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USS Arizona Casualty List

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    CABAY, Louis Clarence S1c USN Illinois
    CADE, Richard Esh S2c USN Washington
    CALDWELL, Charles Jr. F3c USN Missouri
    CALLAGHAN, James Thomas BM2c USN Colorado
    CAMDEN, Raymond Edward S2c USN Oklahoma
    CAMM, William Fielden Y2c USN Arkansas
    CAMPA, Ralph S1c USN California
    CAMPBELL, Burdette Charles S1c USN California
    CAPLINGER, Donald William SC3c USN Ohio
    CAREY, Francis Lloyd SK3c USN New York
    CARLISLE, Robert Wayne S1c USNR Texas
    CARLSON, Harry Ludwig SK3c USN Connecticut
    CARMACK, Harold Milton F2c USN Colorado
    CARPENTER, Robert Nelson MATT1c USN Virginia
    CARROLL, Robert Lewis S1c USN
    CARTER, Burton Lowell S2c USN California
    CARTER, Paxton Turner WO(PYCLK) USN California
    CASEY, James Warren S1c USN
    CASILAN, Epifanio Miranda OS3c USN New York
    CASKEY, Clarence Merton S1c USN Washington
    CASTLEBERRY, Claude W. Jr. S1c USN Texas
    CATSOS, George F1c USN California
    CHACE, Raymond Vincent CSKP USN California
    CHADWICK, Charles Bruce MM2c USN Mississippi
    CHADWICK, Harold MATT1c USN California
    CHANDLER, Donald Ross PVT USMC Alabama
    CHAPMAN, Naaman N. S1c USN Nebraska
    CHARLTON, Charles Nicholas WT1c USNR California
    CHERNUCHA, Harry Gregory MUS2c USN New York
    CHESTER, Edward S1c USN Kansas
    CHRISTENSEN, Elmer Emil MM2c USN Wyoming
    CHRISTENSEN, Lloyd Raymond F1c USN Nebraska
    CHRISTIANSEN, Edward Lee BKR3c USN Wyoming
    CIHLAR, Lawrence John PHM3c USN Minnesota
    CLARK, George Francis GM3c USN Illinois
    CLARK, John Crawford Todd F3c USN California
    CLARK, Malcolm BKR3c USN Louisiana
    CLARK, Robert William Jr. FC3c USN Pennsylvania
    CLARKE, Robert Eugene S1c USN Kansas
    CLASH, Donald F2c USN Michigan
    CLAYTON, Robert Roland COX USN Missouri
    CLEMMENS, Claude Albert S1c USN Oklahoma
    CLIFT, Ray Emerson COX USN Missouri
    CLOUES, Edward Blanchard ENS USN New Hampshire
    CLOUGH, Edward Hay GM1c USN Nebraska
    COBB, Ballard Burgher S1c USN Texas
    COBURN, Walter Overton S1c USN Oklahoma
    COCKRUM, Kenneth Earl MM1c USN Indiana
    COFFIN, Robert SF3c USN Washington
    COFFMAN, Marshall Herman GMec USN Indiana
    COLE, Charles Warren SGT USMC Washington
    COLE, David Lester ENS USNR California
    COLEGROVE, Willett S. Jr. S2c USN Washington
    COLLIER, John F2c USN Oregon
    COLLIER, Linald Long Jr. BKR3c USN Texas
    COLLINS, Austin SF3c USN
    COLLINS, Billy Murl S1c USN California
    CONLIN, Bernard Eugene S2c USN Illinois
    CONLIN, James Leo F2c USN Illinois
    CONNELLY, Richard Earl CQMA USN California
    CONRAD, Homer Milton Jr. S1c USN Ohio
    CONRAD, Robert Frank S2c USN California
    CONRAD, Walter Ralph QM2c USN
    COOPER, Clarence Eugene F2c USN
    COOPER, Kenneth Erven F2c USN
    CORCORAN, Gerard John S1c USN New York
    COREY, Ernest Eugene PHM3c USN Washington
    CORNING, Russell Dale RM3c USN
    COULTER, Arthur Lee S1c USN Oklahoma
    COWAN, William COX USN Missouri
    COWDEN, Joel Beman S2c USN Oregon
    COX, Gerald Blinton MUS2c USN Illinois
    COX, William Milford S1c USN Kentucky
    CRAFT, Harley Wade CM3c USN Oregon
    CRAWLEY, Wallace Dewight COX USN Indiana
    CREMEENS, Louis Edward S1c USN Arizona
    CRISCUOLO, Michael Y2c USN California
    CRISWELL, Wilfred John S1c USN Indiana
    CROWE, Cecil Thomas GM2c USN Kentucky
    CROWLEY, Thomas Ewing LCDR(DC) USN California
    CURRY, William Joseph WT2c USN Oregon
    CURTIS, Lloyd B. S1c USN Missouri
    CURTIS, Lyle Carl RM2c USN Wisconsin
    CYBULSKI, Harold Bernard S1c USN
    CYCHOSZ, Francis Anton S1c USN Michigan
    CZARNECKI, Stanley F1c USN Michigan
    CZEKAJSKI, Theophil SM3c USNR Michigan

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