Kentucky Obituaries - Adair County News - Dec 11, 1918


Mrs. John Sandusky. of Bradfordsville, came down to attend the funeral of her sister-in-law, Mrs. Ed Lawhorn

Died in France.

Jo Wheat a colored soldier whose home was in the Flat Woods section near Columbia is reported dead in France from disease.

Sam F. Fiercy Horse Shoe Bottom, Russell Co., died in France of disease.

Herbert Stockton, Albany, Ky, has been reported severely wounded in action.

Lamentable Death.

A dispatch received, by relatives, last Friday morning, from Mayfield, Ky., stated that Prof. G. Wesley Turner, of Adair county, had just died in that city, a victim of the flu.   It was a sad message, as the deceased was one of the best young men of this county.   He was a son of Mr. and Mrs. Jo Green Turner, and was born and reared near the Harmony voting precinct.   He was a young man of splendid character, and had been religious from his youth up.   He was principally educated at Lindsey-Wilson, and since graduating from the institution he has been teaching at different places - one year in the Baptist school at Campbellsville.   For sometime he had been in his chosen profession at Mayfield. where he stood high in educational circles.

About three years ago he was married to Miss Helen Upton, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. L. Upton, who at the time resided at Glenville this county.   It was a happy union, and bright prospects were before the couple until the young husband was stricken with disease, terminating in his death.

His passing has brought sorrow to many relatives and friends in his native county, and the heart-broken wife, mother and fasher have the profoundest sympathy of every person who knew the life and character of their departed companion and son.

Wesley Turner was in his 31st year, and he had been a zealous member of the Baptist Church since his youth.

The remains reached here about 4 o'clock p. m. Sunday, the casket covered with beautiful flowers.   The interment was in the city cemetery, after a Scripture reading and a talk by Eld. Z. T. Williams.

Latest Casualties.

Killed in Action - Simeon Sidebottom, Greensburg, Ky., James H Wade, Fry, Ky., Ollie Sanders Clementsville, Ky.   Wounded Severely: Geo. D. McPherson, Tompkinsville, Ky. Wounded, degree undetermined, Will Ed Burton, Garlin, Ky.

John E. Donan, of Campbellsville, is reported as having died in France.   Ben W. Hagan, of Lebanon, is reported as having been killed in action.   Kent T. Wise, of Lebanon Junction died of disease.

Died at Lynch.

A dispatch to the Sandusky Brothers, of this place, received Wednesday morning, stated that their sister, Fannie Lowhorn, wife of E? Lowhorn, had just died, a victim of double pneumonia, and that her remains would be shipped to this place, and the funeral and burial would take place at Glenville where the deceased was born and reared.   Mr. and Mrs Lowhorn were married about one year ago, and a few weeks ago they removed to Lynch.   Mrs. Lowhorn was a very excellent woman and her death brought sorrow to a number of Adair county homes.

Louis McQuown, who some years ago was a prominent lawyer of Glasgow and a leading Democratic politician in the State, died two weeks ago in Denver Colorado.

Source: Adair County News (Columbia, Kentucky), Dec 11, 1918, page 1, columns 1 thru 5