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USS Arizona Casualty List

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    MADDOX, Raymond Dudley CEMP USN California
    MADRID, Arthur John S2c USN California
    MAFNAS, Francisco Reyes MATT2c USN Guam
    MAGEE, Gerald James SK3c USN New York
    MALECKI, Frank Edward CYP USN California
    MALINOWSKI, John Stanley SM3c USNR Michigan
    MALSON, Harry Lynn SK3c USN Indiana
    MANION, Edward Paul S2c USN Illinois
    MANLOVE, Arthur Cleon WO(ELEC) USN California
    MANN, William Edward GM3c USN Washington
    MANNING, Leroy S2c USN Kentucky
    MANSKE, Robert Francis Y2c USN Iowa
    MARINICH, Steve Matt COX USN Utah
    MARIS, Elwood Henry S1c USN
    MARLING, Joseph Henry S2c USN Montana
    MARLOW, Urban Herschel COX USN Missouri
    MARSH, Benjamin Raymond Jr. ENS USNR Michigan
    MARSH, William Arthur S1c USN
    MARSHALL, Thomas Donald S2c USN California
    MARTIN, Hugh Lee Y3c USN Utah
    MARTIN, James Albert BM1c USN Texas
    MARTIN, James Orrwell S2c USN California
    MARTIN, Luster Lee F3c USN Arkansas
    MASON, Byron Dalley S2c USN Idaho
    MASTEL, Clyde Harold S2c USN California
    MASTERS, Dayton Monroe GM3c USN Texas
    MASTERSON, Cleburne E. Carl PHM1c USN California
    MATHEIN, Harold Richard BMKR2c USN Illinois
    MATHISON, Charles Harris S1c USN Wisconsin
    MATNEY, Vernon Merferd F1c USN Wisconsin
    MATTOX, James Durant AM3c USN Florida
    MAY, Louis Eugene SC2c USN Kansas
    MAYBEE, George Frederick RM2c USNR California
    MAYFIELD, Lester Ellsworth F1c USN Colorado
    MAYO, Rex Haywood EM2c USN Florida
    McCARRENS, James Francis CPL USMC Illinois
    McCARY, William Moore S2c USN Alabama
    McCLAFFERTY, John Charles BM2c USN Ohio
    McCLUNG, Harvey Manford ENS USNR Pennsylvania
    McFADDIN, Lawrence James Y2c USN California
    McGLASSON, Joe Otis GM3c USN Illinois
    McGRADY, Samme Willie Genes MATT1c USN Alabama
    McGUIRE, Francis Raymond SK2c USN Michigan
    McHUGHES, John Breckenridge CWTA USN Washington
    McINTOSH, Harry George S1c USN Virginia
    McKINNIE, Russell MATT2c USN
    McKOSKY, Michael Martin S1c USN Oklahoma
    McPHERSON, John Blair S1c USN Tennessee
    MEANS, Louis MATT1c USN Texas
    MEARES, John Morgan S2c USN South Carolina
    MENEFEE, James Austin S1c USN Mississippi
    MENO, Vicente Gogue MATT2c USN
    MENZENSKI, Stanley Paul COX USN
    MERRILL, Howard Deal ENS USN Utah
    MILES, Oscar Wright S1c USN Arkansas
    MILLER, Chester John F2c USN Michigan
    MILLER, Doyle Allen COX USN Arkansas
    MILLER, Forrest Newton CEMP USN California
    MILLER, George Stanley S1c USN Ohio
    MILLER, Jessie Zimmer S1c USN Ohio
    MILLER, John David S1c USN
    MILLER, William Oscar SM3c USN Illinois
    MILLIGAN, Weldon Hawvey S1c USN Texas
    MIMS, Robert Lang S1c USN Georgia
    MINEAR, Richard J. Jr. PFC USMC
    MLINAR, Joseph COX USN Pennsylvania
    MOLPUS, Richard Preston CMSMTHP USN California
    MONROE, Donald MATT2c USN Missouri
    MONTGOMERY, Robert E. S2c USN California
    MOODY, Robert Edward S1c USN Mississippi
    MOORE, Douglas Carlton S1c USN South Carolina
    MOORE, Fred Kenneth S1c USN Texas
    MOORE, James Carlton SF3c USN South Carolina
    MOORHOUSE, William Starks MUS2c USN Kansas
    MOORMAN, Russell Lee S2c USN California
    MORGAN, Wayne S1c USN California
    MORGAREIDGE, James Orries F2c USN Wyoming
    MORLEY, Eugene Elvis F2c USN Illinois
    MORRIS, Owen Newton S1c USN Alabama
    MORRISON, Earl Leroy S1c USN Montana
    MORSE, Edward Charles S2c USN Michigan
    MORSE, Francis Jerome BM1c USN California
    MORSE, George Robert S2c USN Montana
    MORSE, Norman Roi WT2c USN Virginia
    MOSS, Tommy Lee MATT2c USN Kentucky
    MOSTEK, Francis Clayton PFC USMC Idaho
    MOULTON, Gordon Eddy F1c USN California
    MUNCY, Claude MM2c USN California
    MURDOCK, Charles Luther WT1c USN Alabama
    MURDOCK, Melvin Elijah WT2c USN Alabama
    MURPHY, James Joseph S1c USN Arizona
    MURPHY, James Palmer F3c USN Ohio
    MURPHY, Jessie Huell S1c USN Louisiana
    MURPHY, Thomas J. Jr. SK1c USN Virginia
    MYERS, James Gernie SK1c USN Missouri

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