Florida Death Record - 1961 - Louise Mary (Gorham) Smith

Full Name: Louise Mary (Gorham) Smith

*Name was changed to this later in life, her name at birth was Minnie Louise Gorham, she was the sister to Opal Marie Gorham)

Place of Death: Dade County, Miami, Florida

Name of Hospital: Jackson Memorial, 3048 N W 67th Street

Length of stay: 5 days

Date of Death: September 20th, 1961

Sex: female

Race: white Married

Date of Birth: July 6th, 1911 Age: 50

Place of Birth: Missouri

Occupation: Entertainer, Night Clubs

Father's Name: Jess unobtainable

Mother Name: Minnie unobtainable *Jesse Franklin Gorham and Minnie Pearl Mansur*

Informant: Andrew J. Smith (husband)

Cause of Death: Acute myocardial infarction, due to shock. Severe 3rd degree burns of body


Describe: Mattress caught fire, while deceased was smoking in bed.

Time of injury: 7:30 am September 16th, 1961

In home, Rural, Dade County, Fla.

Death occurred at 7:45 pm

Signature: Joseph H. Davis M.D. 9/21/61

Body was removed on September 22nd, 1961 to the Greenwood Cemetery in Brielle, New Jersey

Source: Florida State Board of Health/Certificate of Death

Submitted by: Patricia Anne Zecchino Pierce
Alna, Maine