Nebraska Obituaries - Red Cloud Chief - Aug 2, 1907

Robert Barkley, brother of John Barkley of this city, died at Holden, Mo., last Friday and was buried Saturday.   "Bob" was well known here, having grown to manhood here.

Mrs. A. C. Hosmer received word this week of the death of her father, Issac Morse, at Clinton, Ill., last Thursday.   Mr. Morse lived in Red Cloud for a short time, in the early eighties.   He was 88 years of age.

A Card of Thanks.

Mrs. Mary Gilroy writes from far away India, where she has been living for the past year, to thank her friends for their kindness to her deceased brother-in-law, Pat Gilroy and family:

"Please convey my grateful thanks to all the good, kind people and neighbors of Inavale and Riverton, and especially to Dr. Myers, for the kind help, attention and good care they rendered to my dear brother during his long illness and death.   May they get their reward tenfold hereafter.   I will always think kindly of these good people and not forget them in my poor prayer.   Gratefully yours, Mary Gilroy."

Source = Red Cloud Chief; Aug 2, 1907, Page 5 Columns 2 and 3


Officer Kills Ex-Convict

Chicago, July 31. - William Wood, a negro ex-convict was instantly killed by Police Sergeant Hertz in a fierce fight, in which several other officers besides Hertz participated.   During the fight, Henry A. Noyes, a bystander, was shot in the abdomen by Wood and was taken to a hospital in a critical condition.


One Dead, Others Severly Injured on Gunboat Wilmington

Washington, July 31. - A dispatch received at the nevy department from Commander Boush of the gunboat Wilmington at Shanghai says a boiler tube of the vessel burst while the vessel was at Nanking.   Three men were scalded, one of whom, Fireman Philip Hind, subsequently died.   The other two are not not seriously burned.


Joe Maloy of Silver City, N. M., shot and killed Deputy Sheriff Charles Smith as Smith was attempting to arrest him.

John H. Jones of Pittsburg, general manager of the United Coal company, and Joseph Graham, fire boss, were killed in Edna mine No. 1 by a fall of slate.

A. A. Smith, a prominent shingle manufacturer, was killed at Everett, Wash., by overturning of his automobile.   Two companions, Duncan Kidden and John Nelson, were in jured.

M. Toropoff, leader of the monarchest party in Moscow, shot and killed M. Ermouse a member of the democratic party, during a heated political argument.   Toropoff has been arrested.



Merrill Brown of Bertha Probably Fatally Injured by Albert Butts.

Tekamah, Neb., July 30. - Merrill Brown, a blacksmith at Bertha, a settlement about seven miles east of Craig, was shot and perhaps fatally wounded by his hired man, Albert Butts.   Brown and Butts had a quarrel, during which the shooting occurred.   A 32-caliber ball entered Brown's head just back of the left temple and came out through the back of the head.   Butts immediately went to Lyons, where he was captured within two hours after the shooting.   Butts is well known at this place, having served time in the county jail here on charges of stealing, shooting and fighting.

Source = Red Cloud Chief; Aug 2, 1907, Page 6 Columns 2, 3 and 4




LEBANON (From the Times.)

Perry Criss, who formerly lived south of Lebanon but who went to Fort Worth,Texas, a short timo ago to work, died at the latter place Saturday, July 20. of typhoid fever.

The little child of Mr. and Mrs. John Dudley died and was buried Tuesday.   This is the last one of the twins born last week, the other one having died a short time after birth.

RIVERTON (From the Review.)

The infant son of Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Groat died Tuesday and was buried Wednesday.

Mr. Haynes died Sunday morning and was buried Monday afternoon in the Riverton cemetery.   Mr. Haynes had been in poor health for a long time.

BLOOMINGTON (From the Advocate.)

Levi Hager, of Ash Grove, died on July 19.   He was born in Vermont in 1844.

Source = Red Cloud Chief; Aug 2, 1907, Page 8 Column 1