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Benjamin C. Parker.

Benjamin C. Parker died at his home at Shrewsbury of pneumonia and the grip on Sunday. He was seventy years old. He had lived at Shrewsbury almost continuously since about 1850, when he located there, coming from Long Branch, his native place, where his ancestors owned land on the sea coast, including a large portion of what is now in the corporate limits of Long Branch.

Mr. Parker and his parents were members of the orthodox society of Friends, but after his marriage he joined Christ church, Shrewsbury, and was an officer of that church for many years. He married Mary W. Allen, a daughter of the late George Allen of Shrewsbury, and there survive him Mrs. Parker and four children. The children are Mrs. Sarah M. P. Clarke, wife of John Proctor Clarke, assistant corporation counsel of New York; Rev. Robert B. Parker, rector of an Episcopal church at Providence, R. I.; John G. Parker, who is engaged in the farming and fruit business at Shrewsbury; and Harry A. Parker, who is with the Pennsylvania railroad company in New York.

Mr. Parker was greatly interested in arborculture and floriculture, and gratified his taste in those lines by improving the many properties he acquired. At different times he owned much of the land which now forms the village of Shrewsbury. His former handsome residence there was destroyed by fire a few years ago. He and the late John W. Parker were brothers, and many years ago they together led the movement which gave the park like appearance to Shrewsbury.

The funeral was held this afternoon and the remains were buried in the Episcopal churchyard at that place.

Benjamin C. Pierson.

Benjamin C. Pierson, who for the past four years had lived in Red Bank, died at his home on Broad street on Sunday of heart disease. For many years he had been troubled with this disease. He was a native of New Jersey, having been born at Waverley. He was seventy years old and leaves a widow and six children. The children are Frederick C. Pierson of Little Silver, Benjamin F. Pierson of Worcester, Mass., Oliver Pierson of Chicago, Mrs. Frank Mann of Orange, Mrs. Mary P. Cooley of Newark and Miss Elizabeth Pierson of Orange. Mr. Pierson was a Free Mason, and was a member of the Calvary Presbyterian church of Newark. The funeral will be held tomorrow and the body will be buried in Evergreen cemetery, between Newark and Elizabeth.

Mrs. Albert Polhemus.

Mrs. Mary Eliza Polhemus of Scobeyville, wife of Albert Polhemus and daughter of the late George Robinson of Keansburg, died last Saturday at the home of her daughter, Mrs. H. O. Allen, at Broad Brook, Connecticut. She was 58 years old. She was stricken with thrombosis some weeks ago, while visiting at that place. She leaves a husband and two daughters. The daughters are Lavinia, wife of Dr. H. O. Allen, and Kate, wife of Frank Hance of Scobeyville.

Mrs. Polhemus was very prominent in church work and she had a large circle of friends. The funeral was held yesterday afternoon at one o'clock at her late home at Scobeyville. The interment was in the Holmdel cemetery. The services were conducted by Rev. S. R. Cunningham, pastor of the Reformed church at Colt's Neck.

Mrs. Sarah Hughes.

Mrs. Sarah Hughes, widow of Joseph Hughes of Keyport, died on Friday, March 27th, at the home of her daughter, Mrs. John R. Dufour of Keyport, with whom she had lived since her husband's death, nearly two years ago. Mrs. Hughes had been sick a long time. She was twice married. Her first husband was Thomas Gibbs. She leaves only one child, this being the daughter with whom she made her home. She also leaves seven grandchildren. Mrs. Hughes had been a member of the Methodist church for more than sixty years.

Thomas T. Tunis.

Thomas T. Tunis, an old resident of Monmouth county, died at Imlaystown, in Upper Freehold township, on Thursday, March 19th, aged 89 years. He was born at Middletown and moved to Englishtown when a boy, where he taught school, farmed and conducted a store by turns. He was appointed an assistant assessor of internal revenue during the war. He came of a family noted for its longevity. One of his sisters died at the age of 105 years and several brothers and sisters were over 90 years of age when they died. He leaves a son, Charles S. Tunis of Imlaystown.

Jacob Beecroft.

Jacob Beecroft died at Asbury Park on Monday of last week, after a short sickness. He was 79 years old and leaves four children. For a number of years he was manager of the Ocean Mills at Oakhurst. He was a member of the South Trenton lodge of Odd Fellows.

George H. Hulsart.

George H. Hulsart died at Matawan last Wednesday of bronchial pneumonia. He had been sick with measles, and he was recovering from this when he caught cold, which developed into pneumonia. He was fourteen years old and was the son of Charles C. Hulsart.

Martin Weber.

Martin Weber died at Matawan on Saturday, March 28th of pneumonia. He was sick only a few days. He leaves a widow and seven children. Most of the children are grown-up.

Alfred Nichols.

Alfred Nichols of Seabright died suddenly of heart disease last Wednesday. He was on his way to the Memorial hospital at Long Branch for treatment when his death occurred.

Mrs. Mary E. Childs.

Mrs. Mary E. Childs, wife of George H. Childs of Long Branch, died last Thursday of a complication of diseases. She leaves four children, three daughters and one son.

Mrs. Mary E. Schwarting.

Mrs. Mary E. Schwarting, wife of Augustus Schwarting of Long Branch, died suddenly of apoplexy on Sunday of last week. She was 34 years old.

One of the Persons Named as Executor is Dead and Two of the Witnesses to the Will Have Also Died Since it was Made.

Capt. L. L. Seeley, who died two weeks ago to-day, left a will disposing of his property. The will was made in 1869. At that time Capt. Seeley was worth about $30,000. The will has been forwarded to the surrogate's office, but it had not yet been probated.

The will would be a very short one were it not for the provisions made to provide for contingencies arising from the possible death of George and Arabella Seeley, two of Capt. Seeley's children, before they came of age. As both children are still alive, these provisions are now of no effect.

The first three items in the will give $1 each to Leonard L. Seeley, Jr., Wilson Seeley and Amanda Seeley, three of Capt. Seeley's children. The next item gives all the rest of his property, both personal and real estate, to his two other children, George and Arabella. The property is to be divided equally between them. If either George of Arabella were to die without leaving children, then all the property was to go to the other; and if they both died and left no children, then the estate was to go to his brother, James Seeley, and his sisters Sarah Truex and Abagail Compton, share and share alike. As both George and Arabella are both alive, the original provisions of the will will be carried out, unless a subsequent will should be discovered.

The will was made on the 18th of November, 1869. It appointed William V. Conover of Middletown and Robert Allen, Jr., of Red Bank, as executors. Mr. Conover died a number of years ago, and Mr. Allen is thus left as sole executor. The witnesses to the will were Samuel T. Hendrickson, William W. Conover and Richard A. Sickles. Mr. Conover is the only one of the witnesses who is still living.

Both Arabella and George Seeley live at Keansburg. The former is now Mrs. Arabella Rose.

Capt. Seeley's estate is now very small. There are mortgages on all his real estate, and it is said that these mortgages, with the interest that is due, will amount to almost the value of the property. He also left a considerable number of debts, and those who are best informed as to his affairs say that there will be practically nothing left for the heirs. Some time before Capt. Seeley's death James H. Hendrickson of Red Bank began foreclosure proceedings on the property at Keansburg, and this sale is now advertised by the sheriff to take place on Friday, April 24th. The land on which these foreclosure proceedings were begun is a tract of about twenty acres. The most valuable piece of land owned by Capt. Seeley at his death is a house and several lots at Red Bank, near the Southern railroad bridge.

Henry White of Matawan Drowns Himself in a Brook.

Henry White of Spring Valley, near Matawan, committed suicide on Monday of last week by drowning himself in a brook near his home. He left two notes, one addressed to his son Charles, and the other to his daughter, Mrs. Mary Voorhees. In both letters he declared his intention to commit suicide. The water in the brook was very shallow and he must have lain down in the water in order to drown himself. He was 75 years old and had been sick a long time. It is thought that his mind had become unbalanced by sickness. Besides the son and daughter to whom he left notes, he leaves an other son, Martin White of Matawan.

Frank Burns Dead.

Frank Burns, who for two years was bartender in the Central hotel at Red Bank, died in the Long Branch hospital last Thursday of tumor on the brain. He was stricken with paralysis about two weeks ago and was kept in the Central hotel until his condition became critical, when he was removed to the hospital. Mr. Burns was about 29 years old. He had no relatives in this country except one sister, May Burns of Brooklyn. The body was taken to the Young Men's Institute hall on Wall street soon after his death and on Friday it was taken to Brooklyn for burial. Mr. Burns was a member of the Red Men, of the Catholic church, and of the Young Men's Institute. At a post mortem examination held on Friday, a tumor as large as an egg was found at the base of the brain.

Jacob D. Cook Hangs Himself in His Barn.

Jacob D. Cook of Millstone township committed suicide by hanging himself in his barn last Wednesday afternoon. The body was discovered by his son, Gilbert Cook. The rope was attached to a beam, on which he had evidently stood while tying the rope around his throat. It is thought he then let himself down gently and strangled to death, as his neck was not broken. A few days previous to his death he complained of a pain in his head. He is believed to have been temporarily insane. He was 56 years old and leaves a widow and six children.

Death from Burns.

Martha Jane Burk of Freehold township, who was badly burned in the early part of March, died last Thursday from the effects of her injuries. She was 35 years old and was the wife of Johnson A. Burk. She leaves three children.


  • ALEXANDER - At Asbury Park, on Thursday, April 2d, the infant daughter of H. B. Alexander, aged 8 months.

  • BURNS - At Long Branch, on Thursday, March 26th, Frank Burns of Red Bank, aged about 29 years.

  • BEECROFT - At Asbury Park, on Monday, March 30th, Jacob Beecroft, aged 79 years.

  • CROUTER - At Long Branch, on Thursday, April 2d, Bessie, daughter of Joseph Crouter of New York, aged 6 years.

  • CHILDS - At Long Branch, on Thursday, April 2d, Mary E., wife of George H. Childs.

  • HULSHART - At Matawan, on Wednesday, April 1st, George H. Hulshart, aged 14 years, 9 months and 9 days.

  • HUGHES - At Keyport, on Friday, April 3d, Mrs. Sarah H. Hughes, widow of Joseph Hughes, aged 78 years and 11 months.

  • HIRES - AT DeLand, Florida, on Tuesday, March 24th, Mrs. Josephine Hires, widow of Rev. William D. Hires of Imlaystown, aged 60 years.

  • NICHOLS - At Seabright, on Wednesday, April 1st, Alfred Nichols.

  • POLHEMUS - At Broad Brook, Conn., on Saturday, April 4th, Mary Eliza, wife of Albert Polhemus of Scobeyville, aged 58 years.

  • PARKER - At Allentown, on Friday, March 27th, James R. Parker, aged 71 years.

  • PARKER - At Shrewsbury, on Sunday, April 5th, Benjamin C. Parker, aged 70 years.

  • PEIRSON - At Red Bank, on Sunday, April 5th, Benjamin C. Pierson, aged 70 years and 8 months.

  • SCHWARTING - At Long Branch, on Sunday, March 29th, Mary E., wife of Augustus Schwarting, aged 34 years.

  • WHITE - Near Matawan, on Monday, March 30th, Henry White, aged 75 years.

  • WEBER - At Matawan, on Saturday March 27th, Martin Weber.

  • WYMAN - At Rome, New York, on Sunday, March 15th, Mrs. Adina Wyman, daughter of Samuel Tilton of Keansburg, aged 22 years.

    Source: Red Bank Register, April 8, 1896

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