Missouri Obituaries - April 24, 1927

Full Name: Jesse Franklin Gorham

Place of Death: Ray County, Kansas City, Missouri, Wesley Hospital

Sex: Male

Race: White Widowed

Husband of: Pearl Mansur

Date of Birth: October 16th, 1888

Age: 38 years & months 8 Days

Occupation: Collector for US, Credit Bureau

Birth Place: Saint Louis, MO

Name of Father: T.J.B. Gorham
Birth Place: Knoxville, MO

Name of Mother: Anna Helm
Birth Place: MO

Informant: S.B. Gorham, Richmond. MO

Date of Death: April 24th, 1927

I hearby certify I attended the deceased from April 21st, 1927 to April 24th, 1927 that I last saw him alive on April 24th, 1927 and that death occured on the date shown above.

The cause of death was as follows: Operation on Colon, complete obstruction

Did an opertion precede death: Yes Date: April 23rd, 1927

Was their an autopsy: Microscope

Place of burial: Henrietta, MO Date: April 24th, 1927

Source:Missouri State Board of Health/Certificate of Death

Submitted by: Patricia Anne Zecchino Pierce
Alna, Maine