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Colonel Ellsworth

Colonel Ellsworth


    One of the most regretted events of the present internecine struggle, is the death of the gallant and accomplished Colonel Ellsworth, who was in command of the New York Fire Zouaves. His company composed a part of the force which took possession of Alexandria, Va. Immediately upon entering the city, Col. E. entered the Marshal House, and hauled down the secession flag which was floating from the roof. As he was descending the stairs he was shot by a man named Jackson, the keeper of the hotel. He died almost instantly, dying the secession flag with his blood. The assassin Jackson was immediately put to death by Ellsworth's men.

    Co. Ellsworth was about 24 years of age. Notwithstanding his youth, he possessed in an eminent degree those qualities which constitute the successful officer, and in knowledge of military tactics he had few superiors. He organized and disciplined the company of Chicago Zouaves which last winter visited the principal Eastern cities, and attracted so much attention by their fine military bearing and efficiency in discipline.

    Source: the Dakotian, Yancton, D.T. (Dakota Territory) dated Thursday Morning June 6, 1861

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