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Robert McCoy Falls Down a Deep Well at Atlantic Highlands.

Robert McCoy of Oceanic was killed by falling down a well on the General Ames property at Atlantic Highlands on Monday. McCoy was a well digger and was employed to clean out the well and deepen it. The well was over a hundred feet deep. In going down the well McCoy took hold of the rope to lower himself. He lost his hold and fell to the bottom. It was half an hour before anyone could be found who would go down the well to his aid. Finally Charles Peterson of Seaside went down the well and brought McCoy's body up. There was seven feet of water in the well and it is not known whether McCoy's death was caused by drowning or by striking the side of the well in his descent.

McCoy was 27 years old and was unmarried. His body was placed in charge of Amzi Posten of Atlantic Highlands.


Thomas Dowd.

Thomas Dowd died suddenly at Belford on Sunday morning, aged 78 years. His death was caused by congestion of the bowels. He has been sick for several months, but was not seriously sick until the day before his death. He was born in Ireland and came to Belford about 35 years ago, where he had since lived. He leaves a widow. The funeral was held from St. Mary's church at New Monmouth yesterday morning. The services were conducted by Rev. John O'Connor, and the interment was in Mount Olivet cemetery at Fair View.

Mrs. Mary R. Ryerson.

Mrs. Mary R. Ryerson died of dysentery at Trenton on Thursday, aged 62 years. She was the widow of Frank Ryerson and was born in the old White homestead at Little Silver. She lived at Little Silver until about six years ago, when she moved to Trenton. Two sons, Asher Ryerson of Baltimore and George F. Ryerson of Brooklyn, survive her. Her funeral was held from her late home at Little Silver on Sunday and the services were conducted by Rev. William Margarum. The interment was in the Little Silver cemetery.

Capt. Jacob Kirby.

Capt. Jacob Kirby, one of the oldest residents of Oceanport, died at that place on Monday night from general debility. He was 74 years old. Capt. Kirby moved to Oceanport when a young man. He had followed the water all his life and in the days when Oceanport was a busy shipping place he ran freight schooners from there. About twenty years ago he retired and since that time he had done no active work. He was in comfortable circumstances. A widow survives him.

George Bailey.

George Bailey of Freehold, a brother of John Bailey of Red Bank, died on Tuesday of last week. He was 47 years old. Mr. Bailey was born in London, England. He came to this country about 25 years ago and settled at Freehold. He entered the tobacco business and was thus engaged up to the time of his death. He was a member of the Knights of Pythias lodge. His widow, who was Miss Maggie Mackey of west Freehold, survives him, as do also two sons.

Samuel A. Reynolds.

Samuel A. Reynolds of Southard, in Howell township, died suddenly at Old Trinity College, North Carolina, on Sunday of last week, aged 27 years. He had been in North Carolina for the past two months and was engaged in building a club house. The night before his death he was in his usual health, but shortly after getting out of bed the next morning he dropped dead. He leaves one son.

William E. Burlew.

William E. Burlew died of heart disease at Keyport on Sunday of last week, aged 35 years. He worked in the round house at Matawan until about a year ago when he had to give up his work on account of failing health. He was a member of both the Keyport and Matawan lodges of American Mechanics. He leaves a widow and three children. His widow will receive $800 in death benefits from the lodges.

Rufus Watson.

Rufus Watson, a former resident of Red Bank, died at Jersey City last week from injuries received from a fall about a week previous to his death. He was 65 years old. His body was brought to Red Bank on Friday and the funeral was held from the home of his son, Theodore Watson of Spring street, on Saturday. The interment was at Fair View.

Mrs. Hester Throckmorton.

Mrs. Hester Throckmorton, wife of George W. Throckmorton, died at Oakhurst on Tuesday of last week, aged 53 years. She had been sick for two months with cancer of the bowels. Seven children survive her. They are John, George W., Charles, DeWitt and William Throckmorton, Mrs. Sarah Dolan and Miss Lavinia Throckmorton.

Mrs. Annie V. Statesir.

Mrs. Annie V. Statesir, wife of D. Abeel Statesir of Freehold, died from a complication of diseases on Tuesday of last week. She was 47 years old. She had been sick for the past five years, but not seriously so until about six months ago. Mrs. Statesir was a daughter of Aaron Vanderveer of Marlboro. She leaves one son.

Henry C. Bennett.

Henry C. Bennett died of consumption at Manasquan on Tuesday of last week, aged 24 years. He had been sick for several years. He was a member of the Manasquan Methodist church and was president of the Christian Endeavor society for two years. A wife and child survive him.

Mrs. Sarah Truex.

Mrs. Sarah Truex, widow of the late Samuel Truex, died at Keansburg on Sunday of last week, aged 79 years. Her surviving children are Henry and Simon B. Truex, Mrs. William Howard, Mrs. William B. Thorn and Mrs. Covert.

Henry J. Darnell.

Henry J., the ten-months-old son of Joseph Darnell, died of cholera infantum near Little Silver on Thursday. The funeral was held on Saturday, the interment being in Little Silver cemetery.

E. Holmes Probosco.

E. Holmes Probosco of Farmingdale died at the Long Branch hospital last Wednesday, aged 54 years. His death was caused by malaria fever. He was a bachelor.


  • BAILEY - At Freehold, on Tuesday, August 4th, George Bailey, aged 47 years.

  • BENNETT - At Manasquan, on Tuesday, August 4th, Henry C. Bennett, aged 24 years.

  • BURLEW - At Keyport, on Sunday August 2d, William E. Burlew, aged 35 years and 10 months.

  • DARNELL - At Little Silver, on Thursday, August 6th, Henry J., son of Joseph Darnell, aged 10 months.

  • DOWD - At Belford, on Sunday, August 9th, Thomas Dowd, aged 73 years.

  • GRIFFEN - At Matawan, on Tuesday, August 4th, the infant son of Michael Griffen.

  • HALEY - At Matawan, on Wednesday, August 5th, Margaret, infant daughter of Michael E. Haley.

  • HURD - At Long Branch, on Sunday, August 2d, Mrs. Agnes B. Hurd, aged 79 years.

  • KIRBY - At Oceanport, on Monday, August 10th, Jacob Kirby, aged 73 years.

  • PAXTON - In Manalapan township, on Tuesday, August 4th, John Paxton.

  • PROBASCO - At Long Branch, on Wednesday, August 5th, E. Holmes Probasco, aged 54 years.

  • RIKER - At Seabright, on Sunday, August 2d, Richard Riker, aged 31 years.

  • RILEY - In Marlboro township, on Sunday, August 2d, Charles Riley, aged 52 years.

  • REYNOLDS - At North Carolina, on Sunday, August 2d, Samuel A. Reynolds of Southard, aged 27 years.

  • RYERSON - at Trenton, on Thursday, August 6th, Mrs. Mary R. Ryerson, formerly of Little Silver, aged 62 years.

  • STATESIR - At Freehold, on Tuesday August 4th, Mrs. D. Abeel Statesir, aged 47 years.

  • THROCKMORTON - At Oakhurst, on Tuesday, August 4th, Mrs. Hester Throckmorton, aged 53 years and 2 months.

  • TRUEX - At Keansburg, on Sunday , August 2d, Mrs. Sarah Truex, aged 79 years and 6 months.

    Wills and Estates:

    Distribution of the Estates Left by Alfred Pope of Colt's Neck and Charles S. Magee of Marlboro - Mrs. Pope Gets a Life Income.

    The will of the late Alfred Pope of Colt's Neck has been admitted to probate, and funeral expenses shall be paid and a headstone placed over his grave and that his wife, Phoebe Pope, shall have all of his household goods and kitchen furniture. In lieu of her right of dower she is to have the use of all his estate during her lifetime. The executor, John Statesir of Colt's Neck, is authorized to sell all the real estate at such times and in such manner as to him may seem best and to invest the proceeds, together with the proceeds of his personal estate. The interest accruing is to be paid to his wife during her lifetime and after her death is to be used to pay her physician's bill, funeral expenses and to erect a headstone. Should the income be insufficient to provide a comfortable living for his wife, the executor is authorized to use so much of the principal as is necessary to provide for her as above.

    To his sons, Joseph H. Pope and Wyckoff Pope, Mr. Pope left $5 each, as he had provided for them during his life. After the death of his wife and the payment of all debts and expenses as mentioned, the balance of the estate is to be given to Mr. Pope's sons, Edgar H. Pope and Jacob H. Pope, and his daughters Sarah P. Scobey, wife of A. Lee Scobey, and Emily M. Scobey, widow of the late Charles Scobey, to be divided between them, share and share alike.

    The executor was also directed to invest the share of Sarah P. Scobey and pay her the interest therefrom annually as long as she lived and at her death to pay the principal in equal portions to the children of Joseph H. Pope or their heirs should they survive Sarah P. Scobey. Should none survive her, then it shall be divided among the sons, Edgar L. Pope and Jacob H. Pope, and the daughter, Emily W. Scobey, or their heirs.

    The will was signed on April 27th, 1889. Frank E. Heyer and Isaac E. Statesir were the witnesses.

    The will of the late Charles S. Magee of Marlboro township has also been probated. After the usual provisions for the payment of debts, a gray mare, side bar wagon, set of harness and a sleigh is left to Mr. Magee's nephew, Gilbert Magee. All the residue of the estate is left to his wife, Maria S. Magee, and his son, Harry G. Magee, to be divided between them share and share alike. Mrs. Magee is directed to act as guardian for the son during his minority and she is also appointed executrix of the estate. The will was signed on October 2d, 1894, with Frank P. McDermott and Joseph McDermott as witnesses.

    Source: Red Bank Register, August 12, 1896

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