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The following is the complete contents of the publication entitled:

Menard County Honor Book
An Honorary Roll of Those Who Took Part In the World War in Behalf of the Citizens of Menard County
Petersburg, Athens, Greenview, Tallula, Cantrall, Oakford, Atterbury, Fancy, Prairie, Tice, Sweetwater in Illinois

Clicking on page numbers will take you to scanned images of the original publication. These pages are large files because they generally include a photographs of the Honorees. Please be patient and allow them to load but let us know if you have a problem with a particular page. Also please note that this publication was not in great condition and most of the images on the original pages are no more clear than the images presented on this web site.

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Page #Description / Names - Surnames
Page 2Foreword and General Commentary
Page 3Lincoln's Gettysburg Speech
Page 4Pvt William McKinley Adams; Pvt Harry Otis Adams; Pvt Lee Adams; Pvt Clarence L. Atterberry; Corporal Lyman Lacey Atterberry
Page 5Pvt Homer B. Arnold; Pvt James Otis Arnold; Pvt George Allen; Pvt Guy C. Armstrong; Pvt Fred Wm. Albrecht
Page 6Pvt John Lemuel Anderson; William Allen; Earl Allen, USN; Pvt Samuel A. Anderson; James Sylvester Armstrong
Page 7Hardin Masters Atterberry, USN; Pvt Carl John Ackerman; Robert S. Armstrong, USN; Pvt Isaac Newton Biggs
Page 8Loren Leonard Bast; Pvt Wm. Jennings Bryan; Pvt Jake Lynn Bast, USN; Pvt Walter W. Bast; Pvt Adam Wakefield
Page 9Pvt Carl Curt Bast; Pvt Lewis Behrens; Pvt Frank H. Behrens; Bugler Harry Busch; Pvt August E. Busch
Page 10Sgt Thomas B. Buckley; Capt. O. P. Brittin; Pvt A. J. Bradac; Lawrence F. Bradac, USN; Sgt Frank James Bennett
Page 11Pvt Chas. Lewis Burns; Pvt Robert Alvin Burns; Corp William J. Bailey; Pvt Walter Burkowski; Pvt Joseph Frank Briescke
Page 12Pvt William J. Boesdorfer; Pvt Herman Boesdorfer; Marshall Arthur Beard, USN; Pvt Willis Andrew Beard; Leslie Beard
Page 13Claude Beauchamp; Pvt Frank Bless; Pvt Tony Burnett; Pvt Garrett D. Baker; Corp Lloyd Leslie Brass
Page 14Wagoner W. T. Beckman; Pvt Harry G. Boske; Pvt Alonzo Orville Barnett; Sgt Charles Homer Boles; Sgt Homer Balc
Page 15Loyal E. Bonnett, USN; Pvt Walter Christian Boeker; Maj Edward Lanning Batterton; Abram Erwin Becker, USN; Pvt Elva Everett Blane
Page 16Pvt August C. Barnick, Jr.; Pvt Arthur Roscoe Benson; Pvt Rainey Harold Benson; Pvt Russell Milton Bitner; Pvt Claude Channing Bitner
Page 17Pvt George Otto Boesdorfer; Arthur Rudolph Brunsman; John Harvey Bunch, USN; Robert Momeyer Bishop; Lt Julian Hale Boyd
Page 18Pvt William Frederick Balster; Pvt Garrett Henry Balster; Pvt O. Belton; Stanley Belians; Pvt James Merritt Bast
Page 19Pvt Daniel Louis Callahan; Pvt Chas. Emmett Cox; Pvt Edward F. Claussen; Corp Milan Allen Casey; Leo Joseph Cronan
Page 20Pvt Ryal Woodford Caswell; Sgt Harry Crawford; Pvt Leroy Conkey; Pvt Henry A. Chesser; Sgt Gilbert Earl Cornelius
Page 21Lt Chaplain John Joseph Conolley; Sgt Edward Shipp Correia; Lt John J. Cobb; Lt Orin Harry Crossland; Capt Chester Arthur Conyers
Page 22Pvt Robert Colby; Corp Edward J. Coady; Pvt Lester Tracey Curry; Pvt Victor Carson Curry; Pvt James Cisco
Page 23Pvt William Wright Cisco, USN; Roy Twombley Carman, USA; Pvt Thomas Edward Courtwright; Pvt Julian T. Clayton
Page 24Pvt Everett Cooper; Pvt Denny Cooper; Pvt Andy Joseph Clark; Corp Fred Elsworth Clark; Sgt Herbert Houghton Cheaney
Page 25Pvt Harold Ayers Cheaney; Tot Cardiff, USN; Pvt Louis Parker Cardiff; Pvt G. B. Cardiff; Allen Whitney Cantrall, USN
Page 26Pvt Paul Graham Cantrall; Pvt Roy Irwin Cantrall; Myron Mathew Cantrall; Pvt Ross Cantrall; Corp Thomas Lee Cantrall
Page 27Pvt Leo Claypool; Pvt W. T. Clary; Pvt Gibson Carter; Pvt James D. Carman; Pvt William Earl Conroy
Page 28Paul Adair Clayton, USN; Corp Albert Culver; Corp Raymond Custer; Pvt Walter Allen Culver; Sgt Roy Layman Campbell
Page 29Pvt Isaac Carter; Robert Lee Convey; Pvt Catvin Arthur Cummings; Top-Sergeant Thomas Loyal; Pvt Henry James Crowder
Page 30Lt Horace Leslie Campbell; Earl McKinley Cline, USN; James Benton Carman, USN; George Courwright
Page 31Lt John Nelson Campbell; Pvt Roy J. Collins; John Martino Correia, USN; Pvt Joseph Courtwright
Page 32Pvt R. J. Doom; Pvt Granville Chase DuBois; Sgt Claud Deckard; Cecil M. Devault, USN; Pvt Howard T. Daniel
Page 33Sgt Fred R. Davis; Corp Otto Geo. Deverman; Pvt Cleon Winfred Dallmann; Sgt Eugene Robert Degge; Pvt Clyde Chas. Dowell
Page 34Corp Clarence Dixon; Pvt Percy Davis; James S. D. Ray; Pvt August Dixon; Pvt Eugene Miller
Page 35Pvt Harry Franklyn DuQuoin; Sgt Claude R. DuQuoin; Pvt John L. Dennis; Pvt Merle L. Dennis; Chas. Edw. Dennis, USN
Page 36Peter Delcois; Pvt Michael Dan Daley; Pvt Thomas J. Daley; Pvt James Francis Daley; Pvt Joseph Michael Daley
Page 37Pvt Luther Dowell; Edgar Dowell; Corp Eugene Otis Dunlap; Pvt William Amos Dowel; Pvt Lloyd Edward Dick
Page 38Sgt Edison M. Darland; Pvt Jesse W. Darland; Pvt John Wesley; Earl Aldon Derry; Pvt Clarence Newman Derry
Page 39Cecil McKinley Edwards, USN; Carl F. Evers; Pvt Frank Elmore; Pvt Arthur E. Brune William Engel; Pvt Albert Janssen Eckhoff
Page 40Lt Earl Whitney Eldridge; Corp Richard R. Epperly; Sgt Willard Primm England; Pvt Ernest Sampson Eden
Page 41Pvt John William Eden; Pvt Joseph Dillard Elliott; Pvt Lee Emory Elliott; Elmer Eckler, USN; Pvt Herman Eckler
Page 42Lt Elton Derry Ennis; Dryan Keene Ennis, USN; Harry Harris Estill
Page 43Pvt Forest P. Fenton; Pvt John Seneca Fenton; Pvt John W. Fenton; Musician Frank Arthur Feagans; Musician Joseph Rufus Feagans
Page 44Pvt Orville A. Ferry; Robert Fitzgerald, USN; Pvt Floyd Fry; Pvt James Henry Fruits; Pvt William H. Finley
Page 45Robert Ford, USN; Carl L. Frerichs; Pvt Geo Arkebauer Foster
Page 46Pvt Henry Primm Graham; Gale Gumm, USN; Charles Leonard Gallop; Pvt Horace Granstaff; Pvt Florin H. Gaines
Page 47Pvt Lamont Gist; Robert Irving Glenn; Pvt Lawrence D. Gurnsey; Corp Benjamin H. Gudgel; Pvt Alvin Gilkison
Page 48Corp Claude Lester Garner; Pvt Richard Ward Godby; Pvt Ned E. Godbey; Pvt Charles E. Goodpasture; Clarence Lee Goodpasture
Page 49Corp Ben B. Goodpasture; Pvt August William Goetting; Pvt William Albert Goetting; Pvt Carl Albert Gerdes; Sgt Harry Paul Gerdes
Page 50Pvt Rudolph L. Grim; Lt Ralph Elwood Garrett; Sgt Edward George Garrett; Pvt John Louis Griffin; Pvt Glenn Greenwald
Page 51Corp Henry S. Graham; Lloyd C. Graham, USN; Corp Sandy O. Graham; John Gumm; Pvt Max Grimsley
Page 52Corp Arthur E. Grandstaff; Pvt Robert L. Griffin; Pvt Louis Abram Golden
Page 53Pvt Roy Ellis Horn; Harry Higenbotham, (Higgenbotham?) USN; Pvt Bryal Higgenbotham; Henry G. Haller, USN; Pvt Frank Herschel Hicks
Page 54Sgt Chas. Earnest Hitchcock; Pvt Arthur B. Hollis; Pvt Harry P. Hill; Pvt Emil Alvin Henrikson; Pvt Arthur Clyde Horch
Page 55Corp Boyd Edward Hodgen; Pvt Fred Henry Hought; Pvt Carl G. Heyen; Pvt Steve Henley; Pvt Albert H. Haynes
Page 56Pvt Herbert Walter Hoffman; Pvt Arthur H. Hinrichs; Pvt Henry R. Hinrichs; Ralph H. Houghton, USN; Lt James Frank Houghton
Page 57Pvt James W. Hudson; Sgt Grover Clinton Hudson; Pvt Ollie Lee Holland; Pvt Raymond Eugene Holland; Pvt Homer Lee Hunt
Page 58Pvt Garrett Hobert Hunt; Pvt Harold Allen Hall; Pvt Ralph Clary Hudspeth; Sgt Robert Franklyn Hudspeth; Pvt Orville George Hudspeth
Page 59Pvt George Hardin Hudspeth; Pvt Henry Payton Hibbs; Pvt John Franklin Hibbs; Pvt Adam Hibbs; Francis Elmer Hughes
Page 60Pvt Gifford Hadsall; Pvt Harold Hadsall; Leroy Hadsall; Pvt Louis Hurwitz; Pvt Earl Jackson Hoff
Page 61Pvt Shelby Hopwood; Pvt Edward W. Houghton; Pvt Jacob Hofing; Pvt Paul Bone Hartley; Pvt Clarence Hunt
Page 62Erle LeRoy Hughes, USN; Willie Hughes; Pvt Willis Hardin Hughes; Pvt Marshall Luellin Hamil; Pvt Earl Clay Hawkins
Page 63Joe Hall; Thompson Henry, USN; Pvt William Arthur Henry
Page 64Pvt Henry W. Isaacs; Pvt Orin Cecil Ishmael; Corp Claire Ivey; Corporal Howard Everett Ivey
Page 65Barker Harvey Juhl, USN; Pvt Jerry Juergens; Pvt Henry Frederick Jansen; Pvt George John Janssen; Corp Gerhard B. Janssen
Page 66Sgt Leroy A. Jones; Lt Thomas K. Jones; Pvt Willie T. Janes; Edward Leo Johnson; Pvt Harman A. Johnson
Page 67Corp Albert T. Johnson; Nels Alvin Johnson, USN; Corp Olaf Edward Johnson; Sgt Newt E. Johnson; Frank Edward Johnson, USN
Page 68Wagoner John Corydon Johnson; Harry Hobert Johnson; James Henry Johnston; Carl John Johnson, USN; Pvt William Roy Jordon
Page 69William Arthur Johnston, USN; Corp Elza Killion Jones; Pvt Howard Stanley Jones; Pvt Herbert Stanley Jordon
Page 70Pvt Elmer Montgomery Kincaid; Lawrence Edgar Kincaid, USN; Pvt Claude Kincaid; Pvt Oliver Hobert Kincaid
Page 71Pvt Thomas Kelly; Howard V. Knowles; Pvt Frederick N. Kopp; 2Lt Edward H. King; 2Lt Jefferson J. King
Page 72Pvt Frank A. Kinner; Alfred Warren Kinner, USN; Pvt Henry George Kreis; Pvt Fred H. Kaiser; Joseph Krzywacki
Page 73Lt Leigh Combs Levering; Sgt William Hutcherson Levering; Pvt William Frederick Lucht; Sgt Marshall Mathew Lounsberry; Elmer H. Lundberg
Page 74Pvt Homer Lynch; Pvt Henry Lynch; Pvt Hubert Lynch; Sgt Harry Lynch; Pvt Milan Alkire Lundquist
Page 75Leslie J. Lee; Corp Hardy Weston Lee; Corp Ernway Lee; Pvt Orbie I. Lee; Verna Edgar Lounsbery, USN
Page 76Capt Levin Dirickson Laning; Capt Harris Laning; Pvt Fred M. Lux
Page 77Benjamin Wilson Lake; Lt Lawrence James Lawson; Corp Benjamin Luck; Sgt Paul Timothy Lynn; Pvt Gerhard Leffers
Page 78Pvt Carl Albert Lenz; Miss Pauline Marbold; Sgt William Edward Messersmith
Page 79Pvt Thomas Myers; Pvt Homer C. Myers; Pvt William McKinley Megredy; Joe A. Marger, USN; Corp Earl Messersmith
Page 80Sgt Sherman H. Mount; Pvt Charles Wm. Milburn; Pvt Lloyd Mitchell; Pvt Jesse Thomas Moody; Howard Byron Morgan, USN
Page 81Pvt Edward A. Mahoney; Pvt Ezra May; Corp Carl J. Munson; Pvt Frank Morris; Pvt Emil Manning
Page 82Pvt Leora Edward Martin; Wagoner L. Roy Massey; Pvt Richard Meier; Sgt William T. Meier; Sgt James Shelby Miles, Jr.
Page 83Bugler Charles Alban Montgomery; Pvt Hubert Ellis Montgomery; Pvt William Harrison Montgomery; Sgt John Alexander Montgomery; Pvt Elmer Leroy Montgomery
Page 84L. Nelson Mattingly; Pvt Bryan Miller; Fred August Muttera; Harry H. Mathews; Lt Orville Ely Martin
Page 85Everett H. McCue; Pvt Jack McDonald; Pvt Archie Edward McDonald; Pvt Herman Hetrich McDonald; Pvt Mose McKinney
Page 86Pvt Wm. McQuarter; Pvt Lee Earl McDougall; Pvt John Elmer MacAtte; Pvt Joseph R. MacAtte; Alonzo Franklyn McQuinn, USN
Page 87Pvt Chester McDole; Pvt Omar D. McGee; Pvt Charles Taylor McCaffery; Pvt James Henry McMullin
Page 88Pvt Carl Henry Nies; Pvt Elmer Harold Neibert; Pvt August Edward Noll; Pvt Edward Nation; Corp Arthur A. Nelson
Page 89Arthur S. Nichols, USN; Ensign Carl Berhardt Nusbaum; Corp Oliver T. Neely; Pvt Don Daniel Neely; Albert Louis New
Page 90Pvt Bert E. Nolting; Byron H. Nolting; Nathan B. Newcomer; Clarence E. Neuville, USN; Pvt Paul Nelson
Page 91Lt Loran E. Orr; Pvt Samuel D. Ortman; Bugler George Harrison Osborne; Pvt Claire Lynn Olson; Corp Fred William Otken
Page 92Pvt Robert O. Ottensmeyer; Earl Pond; Pvt H. Wayne Power; Sgt Vern Anderson Power
Page 93Pvt Franklyn Perkins; Lt Paul W. Power; Sgt Roland M. Power; Midshipman Kent H. Power; Corp Harry Alvin Perkins
Page 94Frank Allen Peters, USN; Pvt Geo. Wm. Power; Pvt William Palmer; Pvt William M. Perce, USN; Pvt Harry Vincent Pond
Page 95William Poor, USN; Sgt Hubert L. Primm; Elmer L. Primm, USN; George Clarence Phillips; Pvt Robert Bruce Phillips
Page 96Pvt Paul Frederick Olsen; Corp Carl August Peterson; Sgt Fred Pierceall; Pvt William ? Phipps; Pvt Leland Virgil Pratt
Page 97Corp William Wallace Rice, Jr.; Lt Ralph Spears Reding; Lt Donald Wade Riley; Sgt William M. Rosenthiel; Pvt Arthur Beeckman Robertson
Page 98Lt James Clinton Russell; Pvt Louis Edgar Rohmann; Pvt Henry Rudolph Rothert; Pvt John Lee Rebbe, Jr.; Pvt Roy Rawlings
Page 99Pvt George Dewey Ray; Pvt Oral Ray; Pvt Carl Andrew Rodemer; Pvt William Rodemer; Pvt Carl Ernest William Reimer
Page 100Pvt William Wallace Reed; Pvt Isaac Newton Reed; Pvt Carl Thomas Rogers; Pvt Samuel Newton Rogers; Corp James Everett Rogers
Page 101Sgt Wm. M. Ramsay; Warren A. Ramsay, USN; Corp Wallace W. Ramsay; Corp James M. Ruggles; E. Nash Robinson
Page 102Corp Paul Garland Rainey; Carl J. T. Richards; Pvt John Reinders, Jr.; Pvt Rudy Reinders
Page 103Pvt Harry Mitchell; Sgt John Herman Renz; Pvt Jay Thomas Roberts; Pvt Rollin G. Simmons
Page 104Pvt William Francis Stott; Sgt Oscar Charles Stackhouse; Pvt David Frank Stout; Pvt John Louis Schmidt; Musician William F. Schoeneweiss
Page 105Pvt Hormon John Satorius; Pvt George Edward Stone; Pvt Homer S. Sapp; Corp Herman John Seiling; Corp Fred M. Suhm
Page 106Pvt Ernest Sowers; Pvt Edward John Sullivan; Pvt Percy Herbert Seese; Fred Eldon Shaw USN; Pvt Charles Sinclair
Page 107Fred William Schafer; George P. Schafer; Pvt Joe Stankovich; Corp Leslie A. Smiser; Pvt Marshall Greenleaf Spaulding
Page 108Pvt Ralph K. Spaulding; Pvt Henry H. Smith; Pvt Herman H. Smith; Pvt John Thomas Smith; Lt Harry William Smith
Page 109Glen Shipley, USN; Corp Paul Donald Shiplay; Musician Roy Emory Sampson; Pvt Shelby Sampson; Robert Samuel
Page 110Pvt Hugh Arthur Shaw; William Seipel; Corp Guy P. Sanford; Frank G. Shineman; Pvt John Chauncey Showalter
Page 111Corp Earl Venus Smith; Corp Robert Burns Smith; Paul Everett Sutton; Pvt William C, Sutton; George Herman Schafer
Page 112Everett J. Schneider, USN; Lt David C. Smart; Pvt Richard Hoyt Sanford
Page 113Walter Joseph Shea, USN; Carl R. Stith, USN; Pvt Carroll Lee Stone; Clarence Turner; Pvt R. A. Thompson
Page 114Pvt Gilbert Henry Thurman; Luther P. Turner, USN; Pvt Chester Bergen Terhune; Pvt Edward Tackett; Glenn Bowman Thompson
Page 115Sgt Charles Fletcher Terry; Pvt Chester Loraine Terry; Pvt Chas Robert Terry; Pvt George M. Taapken; Pvt Joe H. Taapken
Page 116Pvt John M. Toohey; Pvt Hugh E. Toohey; Pvt Gerhard Harry Theilen; Pvt Benjamin Henry Theilen; Harry Edward Trigg
Page 117Ulysses Thomas; Pvt Ira Cecil Thomas; Pvt H. O. Tholen; Pvt Byron Anderson Tice; Lt Harold Isaac Tice
Page 118Lt Erbie Oliver Thomas; Samuel A. Thompson; Pvt George S. Ulery; Sgt Ernest Russell Ulery
Page 119Pvt Charles Joseph Votsmier; Corp Milo F. Vogt; Pvt Earnest Miles Vogt; Pvt William Harold Von Osdol, Jr.; Pvt Cecil Varney
Page 120Pvt Franklyn E. Wilson; Sgt Lawrence Williams; Pvt John Edward Wiseman; Corp Herschel Carlin West; Pvt Archie Woodland
Page 121Pvt Herman Wilms; Pvt Bennett Engle Willis; Pvt Chas. Allen Whitehurst; Pvt Albert David Wells; Stanford R. Wilkinson, USN
Page 122Sgt William Wertheim; Pvt Carl Wilhelm; Pvt Stanley Thomas Wasilewski; Pvt Otto A. Winkelman; Pvt Ira Samuel Woodruff
Page 123Pvt Harry H. Wohler; Pvt John Emmett Weatherby; Paul Ferguson Watkins; Pvt John Hobert Watkins; Pvt Abraham Lincoln Watkins
Page 124Lt Jones Warmoth; Pvt Louis Fred Wahlbrink; Pvt Henry George Weidhuner; Pvt Calvin J. Whitney; Sgt Frank R. Whitney
Page 125Sgt Rudolph Wernsing; Lt Harry Wernsing; Leafie Ellen Williamson, Nurse; Pvt James Omer Williamson; Corp Murry Elsworth Williamson
Page 126Fireman William Herbert Woodrum; Pvt Elmer Woodrum; Pvt Nathan B. Woodrum; Fireman Luther J. Woodrum; Gale Wade, USN
Page 127Henrietta White; Pvt Rollo A. White; Pvt Claire Curtis White; Pvt William D. White; Charles F. Wagner
Page 128G. W. Woodcock; Pvt L. Welre; Pvt J. Earnest Winkhart; Pvt Nelson Lester West; Miss Hermann Warnsing
Page 129Pvt Cassius Cornell Yowell; Pvt William Wallace Yates; Pvt Walter Acton Zook; Pvt Travis Lee Zirkle; Otto Schafer; Earl Rayburn; Thomas Parks; Ralph Denton; Herman Ackerman; George Rogers
Page 130Pvt William Eldon Buracker; Corp Bernard B. Buracker; Jacob Leonard Buracker; Corp Benjamin Franklin Bailey; Pvt John Luther Bailey; Pvt Thomas June Barnsback; Thomas Francis Birch, USN; Thomas D. Basso, USN; Pvt Leon Turner Clark; Pvt James Wm. Cheaney; Pvt Joseph I. Eades; Pvt Newton F. Fenton; Corp Clark Fisher; George Hall; Pvt Charles Ralph Hunter; Sergeant James W. Hughes; Roy Jones; Pvt William Thomas Kelly; Corp Chester Lee Mandel
Page 131Pvt Carl F. Marquard; Pvt Clyde McKinney; Corp Jarvis O. Neely; Corp Floyd H. Neely; Pvt Henry Nolting; Pvt Robert Everett Rathsack; Pvt Wm. Reimer; Pvt Thomas Rogers; Corp Francis Eugene Rollings; Pvt Edward Charles Schuermeyer; Pvt Jerry Joe Simmering; Sergeant Harry Gerhard Seipel; Pvt John Adelbert Spaulding; Wagoner Edmund D. Tennell; Thomas Leo Toohey; Pvt James Cleveland Wade; Pvt Fred Whymer
Page 132Lt Richard Ellis Valentine; Pvt James R. Naff; Pvt Guy Emerson Kinner
Page 133In Memoriam
Page 134Barnick, Bushong, Bailey
Page 135Clemens, Courtwright, Daniels, Edwards
Page 136Grosboll, Gumm, Goodpasture, Homer
Page 137Hildebrand, Hodgen, Kirby
Page 138Kenyon, McDougal, Nies, Owen
Page 139Randall, Rayburn, Scantlin, Smoot
Page 140Sampson, Terhune, Weatherby, Watkins, Woodell
Page 141John M. Smoot; Christian C. Juhl
Page 142Dr. H. P. Moulton
Page 143Chronology of the War
Page 144Chronology of the War
Page 145Chronology of the War
Page 146Chronology of the War
Page 147Chronology of the War
Page 148Chronology of the War
Page 149Chronology of the War
Page 150Chronology of the War
Page 151Chronology of the War
Page 152Chronology of the War
Page 153Chronology of the War
Page 154Chronology of the War

We have no additional information for the materials or individuals listed and we are unable to correct errors and ommissions in the publication. This information is provided in order to help you locate information regarding your ancestors. For more information regarding obtaining military records,   Click Here

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