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USS Arizona Casualty List

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    PACE, Amos Paul BM1c USN California
    PARKES, Harry Edward BM1c USN California
    PAROLI, Peter John BKR3c USN California
    PATTERSON, Clarence Rankin PFC USMC
    PATTERSON, Harold Lemuel S1c USN Texas
    PATTERSON, Richard Jr. SF3c USN Connecticut
    PAULMAND, Hilery OS2c USN Phillipines
    PAVINI, Bruno S1c USN California
    PAWLOWSKI, Raymond Paul S1c USN New York
    PEARCE, Alonzo Jr. S1c USN
    PEARSON, Norman Cecil S2c USN California
    PEARSON, Robert Stanley F3c USN Montana
    PEAVEY, William Howard QM2c USN Iowa
    PECKHAM, Howard William F2c USN Missouri
    PEDROTTI, Francis James PVT USMC Missouri
    PEERY, Max Valdyne S2c USN California
    PELESCHAK, Michael S1c USN Alabama
    PELTIER, John Arthur EM3c USN Ohio
    PENTON, Howard Lee S1c USN Alabama
    PERKINS, George Ernest F1c USN Rhode Island
    PETERSON, Albert H. Jr. FC3c USN New Jersey
    PETERSON, Elroy Vernon FC2c USN California
    PETERSON, Hardy Wilbur FC3c USN Washington
    PETERSON, Roscoe Earl S2c USN California
    PETTIT, Charles Ross CRMP USN California
    PETYAK, John Joseph S1c USN Tennessee
    PHELPS, George Edward S1c USN New York
    PHILBIN, James Richard S1c USN Colorado
    PIASECKI, Alexander Louis CPL USMC
    PIKE, Harvey Lee EM3c USN Georgia
    PIKE, Lewis Jackson S1c USN Georgia
    PINKHAM, Albert Wesley S2c USN North Carolina
    PITCHER, Walter Giles GM1c USN California
    POOL, Elmer Leo S1c USN Indiana
    POOLE, Ralph Ernest S1c USN Ohio
    POST, Darrell Albert CMMA USN California
    POVESKO, George S1c USN Connecticut
    POWELL, Jack Speed PFC USMC California
    POWELL, Thomas George S1c USN Illinois
    POWER, Abner Franklin PVT USMC
    PRESSON, Wayne Harold S1c USN Ohio
    PRICE, Arland Earl RM2c USN Oregon
    PRITCHETT, Robert Leo Jr. S1c USN Louisiana
    PUCKETT, Edwin Lester SK3c USN Kentucky
    PUGH, John Jr. SF3c USN California
    PUTNAM, Avis Boyd SC3c USN Alabama
    PUZIO, Edward S1c USN Pennsylvania

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