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USS Arizona Casualty List

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    WAGNER, Mearl James SC2c USN California
    WAINWRIGHT, Silas Alonzo PHM1c USN New York
    WAIT, Wayland Lemoyne S1c USN
    WALKER, Bill S1c USN Texas
    WALLACE, Houston Oliver WT1c USN Arkansas
    WALLACE, James Frank S1c USN Wisconsin
    WALLACE, Ralph Leroy F3c USN Oregon
    WALLENSTIEN, Richard Henry S1c USN
    WALTERS, Clarence Arthur S2c USN California
    WALTERS, William Spurgeon Jr. FC3c USN New Mexico
    WALTHER, Edward Alfred FC3c USN
    WALTON, Alva Dowding Y3c USN Utah
    WARD, Albert Lewis S1c USN Oklahoma
    WARD, William E. COX USN Illinois
    WATKINS, Lenvil Leo F2c USN Kentucky
    WATSON, William Lafayette F3c USN Florida
    WATTS, Sherman Maurice HA1c USN Arkansas
    WATTS, Victor Ed GM3c USN Texas
    WEAVER, Richard Walter S1c USN Nevada
    WEBB, Carl Edward PFC USMC
    WEBSTER, Harold Dwayne S2c USN Colorado
    WEEDEN, Carl Alfred ENS USN Colorado
    WEIDELL, William Peter S2c USN Minnesota
    WEIER, Bernard Arthur PVT USMC Illinois
    WELLER, Ludwig Fredrick CSKP USN California
    WELLS, Floyd Arthur RM2c USN
    WELLS, Harvey Anthony SF2c USN California
    WELLS, Raymond Virgil Jr. S1c USN Missouri
    WELLS, William Bennett S1c USN Missouri
    WEST, Broadus Franklin S1c USN South Carolina
    WEST, Webster Paul S1c USN Arkansas
    WESTCOTT, William Percy Jr. S1c USN Indiana
    WESTERFIELD, Ivan Ayers S1c USN California
    WESTIN, Donald Vern F3c USN Oregon
    WESTLUND, Fred Edwin BM2c USN California
    WHISLER, Gilbert Henry PFC USMC
    WHITAKER, John William Jr. S1c USN Louisiana
    WHITCOMB, Cecil Eugene EM3c USN Michigan
    WHITE, Charles William MUS2c USN
    WHITE, James Clifton F1c USN Texas
    WHITE, Vernon Russell S1c USN South Carolina
    WHITE, Volmer Dowin S1c USN Mississippi
    WHITEHEAD, Ulmont Irving Jr. ENS USN Connecticut
    WHITLOCK, Paul Morgan S2c USN Texas
    WHITSON, Ernest Hubert Jr. MUS2c USN California
    WHITT, William Byron GM3c USN Kentucky
    WHITTEMORE, Andrew Tiny MATT2c USN Tennessee
    WICK, Everett Morris FC3c USN Oregon
    WICKLUND, John Joseph S1c USN Minnesota
    WILCOX, Arnold Alfred QM2c USN Iowa
    WILL, Joseph William S2c USN Colorado
    WILLETTE, Laddie James S2c USN Michigan
    WILLIAMS, Adrian Delton S1c USN Louisiana
    WILLIAMS, Clyde Richard MUS2c USN Oklahoma
    WILLIAMS, George Washington S1c USN Virginia
    WILLIAMS, Jack Herman RM3c USNR South Carolina
    WILLIAMS, Laurence "A" ENS(AV) USNR Ohio
    WILLIAMSON, Randolph Jr. MATT2c USN
    WILLIAMSON, William Dean RM2c USNR California
    WILLIS, Robert Kenneth Jr. S1c USN Louisiana
    WILSON, Bernard Martin RM3c USNR New York
    WILSON, Comer A. CBMP USN Alabama
    WILSON, Hurschel Woodrow F2c USN Ohio
    WILSON, John James S1c USN California
    WILSON, Neil Mataweny CWO(MACH) USN California
    WILSON, Ray Milo RM3c USNR Iowa
    WIMBERLY, Paul Edwin GM3c USN Tennessee
    WINDISH, Robert James PVT USMC Missouri
    WINDLE, Robert England PFC USMC Illinois
    WINTER, Edward WO(MACH) USNR Washington
    WITTENBERG, Russell Duane PVT USMC
    WOJTKIEWICZ, Frank Peter CMMP USN California
    WOLF, George Alexanderson Jr. ENS USNR Pennsylvania
    WOOD, Harold Baker BM2c USN Colorado
    WOOD, Horace Van S1c USN Texas
    WOOD, Roy Eugene F1c USN Arizona
    WOODS, Vernon Wesley S1c USN Texas
    WOODS, William Anthony S2c USN New York
    WOODWARD, Ardenne Allen MM2c USN California
    WOODY, Harlan Fred S2c USN
    WOOLF, Norman Bragg CWTP USN Alabama
    WRIGHT, Edward Henry S2c USN Illinois
    WYCKOFF, Robert Leroy F1c USN New Jersey

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