Iowa Obituaries - April, 1903 - Mr. Hans Jenson


Mr. Hans Jenson Hangs Himself at His Home In Bradford Early Sunday Morning

Old Bradford was plunged into a fever of excitement Sunday by the announcement that Hans Jenson, an old gentleman and a respected citizen of that place, had committed suicide by hanging himself.

For several years Mr. Jenson had been suffering from some kidney disorder, which at times had caused him so much discomfort and pain that he became tired of life and on several occasions threatened to do something with himself some time. Saturday this pain was so acute that he was driven almost to a frenzy.

Mrs. Jenson has been sleeping by himself in a bedroom just off from the kitchen, while his wife and son, Thoveld, the only one of the family living at home, slept in the other parts of the house. Sunday morning the young man arose as usual and after starting the fire, called his mother and then went out doors to do the chores while she was getting the breakfast. When the meal was nearly ready Mrs. Jenson went to call her husband, and on entering his room was horrified by the sight that met her gaze. Hanging by the neck with a small rope tied to a clothes hook on the wall beside the door, was her husband. He was so close to the door that Mrs. Jenson brushed him in entering the room and didnít notice what had happened until, on seeing that the bed hadnít been occupied, she turned to ask him the reason. The son was at once called and he came and cut him down. The body was still warm but life was extinct. Coroner McKone was summoned who, after an investigation, decided that an inquest was unnecessary. A curious fact was the hook on which the rope was tied was loose and came off comparatively easy from a little tug by the coroner. That the deceased was thoroughly determined in carrying out his design is evidenced by the fact that he had to bend his knees so that his feet would clear the floor.

Hans Jensen was born in Ringsted, Denmark in 1839. In December 1864, he was married to Anna Marie Hanson, with whom, a year later, he came to the United States, settling in New York state. After a short time they moved to Perth Amboy, New Jersey, where they lived until 1882, coming then to Bradford, which place has since been their home. Seven children were born to them, four boys and three girls, six of whom, with the wife survive the deceased. One of the daughters died in infancy. Mr. Jensen was a hard working man, thoroughly honest and a good citizen. A large concourse of friends and neighbors were in attendance at the funeral services in the Little Brown Church as a tribute of respect and esteem. Rev. Ewell officiated. The remains were interred in Greenwood cemetery.

Source:The Nashua Reporter, Nashua, Iowa, April 23, 1903