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USS Arizona Casualty List

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    HAAS, Curtis Junior MUS2c USN Missouri
    HADEN, Samuel William COX USN Kansas
    HAFFNER, Floyd Bates F1c USN Illinois
    HAINES, Robert Wesley S2c USN California
    HALL, John Rudolph CBMP USN Arkansas
    HALLORAN, William Ignatius ENS USNR Ohio
    HAMEL, Don Edgar FLDMUS USMCR Illinois
    HAMILTON, Clarence James MM1c USN Washington
    HAMILTON, Edwin Carrell S1c USN
    HAMILTON, William Holman GM3c USN Oklahoma
    HAMMERUD, George Winston S1c USN North Dakota
    HAMPTON, "J" "D" F1c USN Kansas
    HAMPTON, Ted "W" Jr. S1c USN Oklahoma
    HAMPTON, Walter Lewis BM2c USN Pennsylvania
    HANNA, David Darling EM3c USN Texas
    HANSEN, Carlyle B. MM2c USN
    HANSEN, Harvey Ralph S1c USN Wisconsin
    HANZEL, Edward Joseph WT1c USN Michigan
    HARDIN, Charles Eugene S1c USN Missouri
    HARGRAVES, Kenneth William S2c USN Washington
    HARMON, William D. PFC USMC Oregon
    HARRINGTON, Keith Homer S1c USN Missouri
    HARRIS, George Ellsworth MM1c USN Illinois
    HARRIS, Hiram Dennis S1c USN Georgia
    HARRIS, James William F1c USN Michigan
    HARRIS, Noble Burnice COX USN Missouri
    HARRIS, Peter John COX USN Nebraska
    HARTLEY, Alvin GM3c USN Oklahoma
    HARTSOE, Max June GM3c USN Missouri
    HARTSON, Lonnie Moss SM3c USN Texas
    HASL, James Thomas F1c USN Nebraska
    HAVERFIELD, James Wallace ENS USNR Ohio
    HAVINS, Harvey Linfille S1c USN
    HAWKINS, Russell Dean SM3c USN Illinois
    HAYES, John Doran BM1c USN California
    HAYES, Kenneth Merle F1c USN California
    HAYNES, Curtis James QM2c USN Idaho
    HAYS, William Henry SK3c USN Kansas
    HAZDOVAC, Jack Claudius S1c USN California
    HEAD, Frank Bernard CYA USN California
    HEATER, Verrell Roy S1c USN Oregon
    HEATH, Alfred Grant S1c USN Wisconsin
    HEBEL, Robert Lee SM3c USNR Illinois
    HECKENDORN, Warren Guy S1c USN
    HEDGER, Jess Laxton S1c USN California
    HEDRICK, Paul Henry BM1c USN California
    HEELY, Leo Shinn S2c USN Colorado
    HEIDT, Edward Joseph F1c USN California
    HEIDT, Wesley John MM2c USN California
    HELM, Merritt Cameron ;S1c USN Minnesota
    HENDERSON, William Walter S2c USN
    HENDRICKSEN, Frank F2c USN Michigan
    HERRICK, Paul Edward PVT USMC Wisconsin
    HERRING, James Jumior SM3c USN Iowa
    HERRIOTT, Robert Asher Jr. S1c USN Texas
    HESS, Darrel Miller FC1c USN Utah
    HESSDORFER, Anthony Joseph MM2c USN Washington
    HIBBARD, Robert Arnold BKR2c USN
    HICKMAN, Arthur Lee SM3c USN
    HICKS, Elmer Orville GM3c USN Washington
    HICKS, Ralph Dueard PTR2c USNR Missouri
    HILL, Bartley Talor AOM3c USN California
    HILTON, Wilson Woodrow GM1c USN
    HINDMAN, Frank Weaver S1c USN Alabama
    HODGES, Garris Vada F2c USN Texas
    HOELSCHER, Lester John HA1c USN Nebraska
    HOLLAND, Claude Herbert Jr. S2c USN Alabama
    HOLLENBACH, Paul Zepp S1c USN New York
    HOLLIS, Ralph LTJG USNR California
    HOLLOWELL, George Sanford COX USN Arizona
    HOLMES, Lowell D. F3c USN Alabama
    HOLZWORTH, Walter MGYSGT USMC New Jersey
    HOMER, Henry Vernon S1c USN Michigan
    HOPE, Harold W. PVT USMC Illinois
    HOPKINS, Homer David S1c USN Michigan
    HORN, Melvin Freeland F3c USN Ohio
    HORRELL, Harvey Howard SM1c USN
    HORROCKS, James William CGMP USN Arizona
    HOSLER, John Emmet S1c USN Ohio
    HOUSE, Clem Raymond CWTP USN California
    HOUSEL, John James SK1c USN Missouri
    HOWARD, Elmo S1c USN Kentucky
    HOWARD, Rolan George GM3c USN Minnesota
    HOWE, Darrell Robert S2c USN Oregon
    HOWELL, Leroy COX USN Indiana
    HUBBARD, Haywood Jr. MATT2c USN Virginia
    HUDNALL, Robert Chilton PFC USMC Texas
    HUFF, Robert Glenn PVT USMC Texas
    HUFFMAN, Clyde Franklin F1c USN Ohio
    HUGHES, Bernard Thomas MUS2c USN Pennsylvania
    HUGHES, Lewis Burton Jr. S1c USN Alabama
    HUGHES, Marvin Austin PVT USMCR Texas
    HUGHEY, James Clynton S1c USN
    HUIE, Doyne Conley HA1c USN Missouri
    HULTMAN, Donald Standly PFC USMC Minnesota
    HUNTER, Robert Fredrick S1c USN Ohio
    HUNTINGTON, Henry Louis S2c USN California
    HURD, Willard Hardy MATT2c USN Tennessee
    HURLEY, Wendell Ray MUS2c USN Indiana
    HUVAL, Ivan Joseph S1c USN Louisiana
    HUX, Leslie Creade PFC USMC Louisiana
    HUYS, Arthur Albert S1c USN Indiana
    HYDE, William Hughes COX USN Missouri

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