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Obituaries   >   New Jersey   >   December 2,   1896


Benjamin Doughty.

Capt. Benjamin Doughty of Fair Haven died at that place on Wednesday night of last week, aged 79 years and three months. His death was caused by paralysis, with which he was stricken about five weeks ago. He had to take to his bed at once and he gradually grew weaker until his death. The funeral was held on Sunday afternoon at half-past one o'clock from the Methodist church. The sermon was preached by Rev. J. Turkelson and the body was buried in the Little Silver cemetery. The pall bearers were C. P. Worthley, E. T. Bennett, Charles Doughty, Jr., R. D. Chandler, Champion Scott and R. F. Doughty.

Mr. Doughty was born in Middletown township on September 3d, 1817, in a little house near where the Neptune club house now stands. His early life was spent near there. In 1843 he moved to Fair Haven and in 1854 he married Miss Rebecca Jones of Rumson.

Mr. Doughty's occupation was fishing and oystering. He was one of the most widely known men in that business in that vicinity. At one time he visited several Southern states and owned a large fishery at Virginia. He made a great deal of money there, but afterward lost much of it. When at Fair Haven he spent his time fishing and oystering in Sandy Hook Bay and in the Shrewsbury river.

A widow and nine children survive him. The children are Mrs. John M. Smith of Red Bank, Mrs. Andrew Atkinson of New York, Mrs. August Muhlenbrink and Mrs. Harry Pitcher of Long Branch, Mrs. Charles Allen and Mrs. James Chadwick of Fair Haven, Richard Doughty of Brooklyn, Ernest M. Doughty of Indianapolis, and Edward M. Doughty of Fair Haven. Besides these, two other children died in infancy. Another child, Mrs. Obadiah Martin, died at Fair Haven several years ago.

Edwin R. Sutphin.

Edwin R. Sutphin died at Holmdel on Monday morning, aged 69 years. Mr. Sutphin had been sick a long time with stomach trouble, but the cause of his death was inflammation of the bladder. He was born at Marlboro May 10th, 1827, and had been a farmer most of his life. Mr. Sutphin was simple in his tastes, and his honesty and upright life made him many friends. A widow and six children survive him. The children are Mrs. Eugene Ely, Mrs. James Patterson and John H. Sutphin of Holmdel; Mrs. Sarah Smock, a widow, and Mrs. Aaron Smock of Asbury Park; and Aaron D. Sutphin of the Phalanx. The funeral was held this afternoon at two o'clock from the house. The service was conducted by Rev. Garrett Wyckoff and Rev. Robert Fisher. The bearers were John R. DuBois, Morford Taylor, William Carson, William Jones, John H. Smock and Ambrose Cook. The burial was made in the Holmdel cemetery.

Tunis Denise.

Tunis Denise died at Oceanic last Thursday from an attack of pneumonia. He was sick only eleven days. He was a painter by trade and was 41 years old. He leaves a widow and four children. He was a member of the Oceanic lodge of Red Men and was also connected with the Degree of Pocahontis. Each of these organizations pays a death benefit of $75, and he was insured in one of the industrial insurance companies for $122. The funeral was held on Monday afternoon and the burial was at Fair View. The funeral was attended by the Red Men and Degree of Pocahontis who turned out in a body. The services were conducted by Rev. Frederick Luse and Rev. S. W. Knipe. The pall bearers were Harry Kettle, John McPeak, Horace Longstreet, George Emery, John Jennings and John Pintard.

John M. Sharts.

John M. Sharts, who had lived in the neighborhood of Atlantic Highlands for the past 29 years, died on Saturday of pneumonia. He had been sick only a week. He came from Hillsdale, New York, and was 51 years old. He leaves a widow, who is his second wife, but no children. He owned a great deal of real estate. He was remarkably charitable and tender-hearted, and gave away a great deal of property in relieving the poor and needy. He was one of the most public-spirited men of the locality, and was prominent in all matters that would advance the welfare of the community. Funeral services will be held to-night at his late residence, and to-morrow the body will be taken to Hillsdale, New York, for burial.

Augustus Quackenbush.

Augustus Quackenbush of Englishtown died of chronic pneumonia on Friday, November 27th, aged 27 years and 4 months. Mr. Quackenbush held the position of engineer at the reform school for many years. For the past year he had held the same position in an apartment house at New York. A widow and a four-year-child survive him. The funeral took place on Monday afternoon at two o'clock in the Old Tennent church.

Mrs. Phoebe Campbell.

Mrs. Phoebe Campbell died of pneumonia at her home at Farmingdale on Saturday, November 28th, aged 64 years. She was born in New York, but had lived at Farmingdale for the past fourteen years. One daughter and one adopted daughter survive her. Her own daughter is Mrs. A. H. Cully of Lakewood and the adopted daughter is Mrs. C. J. Schlenz of Freehold.

Charles Stryker Killed.

Charles Stryker, a stage driver, was killed in a runaway accident at Keyport on Friday. A team of horses owned by A. Salz ran away. In turning a corner the frightened animals dashed into Stryker's stage. The pole of Salz's wagon struck Stryker, killing him instantly. The top of the stage was torn off. Stryker was 25 years old and was unmarried.

Killed by Gas in a Well.

Emil Bayersdorfer of South River was killed by gas in a well he was cleaning out on Conrad Gaub's place at Matawan recently. Bayersdorfer was let down into the well by his son. He was immediately overcome by the gas. His son ran to Gaub's house and George Gaub went to the well with him. Gaub went down into the well and attached a meat hook to Bayersdorfer's clothing. The latter was then pulled out, but life was extinct. Before Gaub could get out of the well he was also overcome by the gas. Abram Buckelew went to Gaub's assistance. Gaub was pulled out of the well in an unconscious condition. A rope was then lowered to Buckelew and he was also pulled out.


  • DeBOW - In Millstone township, on Wednesday, December 2d, Thomas B. Debow.

  • DOUGHTY - At Fair Haven, on Wednesday, December 2d, Captain Benjamin Doughty, aged 79 years and 3 months.

  • LUTZ - At New York, on Sunday, November 29th, J. Frederick Lutz of Farmingdale, aged 33 years.

  • VANBRACKLE - At Keyport, on Friday, November 27th, the infant daughter of William VanBrakle.

    Source: Red Bank Register, December 9, 1896

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