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Mrs. Rachel Cottrell.

Mrs. Rachel Cottrell of Matawan died last Wednesday from the effects of a paralytic stroke received on the Friday before her death. She was 97 years old. Her eyesight and hearing had become impaired of late years, but previous to being stricken with paralysis she had enjoyed excellent health.

Mrs. Cottrell was born in Middletown township. Her maiden name was Pearce. When she was thirteen years old she moved to Matawan and lived there continuously from that time up to the time of her death. Of late years she had made her home with her daughter, Mrs. J. F. Lisk. Her husband, Abram Cottrell, died about 28 years ago. She was an active member of the Matawan Baptist church and a liberal contributor to the church.

She leaves four children. They are Mrs. Lisk and William Cottrell of Matawan, Holmes Cottrell of Long Branch and Sylvanus Cottrell of Asbury Park. She leaves an estate worth about $24,000, the principal part of which is invested in bonds and mortgages.

Robert Cottrell, Sr.

Robert Cottrell, Sr., died suddenly at Keyport on Thursday from hemorrhages, caused by a ruptured blood vessel. He was getting a pail of water when he was seized with a violent fit of coughing and he began to bleed from the mouth and nose. His wife attempted to stop the flow of blood but could not do so and his death soon ensued. Mr. Cottrell was 47 years old and was born in Raritan township. He was township clerk for two terms. Three grown children and his widow survive him.

James Dorsett.

James Dorsett, a former resident of Keyport, died at Mercerville, in Mercer county, last Wednesday, aged 81 years. He was born in the old Dorsett homestead near Middletown and married Miss Hannah Parker, who died several years ago. After her death he moved from Keyport to Mercerville, where he had since lived.

Joseph J. Ahern.

Joseph J. Ahern died at Mrs. M. J. Donahay's on Front street last Wednesday, aged 23 years. He was stricken with paralysis the week before his death. He was foreman of the trolley wiremen and lived in New York. His body was taken there for burial on Thursday.

John R. Holman.

John Holman, a painter, died at North Long Branch on Thursday aged 44 years. His death was caused by typhoid fever. He was a member of the Odd Fellows and American Mechanics lodges


  • AHERN - At Red Bank, on Wednesday, July 19th, James Ahern, aged 23 years.

  • ANDERSON - Near Centerville, on Saturday, July 25th, John C. Anderson, aged 78 years and 3 months.

  • BOLES - At Lincroft, on Wednesday, July 29th, James Boles, aged 8 years and 11 months.

  • COTTRELL - At Matawan, on Wednesday, July 29th, Mrs. Rachel Cottrell, aged 97 years, 1 month and 7 days.

  • COTTRELL - At Keyport, on Thursday, July 30th, Robert Cottrell, Sr., aged 47 years.

  • DORSETT - At Mercerville, on Wednesday, July 29th, James Dorsett, formerly of Keyport, aged 81 years.

  • HOLMAN - At North Long Branch, on Thursday July 30th, John R. Holman, aged 44 years.

  • HURLEY - At Long Branch, on Monday, July 17th, Jeremiah Hurley, aged 81 years.

  • LANE - At Long Branch, on Saturday, July 25th, the infant daughter of Frank Lane.

  • MULHALL - At Matawan, on Sunday, July 26th, William, infant son of William Mulhall.

  • MAYO - At North Long Branch, on Wednesday July 29th, Jessie, daughter of Joseph Mayo.

  • SMITH - At Chapel Hill, on Wednesday, July 29th, George J. Smith, aged 74 years.

  • WOOLLEY - At Long Branch, on Wednesday July 29th, George, infant son of Lewis A. Woolley.

  • WATSON - At Jersey City, on Thursday, July 30th, Rufus Watson, formerly of Red Bank, aged 65 years.
    Struck by a Bridge Near Bradevelt and Knocked from the Cars.

    Edward Dawson of Atlantic Highlands, a brakeman on the Atlantic Highlands and Freehold railroad, was run over by a train at Bradevelt on Friday and died in a short time from his injuries.

    Dawson went from Atlantic Highlands to Matawan on the early morning passenger train. On arriving at Matawan the crew were ordered to take a special freight train to Freehold. A wooden bridge for a wagon road crosses the railroad near Bradevelt station. On approaching the bridge Dawson, who was on top of the car, started to climb down the ladder at the end of the car. He was partially down when the bridge was reached, and his head struck against the bridge. He fell between the cars and the wheels passed over his shoulder and spine. His skull was fractured by the collision with the bridge. The train was stopped and after his wounds had been dressed by Dr. J. D. Ely of Marlboro, he was placed on board a special train which was to take him home. He died soon after the train had passed Matawan on the way to Atlantic Highlands.

    Dawson was 22 years old and was a member of the Methodist church. The train on which he was killed was in charge of his father, who was a witness of his son's accident and death.

    A Woman Burned to Death.

    Mrs. Julia Brown of Asbury Park fell on a hot stove in a fit last week. Her clothing took fire and the flames were not smothered until she had been horribly burned. She died the next day.

    Source: Red Bank Register, August 5, 1896

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