Obits - NJ - Monmouth - 1887 - Charles Martin

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Obits - NJ - Monmouth - 1887 - Charles Martin

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Charles Martin, a teamster in the employ of Andrew W. Gilsey, was instantly killed Thursday afternoon at North Long Branch, on the New Jersey Southern railroad. He was driving at the time an empty farm wagon, drawn by a team of horses belonging to Mr. Gilsey. When within about twenty feet of the crossing he saw an engine coming southward, pulling an empty flat car. the engine was running backward. The young man's first intention was to pull up his horses and allow the engine to pass, but as they were spirited he evidentally thought it might be unsafe to pull them up so near the engine, so he dropped the lines on their backs and urged them across the track in front of the tender. the horses crossed in safety but the tender struck the wagon just back of the center, demolished the vehicle, and threw the horses to the ground. The unfortunate driver was hurled nearly sixty feet through the air, and fell upon the iron track. the entire back part of his skull was crushed and his neck was broken. death must have been instantaneous. The horses, though flung to the ground by the collision, escaped unhurt.

It is asserted that the train gave no notice of its approach; that no whistle or danger signal of any kind was given, and Mr. Gilsey expressed a resolute determination to inquire closely into the facts and to hold the railway company responsible, if to blame. Martin was only 25 years old, and resided at Pleasure Bay, with his brother and widowed mother. he is spoken of by his employer as a sober, industrious and deserving young man.

Source: Red Bank Register Wednesday, December 7, 1887