Share Your Obituaries and Death Notices!

Please Share Your Obituaries and Death Notices!

Obituaries are one of the best sources of genealogical data. We are looking to create a database of older obits and death notices to share with visitors to this site. Generally we are not looking for anything published after 1930.

If you would like to submit an obituary for inclusion on, please type it into an email or some sort of word processing program and email it to us at the address listed to the right.

PLEASE make sure to include the following:

  • Source (newspaper or other, but please state so that information can be verified by others or understood to be not independently verifiable)
  • Country and State
  • Year, Month, Day in this format:   Year (4 digits) Month (3 characters) Day (1 or 2 digits)   For example:   "1893 Mar 15"
  • Surname and first name of deceased
  • Text of obituary including any siblings' names, dates, etc.
  • If this person is a part of your research and you want your email address to appear on the page, please state so.   In all other cases, no address will be included.