Bedford, Mass. in the World War

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Bedford, Mass. in the World War

An Account of the Citizens of the Town of Bedford Military and Civilian in the Great War with Germany 1917 - 1919


We have acquired and scanned a copy of a publication which was included as an addendum to the Annual reports on the Officers of the Town of Beford for the Financial Year ending December 31, 1927. This addendum consists chiefly of the stories of townsmen who fought in the war. We hope you find this information of value either as an historical account or for genealogical purposes. To start, simply locate a page of interest and click on the page number.

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Page #Contents
1Title Page
5Stanley Thomas Anthony
6Hugh I. Hunt; William Walter Hamilton
7William Walter Hamilton cont'; Alexander Robert Anthony; Lionel Reginald Anthony
8Lionel Reginald Anthony cont'; Vernon Richard Anthony; Abigail Bacon
9Abigail Bacon cont'
10Rev. Hurley Begun
11Albert Bierenbroodspot, Andrew Cornelius Bierenbroodspot
12Andrew Cornelius Bierenbroodspot cont'; Howard Drown Brawn
13Charles Elmer Brock
14Thomas Butler; Roland H. Brown
15Franklin Harwood Canlett
16Arthur Everett Carson; Hermann Emil Christiansen; William James Crier
17Frank Bellows Davis
18Howard F. Davis
19Howard F. Davis cont'
20Clifford Louis Day
21William J. Durkin
22Michael Lawrence English, John Stephen Fanning
23Basil Edward Fletcher; Harold Elmer Foster, MD
24Milton Currant Ford; Benjamin Charles Freeman
25Nicholas Genetti; Edward Loren Goulding; Numon P. Hanson
26Arthur Holden Hayden; William Richardson Hayden
27Gunnar Hemmingson
28Edward Amos Hunnewell
29William James Hunt; Henry Clare Isnor
30Henry Clare Isnor cont'
31William Jackson; David Theodore Keay; Francis Joseph Kelley
32Francis Joseph Kelley cont'
33Henrick Hans Johan Larsen; Hubert H. Loomis
34Hubert H. Loomis cont'
35Ralph Loomis
36Samuel Loomis; William F. Loomis
37Francis Colin MacDonald
38Francis Colin MacDonald cont'
39Francis Colin MacDonald cont'
40Francis Colin MacDonald cont'
41Francis Colin MacDonald cont'
42Francis Colin MacDonald cont'
43Francis Colin MacDonald cont'
44Francis Colin MacDonald cont'
45Walter Francis Manning
46Johanna Elizabeth McMahan; Martin Francis McMahan
47Philip Edward McMahan; Edward Joseph O'Dowd
48Bedford's Honor Roll - names of all from Bedford who served
49Photograph of the monument erected in town
50Photographs of Stanley T. Anthony, Hugh I. Hunt, Wm. Walter Hamilton, all killed in action
51Photographs of Clifford L. Day, jr., Rev. Frank W. Thompson, Rev. Arthur Stanley Wheelock, Franklin H. Canlett, jr., William A. Wilkins
52Photographs of Arthur Carson, William Jackson, William Hunt, N. Peter Hanson, Philip S. O'Dowd
53Photographs of William Heyden, Francis Kelley, Martin McMahan, Arthur Hayden, Frederick Sullivan
54Photograph of The Loomis's: Samuel, William F., Henry S., Hubert H., Ralph L.
55Photographs of Edward A. Hunnewell, Nicholo Silverstone, Abigail Bacon, John Walsh, jr., John Stephen Fanning
56Photographs of Edward J. O'Dowd, Stephen E. Tackney, Albert Bierenbroodspott, Frank B. Davis, William J. Durkin
57Photographs of Charles E. Brock, James J. Walsh, Albert Bierenbroodspott, Howard F. Davis, George H. Peterson
58Photographs of Gunnar Hemmingson, William J. Crier, Andrew Bierenbroodspott, Fred A. Proctor, Harold Willson
59Photograph of H. H. Loomis, R. L. Loomis, Albert Bierenbroodspott, Francis Kelley, Gunnar Hemmington, Lionel Anthony, Harold Kimball
60The Boulder, Flag-Pole and Flag
61Letter to Mr. William J. Hamilton, father of Gy. Sgt. William W. Hamilton, KIA
62Letter to Mr. William J. Hamilton, father of Gy. Sgt. William W. Hamilton, KIA
63Letter to Mr. William J. Hamilton, father of Gy. Sgt. William W. Hamilton, KIA
64Photo of Tablet erected at Gibraltar in memory of the officers and men of the U.S.S. Chauncey
65Unveiling of the tablet at Gibraltar
66Unveiling of the tablet at Gibraltar cont'
67Philip Stephen O'Dowd
68Frederic Parker, sr., Henry McB. Parker
69John Stanley Parker; W. A. Parker; George Henry Peterson
70George Henry Peterson cont'
71George Henry Peterson cont'
72George Henry Peterson cont'
73J. H. Philbin; Fred A. Proctor
74Paul Rhoderick Raymond; John Harold Riese
75John Harold Riese cont'
76John Harold Riese cont'
77Nicholo Silverston; Peter Snyer
78Frederick H. Sullivan
79Frederick H. Sullivan cont'
80Rev. Frank William Thompson; Stephen Tackney; James J. Walsh
81John Walsh, jr.
82Rev. Arthur Stanley Wheelock; William Albert Wilkins
83Harold Edward Willson
84Harold Edward Willson cont'
85Synopsis of Events
86Synopsis of Events
87Synopsis of Events
88Report of Bedford Branch American Red Cross
89Report of Bedford Branch American Red Cross
90Report of Bedford Branch American Red Cross
91Report of Bedford Branch American Red Cross
92Second Red Cross Drive
93Report of work as compiled by Mrs. Blinn
94Home Service
95Home Service
96Home Service
97Home Service
98Home Service
99Bedford's Armistice Day
100Return of Soldiers and their welcome
101Charter members of American Legion and Auxiliary
102The First Bedford Honor Roll
103History of Bedford's War Memorial
104History of Bedford's War Memorial
105The flag pole and flag
106The spot light

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