Obits - NJ - 1888 - William V. Conover

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Obits - NJ - Monmouth - William V. Conover

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William V. Conover died at his residence on the river bank in Middletown township on Wednesday of last week. The funeral was held from his late residence on Monday at eleven o'clock. There was a large attendance of the friends and neighbors of the deceased. The funeral services were conducted by the Rev. F. R. Harbaugh of the Presbyterian church of Red Bank, and the interment was made in the cemetery at Fair View. The pall-bearers were John H. Patterson, James H. Patterson, Peter VanBrunt, John J. Hopping, Jehu P. Cooper and J. A. Throckmorton.

Mr. Conover was born on January 6th, 1824. At the age of seventeen he went to Long Branch and engaged as a clerk in a store at that place. When he was twenty one years of age he started in business there as a partner in the firm of Conover & Morford. In 1847 he retired from the mercantile business, and purchased the homestead farm in Middletown, where he followed the peaceful pursuits of agricultural life until his death. On December 22d, 1853 he was united in marriage to Miss Catherine Bennett. Four children were born to them, only two of whom are living, John B. Conover and Mrs. Joseph Applegate, jr. In politics Mr. Conover was a Democrat, and during his life held various township offices, representing Middletown township for several years in the board of chosen freeholders, and for two years was in the state legislature as assemblyman from this district. Mr. Conover leaves to his widow and children gold and silver and lands, but above all he leaves them the priceless heritage of a good name. During his long political career he was never accused of a dishonorable act, nor was a dishonest dollar ever traced to his pocket. Honest, high-minded William V. Conover is dead, and in his death, the community shares a loss with his family.

Source: Red Bank Register Wednesday, November 14, 1888

A subsequent issue lists Mr. Conover's last will and testiment as follows:

The will of William V. Conover, of Middletown township, was admitted to probate a few days ago. The will is very lengthy and was drawn by Robert Allen, jr. It was made August 17th, 1885 and a codicil to the will was made on the 31st day of last October. Mr. Conover's estate is estimated to be worth about $85,000, and it is all left to his wife, his two children and his two grandchildren. Mr. Conover's children are his son, Wm. T. Conover, and his daughter, Sarah M. Applegate, wife of Joseph Applegate, jr. His grandchildren are Josie M. Conover and Wm. V. Conover, who are the children of his deceased son, John B. Conover. The various items of Mr. Conover's will are as follows:

First - All his just debts and funeral expenses are ordered to be paid

Second - His wife, Catherine G. Conover, is given $1,000 in cash, and such articles and so much of his household goods as she may select, not exceeding one third of the household furniture.

Third - His wife is given the interest on $10,000 during her life, which money at the time the will was made was invested in mortgages. This section provides that in case at the time of Mr. Conover's death he should not have $10,000 invested in mortgages, his executors should invest enough of his estate in this way to reach this figure; and if at any time previous to the death of his wife the mortgages or any of them should be paid off, the executors are to reinvest the money in a similar manner for the benefit of Mrs. Conover.

Fourth - His wife is left the use, during her lifetime, of the house and lot on the river bank in Middletown township, occupied by Capt. Wm. H. Robbins before his death. The will states that this lot is 60 x 250 feet.

Fifth - Mr. Conover's daughter, Sarah M. Applegate, and his son, Wm. T. Conover, are given the Capt. Wm. H. Robbins house and lot, subject to Mrs. Conover's use of it during her lifetime.

Sixth - To Josie M. Conover and Wm. V. Conover, daughter and son of John B. Conover, deceased, is given all that farm, and salt meadow known as the Applegate farm, situated on the bay in Middletown township, and also the ten acre lot, formerly known as the Leonard lot, adjoining that farm.

Seventh - All Mr. Conover's interest in the Hallenbake farm of 32 acres in Middletown township is given for these two grandchildren.

Eighth - A house and lot at Port Monmouth, known as the Dangler lot, is given to these two grandchildren; also a house and lot at Red Bank, adjoining the property of Joseph Field and Peter Reilly; also a piece of land of about 45 acres, situated near Centerville, in Ocean township.

Ninth - All the stock and farming implements on the bay shore farm, and one third of his turnpike stock, is given to the two grandchildren.

Tenth - If any of the property bequeathed to the two grandchildren should be sold before Mr. Conover's death, the executors are instructed to pay over to the children an amount equal to that received from the sale of the property.

Eleventh - The homestead farm where Mr. Conover lived before his death is given to his two grandchildren. This farm contains about 150 (possibly 450) acres, and is given to them outright, except the use of the Wm. H. Robbins lot, during Mrs. Conover's lifetime.

Twelfth - A wood lot of thirteen acres at Nut Swamp, adjoining lands of Thos. S. Field and Joseph A. Hendrickson, is given to Sarah M. Applegate and Wm. T. Conover; also a tract of six acres od salt meadow and woodland at Dutch Neck, which Mr. Conover bought of Morris and others; also two thrids of his turnpike stock; also all farm stock and farming implements on the homestead farm; also all the fertilizers and manure on the homestead farm; also all the boats and other appurtenances; also all the household furniture, except what was given to Mr.l Conover's wife.

Thirteenth - All the produce on the farm is given to Mrs. Sarah M. Applegate and Wm. T. Conover.

Fourteenth - The executors are instructed to erect a suitable monument, to cost $500, on Mr. Conover's burial plot, in case there is no such monument there at the time of his death.

Fifteenth - Mr. Conover's gold watch is given to his grandson and namesake, Wm. V. Conover.

Sixteenth - All the rest and residue of the estate, both real and personal is to be divided among the children and grandchildren. Each of the children gets one third of the residue, and the grandchildren get one third between them.

This will states that the bequests to Mrs. Conover shall stand in lieu of dower. Wm. T. Conover is made executor and Sarah M. Applegate executrix of the will. The witnesses were Caleb Patterson and Robert Allen, jr.

The codicil gives to Mrs. Conover $5,000 in addition to the bequests mentioned in the will. This was witnessed by Henry J. Child and Robert Allen, jr.

Source: Red Bank Register Wednesday, December 5, 1888