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Obituaries   >   New Jersey   >   December 2,   1896


Thomas Evans.

Thomas Evans died at his home at Lincroft on Thursday night, aged 77 years. He was born in Radonshire, South England, on July 7th, 1819, and came to this country in 1851. A widow, four sons and three daughters survive him. His sons are John P. Evans of Middletown, Edwin T. Evans of Lincroft, Joseph B. Evans of Freehold and George W. Evans of Chapel Hill. The daughters are Mrs. John H. VanNote of Long Branch, Mrs. Robert Hurley of Lincroft and Mrs. S. E. Slover of South River, N. J. Mrs. Slover is a physician and has a large business at South River. Mr. Evans was a farmer and was a remarkably industrious man. His honesty and uprightness gave him the respect and esteem of all who were brought in contact with him. The funeral was held at his late home on Sunday afternoon and was well attended. By Mr. Evans's special request the pall-bearers were his four sons and two of his sons-in-law. The sermon was preached by Rev. E. C. Hancock.

Daniel C. VanArsdale.

Daniel C. VanArsdale, who was badly injured by a boiler explosion on the flour mill of Johnson & Son at Asbury Park about two weeks ago, died from his injuries on Saturday night. Mr. VanArsdale was a partner in the business and acted as engineer. Before engaging in this business he was a railroad engineer and had been in several accidents, but had escaped unhurt. At the accident in the flour mill he was badly scalded and this induced paralysis, which was the direct cause of his death. He was a member of Neptune engine fire company at Asbury Park. A widow and one daughter survive him.

Mrs. Bridget O'Farrell.

Mrs. Bridget O'Farrell died suddenly at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Thomas McKenna, at Long Branch, last Wednesday night, aged 85 years. She was very active for a person of her age and on the day of her death moved about the house with her accustomed vigor. On retiring she complained of feeling sick and almost immediately expired. She was born in Ireland. For the past seven years she had made her home with her daughter.

Charles Glumb.

Charles Glumb of Manalapan township died on Tuesday night of last week, aged about forty years. He was a day laborer and leaves a widow and three children.

Mrs. Charles Beldo.

Mrs. Frances Beldo, wife of Charles Beldo, died at Chapel Hill on Sunday of last week. She leaves a husband and two children.

Run Over By Coal Cars at Long Branch.

Thomas Meehan, a veteran of the late war, was run over and killed by some coal cars at Long Branch on Friday night. The coal cars were on a trestle and were being shoved off. The gates were down and the gateman warned Meehan not to cross the track. He did not heed this warning but walked under the gates and started across the track. When he got in front of the approaching cars he lost his presence of mind and was unable to move. Before the gateman could get to him the cars struck him and passed over his body. Both of his legs were cut off and his body was frightfully mangled. He was dead when picked up. He leaves a widow and a family of grown up children.


  • ASHBY - At Allentown, on Saturday, November 21st, Ella, daughter of George Ashby, aged 18 years.

  • GLUMB - In Manalapan township, on Tuesday, November 24th, Charles Glumb, aged about 40 years.

  • MAGATHAN - At Bradley Beach on Friday November 20th, Mrs. Eva Magathan, aged 39 years.

  • MENZEL - At Cliffwood, on Wednesday, November 25th, Mrs. Amelia Menzel, aged 65 years.

  • O'FARRELL - At Long Branch, on Wednesday, November 25th, Mrs. Bridget O'Farrell, aged 85 years.

  • VANARSDALE - At Asbury Park, on Saturday, November 28th, Daniel C. VanArsdale.

  • VANLIEW - At Allentown, on Sunday, November 14th, Mrs. Emeline VanLiew, aged 83 years.

    Wills and Estates:

    This Nephew is a Namesake of Mr. Conover's - Chas. E. Conover to Get Other Real Estate - Personal Property Distributed Among Relatives.

    The will of the late Stacy P. Conover of Wickatunk was admitted to probate last Saturday. Mr. Conover left to his nephew, Lawyer John L. Conover of Freehold, during his life, the homestead farm where Mr. Conover resided and a ten-acre tract of woodland in Marlboro township. After his death this property is left to John L. Conover's son, Stacy P. Conover, now a young boy, his heirs and assigns forever. If Stacy P. Conover should die before he is 21 years of age and leave no lawful issue, the property is left to John L. Conover, Edward W. Conover, Charles E. Conover and Alfred L. Conover, sons of John L. Conover, all minors now, share and share alike. This bequest is subject to a charge that the devisee or devisees shall pay to the executors of the estate $10,000, which is to be a lien on the land until paid.

    To his nephew, Freeholder Charles E. Conover of Wickatunk, Mr. Conover left two tracts of land in Marlboro township. One of these tracts contains eighty-five acres and the other contains seventeen acres. This bequest is subject to a payment to the estate of $5,000.

    To John L. Conover, Charles E. Conover, Holmes V. C. M. Dennis, Jr., of East Freehold, and Miss Josephine Millspaugh of Wickatunk, Mr. Conover left all his household goods, with the exception of the following bequests: to Henry H. Longstreet, portraits of Hendrick Longstreet and Mary Longstreet; to John C. Schanck, portraits of Daniel P. Schanck and Mary C. Schanck, and to Charles E. Conover, a French calendar clock.

    He left his lot in the Holmdel cemetery to the Holmdel cemetery company with a legacy of $500 to provide an income to keep it in order. The remainder of the estate is left in equal portions to John L. Conover, Charles E. Conover, Holmes V. M. Dennis, Jr., and Miss Josephine Millspaugh.

    John L. Conover and Charles E. Conover are appointed executors. The will was made December 24th, 1890, and Mr. Conover's signature was witnessed by E. B. Bedle and Frederick Parker, both of Freehold. The will is in the handwriting of John L. Conover.

    Lawyer John L. Conover will soon move to the farm at Wickatunk, which was bequeathed to him by this will.

    Source: Red Bank Register, December 2, 1896

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