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J. Lanier Williams

J. Lanier Williams

    Died - On the 31st July, at the Sioux City House, in Sioux City, Iowa, J. Lanier Williams, son of Hon. Joseph L. Williams, aged 16 years and 7 months.

    The deceased was Clerk of the U.S. Third Judicial District Court of this Territory, and was discharging the duties of his office when he was taken ill, and repaired to Sioux City for medical treatment.

    He was honored by all who knew him for the dignity and purity of his mind. - He possessed a genial disposition, and shed on all around him the sunshine of his own happy heart, and like the "mint-marked of heaven," derived more joy in pursuing the paths of science, than in following the fowery (flowery?) ways of pleasure.

    The people of this Territory condole with his family that they should be bereaved of a son so promising - that the light of hope should cease to beam from his bright and beautiful eye. Surely, one so good and pure must have been beckoned by his angel-guide to eternal rest, far beyond the conventionalities and hypocracies of this world to a home of perfect purity.

    Source: The Dakotian dated Tuesday August 18, 1863:

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