Deaths Registered in the Town of Peterboro, NH for the year ending Dec 31, 1894, Page 2

Column Headings are:
  • Date of Death
  • Name
  • Age: YY/MM/DD
  • Place of Birth
  • Gender: M/F/Color/S, M, Wid.
  • Occupation
  • Place of Birth - Father
  • Place of Birth - Mother
  • Name of Father
  • Maiden Name of Mother

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Deaths Registered in Peterboro, New Hampshire - 1894, Page 2

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Source: Annual Report of the Town of Peterboro, New Hampshire for the year 1894

Surnames in order presented: Lynch, Priest, Ellsworth, Morse, Farmer, Murray, Donovan, Upton, White, Young, Caldwell, Lougee, Waite, Pratt, Fife, Baker