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Obituaries   >   New Jersey   >   September 25,   1895

Mrs. Anna Bell Killed and Four Others Injured.

Mrs. Anna Bell of Long Branch was killed Monday night, shortly after midnight, by being struck by a train at the crossing near the Little Silver station. Three other women and a driver were in the wagon and all of them were injured. Mrs. Mattie Banks's hip was broken, Mrs. Carrie Kupler and Mrs. Lucy Millstone were bruised, and Lewis Bennett, the drive, was bruised, and may have suffered internal injuries. All of the women are colored. Bennett is a white man. Three of the injured persons are in the hospital at Long Branch. Mrs. Kupler had her wounds dressed at the hospital, but is now at her home.

The women had hired a team, wagonette and driver from William H. Campbell's livery stable at Long Branch on Monday afternoon and had come to Red Bank to pay a visit to Mrs. Mills, who lives on Shrewsbury avenue, near Monmouth street. They remained there until nearly twelve o'clock, when they started for home. They drove down the Scuffletown road to the Little Silver station, and then started over the railroad track at the diagonal crossing which connects with the road to Shrewsbury. While they were on the track a locomotive hauling a train of empty passenger coaches came along. The team was almost facing the locomotive when the crash came. The horses were cut to pieces and fragments were scattered along the track for fifty feet. The tracks were thickly spattered with blood. The wagon was broken entirely to pieces.

When the women heard the train approaching they told the driver to hurry across the track. Mrs. Banks and Mrs. Millstone jumped from the wagon. Mrs. Banks sat on the seat with the driver, and Mrs. Millstone, who was in the rear of the wagon, jumped out of the back door of the wagonette. The others did not have time to get out before the wagon was struck.

The train was stopped and the train hands went to the help of the injured people. Mrs. Bell was dead when she was picked up. All the visible injury were four apparently slight bruises in the forehead. Her body lay about 25 feet from the track. Bennett was in a dazed condition. He was also flung about 25 feet by the collision. Mrs. Banks had broken her hip in her jump.

The dead body and the injured persons were put on the train, which was then backed down to Long Branch. Mrs. Banks and the driver were taken to the hospital from the cars. The other two women went home and Mrs. Bell's body was taken home.

Mrs. Kupler told a REGISTER reporter that the engineer did not blow his whistle. A man who refused to give his name told the reporter that he was at the rear of the station when the train passed, and did not hear any whistle blown.

It has not been explained how Bennett came to cross to the Shrewsbury road on his way to Long Branch. He could not be seen at the hospital. It was rumored that he was under the influence of liquor, but this Mr. Campbell denied. He said that Bennett had been in his employ for five years and that he had always found him steady and trustworthy. Bennett will be able to leave the hospital in a few days.

He Fell off the Steamer Pleasure Bay Yesterday Morning.

Robert Sylvester of Fair Haven was drowned at the foot of Jane street, North river, New York, early yesterday morning. He was employed by Francis Little, who has the bar privilege and lunch counter on board the steamboat Pleasure Bay. He had been ashore and was returning to the boat about two o'clock in the morning, and he either fell or walked off the gang plank into the water. His cries for help was heard by one of the deck hands on the boat, who jumped overboard to aid him. Sylvester took hold of his rescuer and clinched him so tightly that he had great difficulty in saving himself. Sylvester's body was found soon after daylight yesterday morning. It was sent to Fair Haven to the home of his mother, Mrs. Maria Brown, where the funeral will be held.


Mrs. Sarah A. Parker.

Mrs. Sarah A. Parker, widow of the late Captain Henry B. Parker, died at the home of her son, Robert F. Parker, on Broad street at three o'clock this morning, aged 77 years and nine months. Her death resulted principally from old age. She had had at various times within the past few years several slight attacks of paralysis. For a number of years she had been in an enfeebled condition, and had not been outside of the house since last Christmas. About two weeks ago she took to her bed and gradually grew worse until the time of her death.

Mrs. Parker was a native of Red Bank, being the daughter of the late Tabor Chadwick. She was married to Captain Parker about 58 years ago. Seven children survive her, they being Tabor, Jeremiah, John C. and Robert F. Parker of Red Bank; Mrs. Deborah Lippincott of Little Silver, Mrs. John Hance of Long Branch, and Joseph Parker. She also leaves two sisters, Mrs. Deborah Pintard of Little Silver and Mrs. Angelina Lewis of Asbury Park.

The funeral will take place from the home of her son, Robert F. Parker, on Friday afternoon at two o'clock. The interment will be at Fair View cemetery.

Mrs. Mary Hendrickson.

Mrs. Mary Hendrickson of Nut Swamp died at that place last Friday of paralysis, and the funeral was held at the house on Monday. She was 79 years old and was the daughter of Joseph Applegate of Nut Swamp. Mrs. Hendrickson was born at Nut Swamp and had always lived at that place. She married Daniel D. Hendrickson of Middletown about 59 years ago. He died about thirteen years after the marriage. Mrs. Hendrickson had been a member of the Middletown Baptist church about 45 years. She was a sister of John S. And Richard Applegate of Red Bank and Joseph Applegate of Nut Swamp. Four children survive her, two sons and two daughters. They are Joseph A. Hendrickson of Nut Swamp, with whom she lived at the time of her death; Henry Hendrickson of Illinois, Mrs. Eleanor A. Mount, wife of John W. Mount of Red Bank; and Mrs. Elizabeth Leonard, wife of Welling Leonord of Leonardville. The funeral was preached by Rev. J. K. Manning of Red Bank. The pall bearers were William Mount, William T. Conover, John West, George A. Bowne, Jacob Taylor and Joseph Field.

Joseph Matthews.

Joseph Matthews died after a long illness at his home in Howell township on Thursday, September 12th, aged 70 years. He was married twice and was the father of eleven children by his first wife and thirteen by his second. His wives were sisters. Fourteen children survive him.

Mrs. Louisa Curren.

Mrs. Louisa Curren, wife of James Curren, died at Wayside on Saturday, September 14th. She was taken sick nine days previous to her death with pneumonia. She was 29 years old and besides her husband leaves three children.

Joseph J. Ely.

Joseph J. Ely, an old resident of Millstone township, died on Friday, September 13th, aged 82 years. Death resulted from old age. He was a lawyer and was also a surveyor. He had been married twice and leaves four children.

John A. Wallace.

John A. Wallace died at Keyport Saturday, September 14th, aged 22 years. He had been sick with consumption about six months. He leaves a wife but no children.


  • BRAUN - At Red Bank, on Sunday, September, 22d, Katie, daughter of Jacob Braun, aged 2 months.

  • CURREN - At Wayside, on Saturday, September 14th, Mrs. Louisa Curren, aged 29 years.

  • ELY - In Millstone township, on Friday, September 18th, Joseph J. Ely, aged 82 years.

  • HENDRICKSON - At Nut Swamp, on Friday, September 26th, Mrs. Mary Hendrickson, aged 79 years.

  • MATTHEWS - In Howell township, on Thursday, September 12th, Joseph Matthews, aged 70 years.

  • PARKER - At Red Bank, on Wednesday, September 25th, Mrs. Sarah A. Parker, aged 77 years and 9 months.

  • ROCK - At Pine Brook, on Monday, September 23d, Charles N. Rock aged 49 years.

  • WALLACE - At Keyport, on Saturday, September 14th, John A. Wallace, aged 22 years.

    Estates, Wills:

    William V. Conover's Estate.

    Under the will of Hon. William V. Conover of Middletown township, who died several years ago, his estate could not be settled until the death of his wife. This occurred about two weeks ago, and the announcement is now made that the final settlement of the estate will be made December 5th.

    Source: Red Bank Register, September 25, 1895

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