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The following is the complete contents of the publication entitled:

Kingsbury County, South Dakota in the World War
Published 1920 by Buckbee - Mears Company, St. Paul, Minn.

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Page #Description / Surnames
Page 3Dedication
Page 11In Memoriam
Page 12Poem: "In Flanders Fields"
Page 13Foreword
Page 14Photo: First Sign of America in France
Page 15Foreword, page 2
Page 17Honor Roll / Burke, Neu, Casper, Lamont, Becker, Curry, Moody, Trenary, Casper, Nelson, Moore, Roberts, Anderson, McGarvie, Heggelund, Ransdahl, Nelson, Kruse, Williams
Page 18   Portraits

Page 19   Discussion

Neu, Casper, Lamont, Becker, Curry, Moody, Trenary, Casper, Williams, Moore, Roberts, Anderson
Page 20   Portraits

Page 21   Discussion

McGarvie, Heggelund, Romsdahl, Nelson, Kruse, Atkinson, Nelson, Becher
Page 22Kingsbury County Nurses / Miss Loretta H.Armstrong, Miss Antoinette Wallace
Page 23Germans Burn Out Eyes of Wounded Prisoner / Corporal Edward M. Roberts
Page 24American Rovers of the Sky
Page 25Photo "The Human U. S. Shield
Page 26   Portraits

Page 27   Discussion

Olston, Levitt, Malin, Scafield, Fish, Cook, Reed, Martin, Johnson, Wing
Page 28   Portraits

Page 29   Discussion

Williams, Trenary, Fleming, Hoberg, Schrader, Starr, Johnson, Moen, Sorenson, Hetland, Trenary, Maxam, Ludwickson, Nohm, Noem, Dahl, Ludwickson, Plowman, Plowman, Marek, Trousdale, Marek, Johnson, Sorenson, Williams, Schrader, Lindstrom, Hetland, Sarestad, Stephenson
Page 30   Portraits

Page 31   Discussion

Maxwell, Coy, Hook, Nelson, Stonor, Osborn, Royer, Satter, Anderson, Royer, Grammis, Huffman, Phelps, Morrifield, Unger, Dickey, Brown, Grannis, Satter, Unger, Stephenson, Weiderman, Bolan, Austin, Emery, Waldron, Stanfield, Wolfgloam, Hendrickson
Page 32   Portraits

Page 33   Discussion

Wheeler, Merrifield, Olson, Harvey, Ramsdahl, Richardson, Baker, Burcham, Stark, Ackerman, Hoey, Callanan, Jack, Wheeler, Wilder, Olson, Berg, Miller, Johnson, Richardson, Flanders, Williams, Fidje, Lieske, Merrifield, Gazeley, Salley, Anderson, Carlson
Page 34   Portraits

Page 35   Discussion

Barstow, Bishop, Larson, McCord, Knutson, Conlson, Nelson, Johansen, Hodges, Brown, Johnson, Drydahl, Baker, Phinney, Kochne, Baker, Sorenson, Jorgenson, Aorenson, Koehue, Jorgensen, Kinyon, Wohllmetter, Lundquist, Ladeger, Wohlnetter, Richardson, Johnson, Barber, Ludwickson
Page 36   Portraits

Page 37   Discussion

Botsford, Barber, Kourkoulas, Boorman, Killeen, Krumveida, Wilmart, Kreacht, Peterson, Dodge, Lewis, Noah, Larson, Mitchell, Torgerson, Torrence, Murphy, Jorgenson, Murphy, Haley, Henney, Reidel, Tisdale, Peterson, Caughin, Sherr, Riedle, Peterson, Randall
Page 38   Portraits

Page 39   Discussion

Stephens, Casperson, Rieck, Casperson, Brown, Sommersand, Bulin, Preston, Jenson, Poage, Lawson, Sergeant, Quinn, Marquard, Moore, Neilson, Hansen, Oanes, Meyer, Nelson, McMartin, Sergeant, Peterson, Newburger, Martin, Stangland, Farness, Christman, Noem
Page 40   Portraits

Page 41   Discussion

Kearny, Murphy, Iverson, Larson, Plowman, Borah, Burus, Fleischman, Nelson, Duffy, Matson, Raabe, Brown, Forsburg, Pratt, O'Hara, McArdaragh, Rusche, Dirksen, Plowman, Wooden, Moseson, Gustafson, Steenson, Dvorak, Forsburg, Johnson, Fleischman
Page 42   Portraits

Page 43   Discussion

Hoyt, Allen, Apland, Clay, Christenson, Lohner, Bjorkman, Roberts, Falconer, Reynolds, Gustafson, Moseson, Rousar, Nelson, Falconer, Cavanaugh, Turnquist, Maxvold, Nelson, Peterson, Sneesley, Kunert, Lee, Apland, Larson, Huffman, Marx, English, Stephens
Page 44   Portraits

Page 45   Discussion

Cooledge, Toland, Miller, Townsend, Shearer, Geyer, Harmon, Myers, Holverson, Wilde, Chandler, Stenke, Brown, Olson, Brown, Hinz, Barnard, Woodbury, Hammond, May, Gilbert, Wade, Gehm, Murphy, Engberg, Romsdahl, Svarvari, Romsdahl
Page 46   Portraits

Page 47   Discussion

Gilbertson, Bickolls, Stone, Nelson, Lager, Costello, Nelson, Olson, Keating, Jeffrs, Costello, Colby, Bos, Nelson, Grotta, Nelson, Anderson, Battike, Dentinger, Geothe, Nelson, Paulson, Nelson, Carlson, Brose, Christensen, Sorenson, Houske, Breeden, Strub
Page 48   Portraits

Page 49   Discussion

Bolan, Dirkeen, Houske, Colby, Kruse, Dirksen, Olson, Hawkins, Williams, Jensen, Nelson, Kololivey, Reedy, Costello, Pester, Gusler, Gullickson, Houske, Peterson, Barnett, Larson, Costello, Birgholtz, Satter, Nelson, Bender, Noah, White, Sprang
Page 50   Portraits

Page 51   Discussion

Smith, Leis, Setbacken, Stolpe, Jordan, Doyle, Treacy, Green, Myers, Nelson, McCaskell, Burns, Anderson, Nelson, Hoffman, Jones, Johnson, Griffith, Kazmerzak, Kanstruck, Phelps, Lundquist, Duesterback, Larson, Nelson, Kvinge, Dodges, Goeseth, Johnson
Page 52   Portraits

Page 53   Discussion

Myers, Vanhook, Christensen, Jensch, Callesen, Anderson, Tuttle, White, Caliesen, Roler, Johnson, Steensgard, Van Hook, Perry, Anderson, Nelson, Anderson, Blucher, Nelson, Flanders, Carmon, Nelson, Beese, Jensen, Kjelsen, Marion, Damm, Smith, Kjellsen, Phelps
Page 54   Portraits

Page 55   Discussion

McGarvie, Phelps, Halverson, Clendening, Ovesen, Sorenson, Nelson, Lewis, Kuehn, Anderson, Goughlin, Uzel, Houske, Olson, Roush, Gustafson, Larson, Miller, Nelson, Breeden, Uzel, Gardner, Coughlin, Uzel, Bender, Ritter, Corey, Keller, Woundsbech, Larson
Page 56   Portraits

Page 57   Discussion

Hartl, Stoner, Nickerson, Hoberg, Lundin, Endersby, Thorsness, Wachtmann, Weiss, Anderson, Knight, Kaye, Bennett, Johnson, Kruger, Skillestad, La Fleur, Kracht, Hauck, Anderson, Cole, Olson, Ikast, Boyd, Baker, Uzel, Needham, Chase, Baldridge, Kinyon
Page 58   Portraits

Page 59   Discussion

West, Aaron, Kildee, Steffensen, Lundquist, Nelson, Osbeck, Melstad, Sinding, Swenson, Needham, Miller, Larson, Paterson, Baker, Werner, Newstrom, Royer, Raasch, Royer, Sherwood, Keating, Hamilton, Colby, Moar
Page 60   Portraits

Page 61   Discussion

Odegard, Martin, Warner, Kopperud, O'Connor, Jensen, Nickolls, Loriks, Dyar
Page 62Photo
Page 63Narrative: The Liberty Loan
Page 64Narrative: The Liberty Loan, page 2
Page 65Narrative: The Liberty Loan, page 3
Page 66Narrative: The Liberty Loan, page 4
Page 67War Savings Stamps
Page 68Kingsbury County Women in the War
Page 69Kingsbury County Women in the War, page 2
Page 70United War Work Campaign
Page 71Four Minute Men
Page 72The Fuel Administration
Page 73Work of the Red Cross
Page 74Work of the Red Cross, page 2
Page 75Work of the Red Cross, page 3
Page 76Work of the Red Cross, page 4
Page 77Work of the Red Cross, page 5
Page 78Work of the Red Cross, page 6
Page 79Work of the Draft Board
Page 80Work of the Draft Board, page 2
Page 81Work of the Draft Board, page 3
Page 82Photograph, "The Living Uncle Sam"
Page 83Index of persons by page number - Aaron ... Dirksen
Page 84Index of persons by page number - Dirksen .. Kinjon
Page 85Index of persons by page number - Kinyon .. Nelson
Page 86Index of persons by page number - Nelson .. Stanfield
Page 87Index of persons by page number - Stangland .. end
Page 88Blank
Page 89An Illustrated Review of the World War, cover page
Page 90An Illustrated Review of the World War, page 1
Page 91An Illustrated Review of the World War, page 2
Page 92An Illustrated Review of the World War, page 3
Page 93An Illustrated Review of the World War, page 4
Page 94An Illustrated Review of the World War, page 5
Page 95An Illustrated Review of the World War, page 6
Page 96An Illustrated Review of the World War, page 7
Page 97An Illustrated Review of the World War, page 8
Page 98An Illustrated Review of the World War, page 9
Page 99An Illustrated Review of the World War, page 10
Page 100An Illustrated Review of the World War, page 11
Page 101An Illustrated Review of the World War, page 12
Page 102An Illustrated Review of the World War, page 13
Page 103An Illustrated Review of the World War, page 14
Page 104An Illustrated Review of the World War, page 15

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