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Obituaries   >   New Jersey   >   April 17,   1895

His Body Found in a Windmill Tank by His Son.

Garrett Dangler, who has been employed on the C. B. Alexander place near Seabright for a great many years, was found drowned in the windmill tank on Monday afternoon. He was discovered by his little son, who was searching for him. Mr. Dangler was last seen alive about nine o'clock, when he had an oil can and was about to go to the windmill to oil the machinery. He did not come to the house for dinner and a search was instituted with the above result. It is supposed that he was struck by the revolving wheel and knocked into the tank, the fall stunning him, or that he was stricken with apoplexy or paralysis. Deputy Coroner Morris of Long Branch was summoned, and he took charge of the body. The funeral will be held from the Methodist church at Seabright to-morrow afternoon at half-past one o'clock.


Mrs. Elizabeth Thompson.

Mrs. Elizabeth Thompson died at West Freehold last Wednesday, aged 77 years. She was the wife of Sidney Thompson who died on March 31st. She was born in Upper Freehold township and was the daughter of Elizabeth and Joseph Hendrickson. Two children, Mrs. J. V. Dubois and W. Denise Thompson, survive her.

Elisha C. Errickson.

Elisha C. Errickson, a retired business man of Manasquan, died at that place on Monday of last week, aged 67 years. He had held many prominent offices and for twenty years was treasurer of the loan association of Manasquan. The cause of death was apoplexy. A wife and daughter survive him.

Mary C. McCabe.

Mary C. McCabe, wife of Freeholder Albert D. McCabe, died at Ocean Grove on Monday, aged 46 years. The cause of death was paralysis. She was one of the first residents of Ocean Grove, having lived there 21 years. She leaves a husband and two children.

Wm. H. VanCleaf.

William H. VanCleaf died at West Freehold on Saturday of last week of pneumonia, aged 68 years. He was a widower, his wife having been Miss Hannah Clayton of west Freehold.

Mrs. Euphemia Thompson.

Mrs. Euphemia Thompson died at Manasquan on Monday, April 8th, aged 65 years. The cause of death was nervous prostration. Four sons and three daughters survive her.

Mrs. Sarah J. Livingston.

Mrs. Sarah J. Livingston died at her home in Eatontown on Friday, aged 63 years. The cause of death was pneumonia. A husband and eight children survive her.

Thomas O'Hara.

Thomas O'Hara died at his home in West Red Bank on Friday, aged 65 years. A wife and three children survive him.

Miss Mattie Longstreet

Miss Mattie Longstreet died at Atlantic Highlands last Thursday, aged 17 years and 9 months. She was the daughter of Mrs. Emeline Longstreet.

Margaret Gier, wife of Ernest Gier, died at Long Branch on Saturday, April 6th, aged 67 years. The cause of death was pneumonia.


  • DANGLER - At Seabright, on Monday, April 15th Garrett Dangler, aged 50 years.

  • ERRICKSON - At Manasquan, on Monday, April 8th, Elisha Errickson, aged 67 years.

  • GIER - At Long Branch, on Saturday, April 6th, Mrs. Margaret Gier, aged 67 years.

  • LIVINGSTON - At Eatontown, on Friday, April 12th, Mrs. Sarah J. Livingston, aged 68 years.

  • LONGSTREET - At Atlantic Highlands, on Thursday, April 11th, Mattie Longstreet, aged 17 years and 9 months.

  • MCCABE - At Ocean Grove, on Monday, April 15th, Mrs. Mary C. McCabe, wife of A. D. McCabe, aged 46 years.

  • O'HARA - At Red Bank, on Friday, April 12th, Thomas O'Hara, aged 62 years.

  • SMITH - At Smithburg, on Saturday, April 6th, W. M. Smith.

  • THOMPSON - At West Freehold, on Wednesday, April 10th, Mrs. Euphemia Thompson, widow of the late James Thompson.

  • VANCLEAF - At West Freehold, on Saturday, April 6th, Wm. H. VanCleaf, aged 68 years.

  • WASHINGTON - At Long Branch, on Thursday, April 11th, William Washington, aged 26 years.

    Wills and Estates:

    To Settle Estates.

    Since March 1st the following wills have been admitted to Probate in Monmouth county:

    Catherine P. Ward-Edward H. Ward, Jr., ex'r
    Joseph W. Maire-Leontine Maire, ex'r.
    Martha H. Cox-Cornelius Poland, ex'r.
    William Lloyd-William K. Lloyd, ex'r.
    William R. Emmons-William W, Emmons, ex'r,
    Gerolina Zerga-Louise Zerga, ex'r.
    Wesley Sill-Laybrand Sill, ex'r.
    Jane C. Gordon-Wm. K. Arrowsmith, ex'r.
    Ann E. Horton-Anna C. Felter, acting ex'x.
    Elizabeth Parker-Mary M. Parker, ex'x.
    Martha T. Field-Henry Field, ex'r.

    Letters of administration have been granted as follows:

    Spencer Longstreet-Catharine M. Longstreet, adm'x.
    Joseph M. Lee-Caroline Lee, adm'x.
    Elizabeth W. Morris-James L. Morris, adm'r.
    George Lucas-David Kay, Jr., adm'r.
    John W. Golden-John Statesir, adm'r.
    Mary J. Miller-George L. Miller, adm'r.
    Emily F. Conover-J. Dey Conover, adm'r.
    James H. Dangler-Lydia A. Dangler, adm'x.
    John Curley-Ruliff V. Lawrence, adm'r.
    Eleanor L. Taylor-Henry Field, adm'r, with will annexed.

    Source: Red Bank Register, April 17, 1895

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