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Many Aged Persons Die - The Increase in the Number of Deaths Due Indirectly to the Sudden Changes of Weather.

The number of deaths which have occurred in Monmouth county within the past ten days is much above the average. While but few of the deaths are due directly to diseases caused by the weather, the doctors say that the sudden changes affect the vitality of those suffering with other diseases, and render them less able to resist the inroads of disease. Of these deaths an unusually large proportion are those of aged persons.

Thomas Nolan, a well-known farmer of Middletown township, died at his home on the Middletown turnpike, near W. W. Conover's on Tuesday of last week, aged 55 years. On the Sunday previous to his death he was driving home from church at Red Bank, and while on Front street he was attacked with paralysis. He was accompanied by his wife and two sons, James and Thomas, who drove rapidly home and summoned medical assistance. He grew grew worse and death ensued two days later.

Mr. Nolan was born in county Galway, Ireland. About 29 years ago he emigrated to this country and settled in Middletown township, where he lived continuously until his death. He was a very thrifty and hard working man, well liked by his neighbors and respected by all who knew him for his upright character. His funeral was held from St. James's church on Saturday morning and was largely attended. A requiem mass was celebrated by Rev. James A. Reynolds. The interment was at Mt. Olivet cemetery at Headden's Corner.

William Bedle.

William Bedle, the oldest resident of Keyport, died at that place on Sunday of last week of neuralgia of the heart. He was 88 years old and leaves nine children.

He was born in Raritan township, near Keyport. He opened a blacksmith and wheelwright shop there in 1830. Previous to this he had a shop for a short time at Eatontown. Later on he engaged in the manufacture of sash and blinds, and eventually went into the undertaking business, from which he retired about twenty years ago. He was an active member of the Methodist church and was one of the founders of the Methodist church at Keyport.

William H. Warner.

William H. Warner died at North Long Branch on Friday, aged 60 years. A widow and three children survive him. The latter are Mrs. Frank Lloyd, Jerome Warner and Miss Myra Warner. Mr. Warner was born at Eatontown in 1836. He was married in 1859 to Miss Mary Edwards, daughter of the late James Edwards. He was a carpenter by trade. He was a life-long Democrat and for many years was a member of the township committee of Ocean township. For 33 years he had been a member of the Methodist church. His mother is still living and is now 81 years old.

Mrs. Mary A. Davidson.

Mrs. Mary A. Davidson, aged 75 years, died at Atlantic Highlands on Saturday at the home of her daughter, Mrs. A. C. Hart. The funeral was held at Jamesburg on Monday. Mrs. Davidson had been sick about five months. She had been married three times, her last husband being Robert C. Davidson of Franklin Park, N. J., who died in 1890. Besides Mrs. Hart, Mrs. Davidson left two other children. They are Mrs. W. H. Davidson of Jamesburg and Thomas L. Davis of New Brunswick.

John DuBois.

John DuBois, who had been a farmer near Freehold for the past 56 years, died on Monday of last week, aged 80 years. His death was caused by diabetes, with which he had been sick for six weeks. He was born at the old Dubois homestead at Marlboro. In 1840 he married Catharine Denise and moved to the farm on which he died. His wife died about a year ago. He was a member of the Freehold Reformed church for over half a century and had served in the church as deacon and elder. He leaves eight children.

Miss Isabella Robbins.

Miss Isabella Robbins died of cancer at Long Branch on Saturday, November 5th, aged 91 years. She had lived with Miss Chattie Throckmorton for the past 65 year. She was born at Hamilton Square, in Mercer county, in 1805, but had lived at Long Branch most of her life. She was a member of the Methodist church of West Long Branch for 69 years, and in her younger days was a great worker in the Sunday-school.

Obadiah VanPelt.

Obadiah VenPelt died of pleurisy and pneumonia at Matawan on Sunday of last week, aged 46 years. On Thanksgiving he became overheated while splitting some railroad ties. Shortly after this he took cold, which later on developed into the cause of his death. Four children survive him. He was a member of Matawan council of American Mechanics and his family will receive $525 from the council.

Mrs. Ellen F. Palmer.

Mrs. Ellen F. Palmer, wife of William Palmer of West Long Branch, died suddenly last Thursday. The day before her death Mrs. Palmer was shopping at Long Branch. Early on the day of her death she gave birth to a girl, and at night she died from heart disease.

Mrs. Palmer was the daughter of Henry G. Julian and was born in New York in 1856. She married Mr. Palmer in 1875. Nine children survive her.

Joseph Matthews.

Joseph Matthews of Keyport died in the insane asylum at Trenton on Saturday, December 5th, aged 64 years. He had been an inmate of the asylum for thirty years. About nine years ago he showed signs of improvement and he was brought to his home at Keyport, but his malady returned in a few months and he was taken back to the asylum.

Mrs. Lydia A. Johnson.

Mrs. Lydia A. Johnson, wife of William H. Johnson, Sr., of Shrewsbury, died yesterday afternoon from the effects of a paralytic stroke received about two weeks ago. She was 65 years old. Her funeral will be held on Friday morning from her late home at ten o'clock. The interment will be at Freehold.

Mrs. Maria Dorcey.

Mrs. Maria Dorcey died at the home of her son, Rev. Elijah Hammett, on Central avenue on Monday. She was 86 years old. Her death was caused by dropsy.

Mrs. Sarah M. Coward.

Mrs. Sarah M. Coward, widow of Charles C. Coward, died at the home of Joseph C. Patterson on Shrewsbury avenue on Thursday, aged 62 years.


  • BEDLE - At Keyport, on Sunday, December 6th, William Bedle, aged 88 years and 10 months.

  • BUTLER - At Long Branch, on Saturday, December 5th, Leon, son of Joseph Butler.

  • CHEESEMAN - At West Long Branch, on Friday December 11th, the infant child of William Cheeseman.

  • COWARD - At Red Bank, on Thursday, December 10th, Mrs. Sarah M. Coward, aged 62 years.

  • DUBOIS - Near Freehold, on Monday December 7th, John DuBois, aged 80 years.

  • HAMPTON - At Asbury Park, on Saturday, December 5th, John Hampton, aged 63 years.

  • FOSTER - At New Bedford, on Sunday, December 6th, Miss Kate Foster, aged 44 years.

  • FURMAN - At Lakewood, on Monday, December 7th, William Furman of Long Branch.

  • JOHNSON - At Shrewsbury, on Tuesday, December 15th, Lydia A., wife of W. H. Johnson, Sr., aged 65 years and 10 months.

  • MATTHEWS - At Trenton, on Friday, December 4th, Joseph Matthews of Keyport, aged 64 years.

  • NOLAN - In Middletown township, on Tuesday, December 8th, Thomas Nolan, aged 55 years.

  • PALMER - At West Long Branch, on Thursday, December 10th, Ellen, wife of William E. Palmer, aged 40 years.

  • ROBBINS - At Clarksburg, on Sunday, December 6th, Charles P. Robbins, aged 62 years.

  • SHEEHAN - At Keyport, on Friday, December 11th, Mrs. Jeremiah Sheehan.

  • SHOCK - Near Jerseyville, on Monday, December 7th, Abraham Shock, aged 61 years and 3 months.

  • UHRIG - At Keyport, on Saturday, December 5th, the infant son of Julius Uhrig.

  • WALLING - At Keyport, on Wednesday, December 9th, Mrs. Minerva C. Walling, aged 47 years.

  • WARNER - At North Long Branch, on Friday, December 13th, William H. Warner, aged 60 years.

    Wills and Estates:

    Vincent Alleman's House and Lot and His Personal Property Goes to his Wife's Daughter and Granddaughter.

    The wills of the late Vincent Alleman of Red Bank, Mrs. Anna E. Stiger of Asbury Park, Hiram Rohrer of Upper Freehold and Mrs. Emeline VanLieu of Allentown were admitted to probate last week.

    Vincent Alleman's will was made January 29th, 1889, and was witnessed by John W. Mount and D. H. Smock. Mr. Alleman's wife was then alive, but she has since died. Mr. Alleman left all his property to his wife. At her death half of what was left was to go to Teresse Habenkin, a daughter of his wife, and the other half to Pauline Smith and Caroline Smith, granddaughters of his wife. Mrs. Alleman died several years ago and the property will therefore go to the other legatees at once. Mrs. Alleman was made executor of the will, but as she is dead the court appointed G. P. Kuhl to act as executor. Mr. Alleman's estate consists principally of his house and lot on Prospect avenue and a fine library of German works.

    Mrs. Stiger left to her son, Guy P. Stiger, a diamond ring, and to her daughter, Louise W. Stiger, all the rest of her estate except her money. The income from the money is to be divided equally among her husband, Silas C. Stiger, and her son and daughter. At Mr. Stiger's death the property is to be divided between the two children.

    Hiram Rohrer left all his property to his brother David S. Rohrer, who lives in Philadelphia.

    Mrs. VanLieu left the income of $4,000 to four of her grandchildren-Emeline B. Robbins, Elizabeth Imlay Robbins, George Berdine Robbins and Matilda B. Robbins, until they become of age. When they become of age they are to get the principal. All her household goods, jewelry and silverware is also to go to these grandchildren. Half of the rest of her estate was left to her son and the other half to the four grandchildren named above.

    Fighting for a Dead woman's Estate

    Mrs. Catherine Connelly, who died at Keyport a short time ago, left a will giving her husband, Bernard Connelly, the use of her estate during his life. At his death it was to go to her brother, Martin Kearney. Kearney claims that Mrs. Connelly left a sum of money, which she had hidden in her bed, and out of which she directed her husband to pay her funeral expenses. Kearney claims that Connelly has made no accounting for this money. Connelly has put in a bill against the estate for services rendered by himself and expenses of administration of the estate. This bill amounts to $769. As there is not sufficient personal property to pay the bill, Connelly has asked the court for an order to sell the property. Kearney will oppose the application, which will be heard on January 28th.

    Source: Red Bank Register, December 16, 1896

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