Obits - NJ - Monmouth - 1887 - Johnson Cook

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Obits - NJ - Monmouth - 1887 - Johnson Cook

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On Sunday, Johnson Cook, a young colored man employed by Major Joseph Field, of Middletown township, was killed by a ?Shorthorn? bull which he was leading out to water. The bull was gentle and had a ring in his nose by which it could easily be led about. Sometimes a chain or rope fastened to the ring as a leading string but usually it was only necessary to take hold of the ring with the finger and the bull could be lead about anywhere. Cook had taken the animal out to water, and was going back to the yard when he stumbled and fell. The bull ???? the man to the ground and killed him by crushing in his chest. The man was not gored nor was the skin broken anywhere on his body. Major Field was not yet up when the accident occurred, but he was roused by the cries and hastened to the spot. The bull was easily driven away. the wounded man was carried indoors and cared for, but he lived only twenty minutes, dying before a physician could be brought. Coroner Smith was notified but did not deem an inquest necessary. Cook was a native of Virginia and was 21 years old. He was unmarried and had no relatives in this vicinity. The funeral occurred on Monday, Major Field paying all the expenses.

Source: Red Bank Register Wednesday, July 27, 1887

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