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Obituaries   >   New Jersey   >   April 1,   1896

Jacob C. Cook Hangs Himself in His Barn

Jacob D. Cook of Millstone township committed suicide by hanging himself in his barn last Wednesday afternoon. The body was discovered by his son, Gilbert Cook. The rope was attached to a beam, on which he had evidently stood while tying the rope around his throat. It is thought he then let himself down gently and strangled to death, as his neck was not broken. A few days previous to his death he complained of a pain in his head. He is believed to have been temporarily insane. He was 56 years old and leaves a widow and six children.


Captain Leonard L. Seeley.

Captain Leonard L. Seeley, who for half a century ran a produce schooner between Red Bank and New York, died last Wednesday afternoon. He would have been eighty years old next July. On the Thursday previous to his death he came down town in the storm. He started home about noon. When he was on Riverside avenue he was overcome by exposure and fell against the fence. Some passers-by hurried to his assistance and took him to his home on Riverside avenue. When he got there he refused to take off his wet clothing and lay on the floor. Some neighbors built a fire and made him comfortable for the night. On Friday his daughter, Mrs. Amanda Wilson of Keansburg, was telegraphed for. She came and on Saturday Mrs. Seeley, from whom he separated years ago, came from Keansburg and was with him up to his death. On Tuesday he lost his power of speech and did not again regain it.

Over fifty years ago, Captain Seeley built a schooner and carried produce between Red Bank and New York. At that time about thirty vessels were engaged in the business and it was very profitable. Since the steamboats were built the bulk of the produce was shipped by them. Gradually the owners of the schooners dropped out of the business and engaged in other occupations. Captain Seeley continued running his schooner until the fall of 1894. Part of the time he carried produce and he also freighted coal and other goods. In the fall of 1894 he went to Perth Amboy for a load of coal for William N. Worthley. While his vessel was at the coal docks a storm came up and the vessel sprang a leak and sank. Several years previous to this Captain Seeley had had the boat repaired by some boat builders at Perth Amboy and had not paid for the repairs. While the vessel was sunk it was seized and was sold for the debt.

During the years he was in engaged in the business Captain Seeley made considerable money and at one time was worth about $30,000. In subsequent years he lost most of this money in lawsuits. Among his many suits was an attempt to secure a divorce from his wife. While the suit was in progress, his son, Wilson Seeley, took sides with his mother and attempted to shoot his father. Captain Seeley was in a small room when his son appeared at a window and pointed a shot gun at him. Just before he pulled the trigger, Captain Seeley dropped to the floor, the charge going into the wall about a foot above his head.

About a year ago he stated that he had a claim on a tract of land containing 250 acres at Keansburg. He claimed that the property was owned by his father and that it had been given in security for the payment of a note of $30, which his father borrowed from the late George Crawford Hendrickson. A proviso was made when the land was conveyed that in case the note and interest was ever paid by any of the Seeley children the property would revert to them. This condition was written on the note and it was recorded at Freehold in lieu of a deed. Captain Seeley said that he intended paying the principal and interest, which amounted at that time to $138, but he did not succeed in getting the property. He was one of the first persons to build a house in West Red Bank, where he owned a large tract of land some years ago.

Captain Seeley was the son of Hannah and John Seeley and was the youngest child of a large family. His father at one time lived on Long Island, but moved from there to Keansburg, where Captain Seeley was born. He married Miss Lavinia Morris, daughter of Ezekiel Morris of Keansburg. Besides his wife he leaves five children. They are Charles Leonard Seeley of Brooklyn, who is employed by the Merritt wrecking company; George and Wilson Seeley, Mrs. Isabella Rose and Mrs. Amanda Wilson of Keansburg. He also leaves one sister, Mrs. Sally Truex of Belford, who is now 82 years old. The widow of his brother, James Seeley, died at Belford last Thursday morning.

Mrs. Amelia Seeley.

Mrs. Amelia Seeley died at Belford last Thursday morning, aged 76 years. She had had a severe attack of sickness early in the winter, but had recovered from that and was able to be up and around the house. A week before her death she was suddenly taken sick with an affection of the throat combined with pleurisy. She was unable to swallow anything after she was taken sick and steadily sank until her death. Mrs. Seeley was the widow of James Seeley, who for a number of years was a pilot on the Jesse Hoyt and other boats plying between New York and Port Monmouth on the old New Jersey Southern railroad route. She was twice married her first husband being Christopher Morris. She leaves three children, John Morris of Middletown, N. Y., William Morris of Belford and Susan, wife of Elijah Tilton of Belford. The funeral was held on Saturday afternoon at two o'clock at the New Monmouth church.

Daniel P. Schanck.

Daniel P. Schanck of Holmdel died yesterday morning at six o'clock. He had been sick a long time with diabetes, but he had partially recovered from this and was in a fair way of entire recovery when he was attacked with throat and heart trouble. For several days previous to his death he was in a semi-unconscious condition. He leaves two daughters. They are the wives of William C. Ely and John E. Ely. Mr. Schanck was a descendant of one of the earliest families that settled in Monmouth county. He leaves a large landed estate. The funeral will be held on Thursday afternoon at two o'clock at the house. Mr. Schanck was 68 years.

Mrs. Jane A. Cook.

Mrs. Jane A. Cook of Oakhurst died on Tuesday of last week at the age of 67 years. She had suffered a long time with heart disease but had been confined to her bed only two weeks. She was a native of Ocean township and had always lived in the locality where she died. She leaves a husband and two daughters, the daughters being Mrs. Henry C. Walker of Chicago and Mrs. Charles A. Beecroft of Asbury Park. The funeral was held on Friday and was very largely attended. There were a number of floral tributes, among them being a pillow from the ladies' aid society, of which Mrs. Cook had been a member for many years.

Stewart Cook.

Stewart Cook, a life-long resident of Ocean township, died on Saturday, March 21st, aged 77 years. He was stricken with paralysis about three weeks before his death. He was born at Long Branch and was one of the oldest fishermen on the coast. He gave up fishing about three years ago. He was a member of the Methodist church, and was one of the original members of Asbury Methodist church at North Long Branch. He was married twice. A widow and seven children survive him.

Mrs. Elizabeth B. Vanderveer.

Mrs. Elizabeth B. Vanderveer, widow of the late John Vanderveer, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Sidney Denise, at Freehold, last Wednesday night, from diseases incident to old age. She was born near Matawan on October 31st, 1822. She was married in 1846, and lived at Marlboro until her husband's death, about seven years ago. Four children survive her. They are Edgar A. and A. W. Vanderveer and Mrs. Sidney Denise of Freehold, and Mrs. W. D. Herbert of Englishtown.

Jacob M. Walling.

Jacob M. Walling, son of James S. Walling of Freehold, died from the effects of the grip last Wednesday, aged 15 years. Two months previous to his death he was taken sick with typhoid fever, from which he recovered. Shortly after his recovery from that disease the grip set in.

James Megill.

James Megill died of a complication of diseases at Lower Squankum on Monday of last week, aged 72 years. He was one of the oldest residents of Squankum.

Mrs. Mary Gibbert, widow of Thomas Gibbert, died at the home of her son, Thomas Gibbert, at Manasquan, on Tuesday of last week, aged 75 years. Her death was caused by pneumonia. About the same time she was taken sick, Mrs. Thomas Gibbert, wife of her son, also became sick with the disease and died on Thursday. The latter leaves two children.

Mrs. Phebe Johnson, wife of John E. Johnson of Wayside, died on Saturday of consumption. She was 39 years old. The burial was in the Wayside burying ground on Tuesday.

Mrs. Abigiail Closson died of old age at Fair Haven on Monday of last week, aged 96 years. The interment was in White Ridge cemetery at South Eatontown.


  • BOGART - At New York, on Tuesday, March 24th, Fred A. V. Bogart, formerly of Long Branch, aged 26 years.

  • BURNS - At South Amboy, on Sunday, March 15th, Ellen, wife of John Burns of Oak Shades.

  • COOK - At Oakhurst, on Tuesday, March 24th, Mrs. Jane A. Cook, aged 67 years.

  • COOK - In Ocean township, on Saturday, March 21st, Stewart Cook, aged 77 years.

  • COLYARD - At Long Branch, on Sunday, March 22d, a son of Benjamin Colyard, aged 4 years.

  • CLOSSON - At Fair Haven, on Monday, March 23d, Mrs. Abigail Closson, aged 96 years.

  • FERGUSON - At Branchport, on Saturday, March 21st, a young son of Henry Ferguson.

  • GIBBERT - At Manasquan, on Tuesday, March 24th, Mary, widow of Thomas Gibbert, aged 75 years.

  • GIBBERT - At Manasquan, on Thursday, March 26th, Mrs. Thomas Gibbert, aged 48 years.

  • GILES - At Long Branch, on Friday, March 20th, Mrs. Edith A. Giles, aged 65 years.

  • HIBBITS - Near Freehold, on Thursday, March 19th, George W. Hibbits, aged 52 years and 6 months.

  • HARSIN - At Asbury Park, on Sunday March 22d, Tillie, daughter of W. G. Harsin, aged 19 years.

  • JOHNSON - At Wayside, on Saturday, March 28th, Phebe, wife of John E. Johnson, aged 39 years and 13 days.

  • LYDDY - At New York, on Wednesday, March 25th, John Lyddy of Monmouth Beach.

  • LATHAM - At Asbury Park, on Sunday, March 22d, Thaddeus Latham, aged 77 years.

  • MEGILL - At Squankum, on Monday, March 23d, James Megill, aged 72 years.

  • MANAHAN - At North Long Branch, on Monday, March 23d, George S., son of Daniel R. Manahan, aged 3 months.

  • NESBITT - At Spring Lake, on Friday, March 20th, the infant son of C. D. Nesbitt.

  • PRICE - At Matawan, on Thursday, March 26th, Elbert, infant son of Mrs. Mary Price.

  • SCHENCK - At Branchport, on Sunday, March 22d, the infant son of Henry E. Schenck.

  • SCHANCK - At Holmdel, on Tuesday, March 31st, Daniel P. Schanck, aged 68 years.

  • SEELEY - At Red Bank, on Wednesday, March 25th, Leonard L. Seeley, aged 79 years.

  • SEELEY - At Belford, on Thursday, March 26th, Mrs. Amelia Seeley, aged 76 years.

  • VANDERVEER - At Freehold, on Wednesday, March 25th, Mrs. Elizabeth B. Vanderveer, aged 73 years.

  • WALLING - At Freehold, on Wednesday, March 25th, Jacob M., son of James S. Walling, aged 15 years and 11 months.

    Wills, Estates:

    Almost the Entire Income From His Estate Goes to His Wife.

    Benjamin W. Spinning of Red Bank, who died suddenly about three weeks ago, left a will which was probated last week. The house and lot on Monmouth street, where he lived, the furniture, and all his personal estate, is left to his widow during her life. She is also to have all the interest and income from his estate as long as she lives, but she is to pay each of their children $100 per year. At her death the property is to be equally divided among all the children or their heirs.

    Mrs. Spinning will retain her husband's interest in the firm of Spinning & Patterson, and the business will be continued as heretofore. It is probable that the firm name will be changed to Patterson & Spinning.

    Source: Red Bank Register, April 1, 1896

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