Welcome Home 26th ("Yankee") Division

We have scanned the publication, "Welcome Home" In Commemoration of the Foreign Service and Home-Coming of the 26th Division, Official Programme and indexed it for your search.   This publication was prepared and published by the Committee of Welcome appointed by the Governor of Massachusetts and the Mayor of Boston as a book of salutation to the Twenty-Sixth ("Yankee") Division of the American Expeditionary Forces.   This publication includes editorial summarizing formation and organization, and service during the war.   It includes citations and a necrology (list of those who paid the ultimate sacrifice).

This history, shorter than other similar works, still contains an invaluable historical and genealogical resource.   We believe this work and those like it provide an excellent resource for family historians to understand an important part of our ancestors' lives as they took part in the largest human event of its kind in history.   As with all such works, we strongly suggest that you do not view a particular person's inclusion or exclusion in this record as dispositive.   In order to be certain of all relevant facts, you must consult primary records such as death certificates, official government recoords, etc.

We have scanned the pages of the original document and chopped some very large pages into smaller ones in order to make these images more usable.   Please refer to the index page and click on pages which correspond to those of interest to you.   We hope you find this resource useful but please let us know if you have any difficulty.

Page NumberDescription / Surnames (where appropriate)
FrontCoverFront Cover
001Title Page
002Governors of the New England States (Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut)
003Plaque in Allegiance and Gratitude
004Portraits of 26th Division Commanders / Hale, Edwards, Bamford
005Organization and Movement Overseas
Units, Commanders and Composition / Wolcott
006Units, Commanders and Composition / Logan, Isbell, Hume, Hayes, Sherburne, Locke, Smith, Howard, Perrins, Gatchell, Greene, Bunnell, Chase, Sweetser, Keville, Arnold, Waller
Commander Major-General Clarence R. Edwards' staff / Hyatt, Simpkins, Shelton, Maybach, Simonds, Hobbs, Beacham, Bevans, Dowell
007Commander Major-General Clarence R. Edwards' staff / Phillips, Chase, Lassiter, Bunnell
Portraits of Brigadier-Generals Glassford, Sherburne, Shelton, and Lassiter
008Commander Major-General Clarence R. Edwards' staff / Traub, Cole, Lassiter
Editorial about organization and training period
009Organization and training period cont'
Portraits of Brigadier-Generals Cole, Traub, Aultman, and Durfee
010"Chemin Des Dames," troops move into the front lines
011In La Reine (Boucq) Sector
012In La Reine (Boucq) Sector cont'
013In La Reine (Boucq) Sector cont'
The Aisne-Marne (Chateau Thierry) Offensive
014The Aisne-Marne (Chateau Thierry) Offensive cont'
015The Aisne-Marne (Chateau Thierry) Offensive cont'
Rest Area
016St. Mihiel Offensive
017The Meuse-Argonne Offensive
018The Meuse-Argonne Offensive cont'
019The Meuse-Argonne Offensive cont'
020The Meuse-Argonne Offensive cont'
021The Meuse-Argonne Offensive cont'
022Division Statistics anfd Information
023Poem: "New England's Own"
024War Map
025Key to War Map
026Parade Order of March
027Parade Order of March cont'
028Helmet Insignia of the 26th Division
Pages 029 - 033
excl 30,32
Officers and men receiving Citations
030various photographs
032various photographs
Pages 035 - 071
excl 47,51,70
Officers and men cited for praise
047photo - Officers of 101st Infantry who took part in raid of Feb 23, 1918
051photo - Officers being decorated at Mononcourt, June 11, 1918
070Commanding Officers by unit / Edwards, Hale, Bamford, Traub, Shelton, Durfee, Cole, Shelton, Logan, Hobbs, Isbell, Parker, Hobbs, Bearss, Potts, Hume, Dowell, Arnold, Hayes, Shelton, Foote, Hobbs, Major, McCaskey, Cheatham, Howard, Bulkeley, Myers, Westbrook, Perrins, Gallup, Murphy, Carpenter, Sanborn, Gatchell, Ashworth, Bowen, Lassiter, Aultman, Farr, Glassford, Sherburne, Sherburne, Bishop, Goodwin, Locke, Mack, Herbert, Smith, Glassford, twatchman, Greene, Walsh, Bunnell, Chase, Albright, Walmsley, Evans, Smith, Crafts, Sweetser, Dee, Arnold, Baker, Wheelock, Keville, Waterman, Denton, Jones, Waller
Pages 072 - 092
excl. 76
076Photograph, "French Mothers Paying their Respects to Fallen Yankees on Memorial Day"
093Poem "Secure from Change" by James Russell Lowell
094Ad for Liberty Loan
BackCoverBack Cover / Decorations Awarded to Soldiers of the United States