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USS Arizona Casualty List

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    GAGER, Roy Arthur S2c USN Kansas
    GARGARO, Ernest Russell S2c USN
    GARLINGTON, Raymond Wesley S1c USN California
    GARRETT, Orville Wilmer SF2c USN Missouri
    GARTIN, Gerald Ernest S1c USN California
    GAUDETTE, William Frank S1c USN Washington
    GAULTNEY, Ralph Martin Em3c USN Illinois
    GAZECKI, Philip Robert ENS USNR Wisconsin
    GEBHARDT, Kenneth Edward S1c USN North Dakota
    GEER, Kenneth Floyd S2c USN California
    GEISE, Marvin Frederick S1c USN Wisconsin
    GEMIENHARDT, Samuel Henry Jr. MM2c USN Ohio
    GHOLSTON, Roscoe Y2c USN Texas
    GIBSON, Billy Edwin S1c USN West Virginia
    GIESEN, Karl Anthony Y2c USN Iowa
    GILL, Richard Eugene S1c USN Nevada
    GIOVENAZZO, Michael James WT2c USN Illinois
    GIVENS, Harold Reuben Y3c USN
    GOBBIN, Angelo SC1c USN California
    GOFF, Wiley Coy S2c USN Oklahoma
    GOMEZ, Edward Jr. S1c USN Colorado
    GOOD, Leland S2c USN Illinois
    GOODWIN, William Arthur S2c USN Colorado
    GORDON, Peter Charles Jr. F1c USN Colorado
    GOSSELIN, Edward Webb ENS USNR Illinois
    GOSSELIN, Joseph Adjutor RM1c USN Massachusetts
    GOULD, Harry Lee S1c USN Illinois
    GOVE, Rupert Clair S1c USN California
    GRANGER, Raymond Edward F3c USN Iowa
    GRANT, Lawrence Everett Y3c USN Missouri
    GRAY, Albert James S1c USN Washington
    GRAY, Lawrence Moore F1c USN Missouri
    GRAY, William James Jr. S1c USN California
    GREEN, Glen Hubert S1c USN Mississippi
    GREENFIELD, Carroll Gale S1c USN Oregon
    GRIFFIN, Lawrence J. PFC USMC Louisiana
    GRIFFIN, Reese Olin EM3c USN Texas
    GRIFFITHS, Robert Alfred EM3c USN California
    GRISSINGER, Robert Beryle S2c USN Illinois
    GROSNICKLE, Warren Wilbert EM2c USN Iowa
    GROSS, Milton Henry CSKA USN California
    GRUNDSTROM, Richard Gunner S2c USN Iowa
    GURLEY, Jesse Herbert SK3c USN Illinois

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