on Saturday, February 15th, John F. Jeffrey, aged 76 years.

  • LITTLE - At Matawan, on Saturday, February 8th, John S. Little, aged 37 years.

  • MURDOCK - At Asbury Park, on Friday, February 14th, Mrs. Catherine D. Murdock, aged 86 years.

  • O'CONNER - At Holmdel, on Friday, February 14th, Thomas F. O'Conner, aged 27 years.

  • STILWELL - At Holmdel, on Friday, February 14th, Margaret, wife of John Stilwell, aged 34 years.

  • TAILL - At Eatontown, on Wednesday, February 12th, Miss Amelia Taill, aged 86 years.

    Wills and Estates:


    The Farm on Shrewsbury Avenue and the Lots in Red Bank to be Divided Among the Heirs of the Estate.

    The court of chancery has ordered that the property of the late Charles G. Allen be divided among the heirs. The only exception made as to the property is the opera house building and lot. This property will not be divided but will be sold at auction the coming spring. The master in chancery who will conduct the sale is S. M. Dickinson of Trenton. The court has appointed J. A. Throckmorton, Samuel Morford and Robert W. Hance as commissioners to appraise and apportion the property.

    Mr. Allen left seven children, among whom or their children the property is to be divided. The children are Robert Allen, Jr., J. Trafford Allen, George K. Allen, James P. Allen, Mrs. John S. Applegate, Miss Mary Allen and Miss Margaret Allen.

    The largest and most valuable piece of property owned by the estate is the farm on Shrewsbury avenue, just south of the borough of Red Bank. A little part of this farm is included in the town. The farm contains about fifty acres and its location makes it valuable. This will be divided. The other property consists of half a dozen lots on Riverside avenue, some lots on Morford place and on the new extension of Riverside avenue; a large number of lots on both sides of West Front street, and lots on West street, Wall street, Beach street and Maple avenue. No time has been set for the commissioners to complete their work, but the division of the property will probably be made during the coming spring or summer.

    Source: Red Bank Register, February 19, 1896

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