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James G. Ivans of Keyport Shoots Himself.

James G. Ivans of Keyport committed suicide last Wednesday. His son, Elliot Ivans, to whom he was greatly attached, died of consumption on Wednesday morning. Mr. Ivans went in the room where the dead body of his son lay, kissed him and then went out to the barn and shot himself. The report of the pistol was heard by J. L. Webster and William A. Walling, who ran to the barn, but Mr. Ivans was dead when they got there. He left a note saying that he wished to be buried with his son, which was done on Friday. He had an insurance of $7,000 on his life. He was fifty years old. A wife and five children survive him.

A Farm Hand Killed

George Kipple, a farmhand employed by W. L. Roberts, Jr., of Matawan, was injured by being run over by a train last week. He had been drinking and lay down on the track under some empty cars. On Tuesday night an engine was attached to the cars and the train started up. Kipple's shoulder and legs were crushed. He was taken to the Memorial hospital, where he died the next day.

The Smallpox Patient Dead.

James Norwood, who was taken sick with smallpox at Asbury Park, and who was moved to the Eatontown pest house, died there last week.

H. B. Lum and Miss Minnie L. Lum Die Within Twelve Hours.

H. B. Lum of Red Bank died on Saturday night at eleven o'clock. His daughter, Minnie L. Lum, died on Sunday morning.

Mr. Lum had suffered with heart disease for a long time. He owned considerable property in Red Bank and had lived here for many years. Most of his winters were spent in Florida, where he also owned a large amount of property. He went South on his usual trip last November. At that time his health was very poor.

His daughter had suffered with locomotor ataxia for some time. This is a disease which paralyzes the legs and lower part of the body, and particularly the lower extremities. It has many peculiar symptoms, one of them being that a person afflicted with his disease is liable to fall the moment he closes his eyes. All control of the muscles seems to be gone, and they have no power to put their feet where they want to place them. Miss Lum was first attacked with this disease last summer.

The season in Florida did not improve the condition of either Mr. Lum or his daughter, and both of them grew worse as the spring advanced. They returned to Red Bank the middle of last week. They were then so sick that they engaged a doctor and a nurse to accompany them home. Miss Lum made the trip North on a cot. She was very much emaciated. Both of them sank rapidly after reaching Red Bank. Mr. Lum was in a comatose state for upwards of a day before his death.

Mr. Lum's wife died two or three years ago. He leaves but one other child, Charles Lum, who is living on the James Grover place on the Leedsville road.

Ambrose Matthews, Sr.

Ambrose Matthews, Sr., died at his home in Red Bank on Saturday morning at twenty minutes to nine o'clock, aged 59 years. The cause of death was chronic gastritis, from which he had suffered for the past year. He was born at Colt's Neck and was the son of the late Sarah and Charles Matthews. His wife, who is still living, was Miss Sarah Nowling of Red Bank. Nine children also survive him, all of whom are grown up.

Mr. Matthews was well known in Red Bank and throughout the county. He had a natural talent for mechanics, and for many years did almost all the house moving in the county. All of his sons inherit the same talent. Mr. Matthews spent several summers in the West, and one summer while there he built a vessel, which he named Sarah Matthews in honor of his wife. He brought this vessel East with him and it was sailed on the Shrewsbury for a number of years.

The funeral was held yesterday afternoon from the house at two o'clock. Rev. J. K. Manning conducted the services and the burial was at Fair View cemetery. The pallbearers were Wm. L. Chadwick, George Stryker, William J. Sickles and Henry Jackson.

William Cahill.

William Cahill died very suddenly at Navesink on Sunday from an attack of heart disease. He was first taken sick about a year ago and his heart had been affected more or less ever since. On Sunday he was standing talking to his wife when he was suddenly attacked with a spasm of the heart. His wife caught him in her arms and he almost instantly died. He was 46 years old. About two years ago he insured his life in the Prudential insurance company for $1,000. Up to the time of his death he had paid $76 in premiums. The funeral was held yesterday morning. Besides his wife Mr. Cahill left five children.

Wm. S. Eaton.

Wm. S. Eaton died near Elberon on Monday of last week, aged 69 years. He had been sick only a week. He was born in Boston and his early life was spent in that city and in New York. He had lived at Elberon for thirty years. Mr. Eaton married Miss Alice M. Woolley, who was for many years the owner of a farm containing three hundred acres, which bordered upon the seashore, now known as Elberon. Six children were born to the couple, five of whom are living. The children are John A. Eaton, Mrs. Effie Schroeder, William S. Eaton, Benjamin W. Eaton and Henry Ware Eaton.

Augustus Chesley.

Augustus Chesley died at Atlantic Highlands on Sunday, aged about 65 years. He had lived at Keyport, where he owned some property, until about six months ago, when he sold his property there and moved to Atlantic Highlands for his health. He was one of the oldest members of the Keyport Methodist church. He had been sick with nervous prostration for a long time. His wife survives him.

Mrs. Florence Laudenslager.

Florence, wife of Joseph Laudenslager of Asbury Park, died on Tuesday of last week, aged 30 years. Her death was caused by peritonitis. Besides her husband she leaves one child. She was the daughter of Caroline and Jacob Buchanon, formerly of Red Bank, and a granddaughter of Mrs. Mary Longstreet of Oceanic.

John H. Conlin.

John H. Conlin died in St. Peter's hospital, Brooklyn, on Sunday of last week. He was a well-known resident of Keyport. He was taken to the hospital the day previous to his death. He was 35 years old. His wife survives him. He was insured for $3,000, half of it being in the Prudential.

Wm. F. Rohbeck.

Wm. F. Rohbeck of Long Branch died on Tuesday night of last week after a sickness of less than a week. He was 85 years old and had lived at Long Branch for 25 years. He was a native of Prussia. He leaves two sons, Charles and August Rohbeck.

James T. Smith.

James T. Smith died last Tuesday night at his home near Branchport from peritonitis, after a long illness, aged fifty years. A widow survives him. He was a member of Hollywood council of American Mechanics.

Mrs. Fannie Covert.

Mrs. Fannie Covert, widow of the late George Covert, died at her home at Keyport on Sunday, aged about 60 years. Death was caused by nervous prostration. One daughter, Miss Kate Covert, survives her.

Wm. H. Morton.

Wm. H. Morton of New York, who recently bought the Simpson farm at Little Silver station and also the Simpson property in the opera house block, occupied by Joseph Edgar and others, died on Sunday from an attack of pneumonia. He was sick only a very short time. He leaves a wife and a daughter by a former marriage. The funeral was held yesterday.

Mrs. Annie Johnson.

Mrs. Annie Johnson died at her home at Pine Brook last Thursday night. She was the widow of Joseph Johnson. She was 62 years old and had been sick about three weeks with a complication of diseases.

William H. Madden.

William H. Madden died at Keyport on Monday of last week from heart disease. He was 48 years old and had been a resident of Keyport for 45 years. He leaves a wife and one daughter.

Mrs. Margaret Johnson.

Mrs. Margaret Johnson, wife of James S. Johnson, died at Keyport on Monday of last week. Death was due to old age, she being 81 years old. Her husband, who is 87 years old, survives her.

Mrs. Harriet Smith

Mrs. Harriet Smith, wife of Dr. Fennimore C. Smith of Jersey City Heights died on Monday of last week. Mrs. Smith was well known in Red Bank having spent several summers here.


  • BUTLER - At Long Branch, on Friday, May 17th, Walter T., son of Henry Butler, aged 1 year and 9 months.

  • CAHILL - At Navesink, on Sunday, May 26th, William Cahill, aged 46 years.

  • CONLIN - At Brooklyn, on Sunday, May 19th, John H. Conlin of Keyport, aged 35 years.

  • CHARTREE - At Keyport, on Monday, May 20th, Mrs. Maria Chartree, aged 56 years.

  • CUSHING - At Keyport, on Saturday, May 18th, Mrs. Catharine Cushing, aged 69 years.

  • CHESLEY - At Atlantic Highlands, on Sunday, May 26th, Augustus Chesley, aged 65 years.

  • COVERT - At Keyport, on Sunday, May 26th, Mrs. Fanny Covert, aged 60 years.

  • EATON - Near Elberon, on Monday, May 20th, Wm. S. Eaton, aged 69 years.

  • FLETCHER - At Long Branch, on Sunday, May 26th, Rufus Fletcher, aged 51 years.

  • GARRITY - At Asbury Park, on Tuesday, May 21st, Mrs. Catharine C. Garrity, aged 54 years.

  • IRELAND - At Keyport, on Friday, May 17th, Benjamin Ireland , aged 9 years.

  • IVANS - At Keyport, on Wednesday, May 22d, Elliot Ivans, aged 28 years.

  • IVANS - At Keyport, on Wednesday, May 22d, James G. Ivans, aged 50 years.

  • JOHNSON - At Pine Brook, on Thursday, May 23d, Mrs. Annie Johnson, aged 62 years.

  • JOHNSON - At Keyport, on Monday, May 20th, Mrs. Margaret Johnson, aged 81 years.

  • LUM - Near Red Bank, on Saturday, May 25th, H. B. Lum, aged 74 years.

  • LUM - Near Red Bank, on Sunday, May 26th, Miss J. L. Lum, aged 37 years.

  • LAUDENSLAGER - At Asbury Park, on Tuesday, May 21st, Mrs. Joseph R. Laudenslager, aged 30 years.

  • MATTHEWS - At Red Bank, on Saturday, May 25th, Ambrose Matthews, Sr., aged 59 years.

  • MADDEN - At Keyport, on Monday, May 20th, William H. Madden, aged 48 years.

  • MOUNT - At Freehold, on Saturday, May 18th, Charles P. Mount, aged 63 years.

  • PARKER - At Long Branch, on Monday, May 20th, Maud, daughter of Alonzo Parker, aged 7 years.

  • ROHBECK - At Long Branch, on Tuesday, May 21st, Wm. F. Rohbeck, aged 85 years.

  • SMITH - At Branchport, on Thursday, May 23d, James T. Smith aged 50 years.

    Source: Red Bank Register, May 29, 1895

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