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Susan Oleson

Susan Oleson


    Vermillion, June, 1862

    On Thursday, May 29th, the little community of Brule Creek Settlement was shocked by the sudden death by drowning of Susan Oleson, a Norwegian girl of fourteen years of age. She was residing in the family of Wm. Frisbie at the time of her death, and never was a family more attached to a stranger than they were to Susan. She was a child of more than ordinary intelligence, displaying in a very high degree those amiable traits of character that endear to all with whom they come in contact. The family of Mr. Frisbie miss her, and mourn her loss very much as if she were a near relative. She was drowned in the creek near the house, to which she had gone on an errand. The family not being able to account for unusual delay, went in search, when she was found some distance below where she evidently had fallen in the water. Dr. Phillips was hastily called, and every appliance possible was used to restore life, but in vain - the spirit had fled, and we trust to a better land. May her friends learn a lesson of the uncertainty of life, and be prepared for death when he comes, as cone he will to all.

    She was buried in a new grave yard selected with care in reference to a permanent location, and followed to her last resting place by nearly all our population. It seems so sad to die so young, su sudden, and in a land of strangers! May Heaven sustain her bereaved parents in their deep affliction.

    Source: From The Dakotian dated Tuesday June 17, 1862

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