Obits - NJ - Monmouth - 1887 - Cora Hurley

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Obits - NJ - Monmouth - 1887 - Cora Hurley

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Cora, the only daughter and the last of four children of Sylvester Hurley, of Shrewsbury, died on saturday of diptheria and was buried on Monday, her three brothers having died of the same disease on different days during the previous week. The funeral of the little girl was private, the only service being a prayer by the Rev. Thaddeus Wilson, pastor of the Presbyterean church of Shrewsbury. Mr. Hurley is down with the rheumatism and his wife is also ill. Drs. Wm. A. Betts and W. B. warner, of Red Bank, were the attending physicians and they state that the disease was the most malignant type of diptheria that they have ever met with in the course of their practice. The disease was caused by a drain leading from a cesspool in the yard to the house, which was untrapped and which consequently kept the dwelling flooded with sewer gas. Mr. and Mrs. Hurley have been removed to another house while their residence is being fumigated. Part of the furniture has been buried and the cesspool has been cleaned out.

Source: Red Bank Register March 30, 1887

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