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World War I Casualty Lists - Sinking of the Moldavia

List of the Missing Men.

All Were Members of 58th Infantry, a Command of Regulars.

Washington, May 25 - The War Department announced today that the number of American soldiers lost in the Moldavia sinking Thursday was fifty-three, all members of Company B, of the 58th Infantry, of the 4th Division, which is one of the reular army divisions.

Besides giving out the list of men missing, the War Department issued only this statement:

    Besides 53 American soldiers reported as lost on the Moldavia there were 427 other American soldiers on board, a total of 480.

    The American units aboard were part of the 59th Infantry. All those reported lost were members of Company B.

The list of the missing is as follows:


Chappell, Fred, 6628 Haddington Street, Philadelphia.
Shenk, Roy, 847 East New Street, Lancaster, Penn.


Armstrong, Oscar O., Bridgeport, Okla.
Blackwell, Andrew, Hominy, Okla.
Boosalis, George D., Fargo, N.D.
Bosley, Clyde, North Troy, Vt.
Bosley, Clyde E., North Troy, Vt.
Bracken, Leslie C., Royalton, Minn.
Bracken G., 29 Columbia Avenue, North St. Cloud, Minn.
Brown, William A., Hoytsville, Utah.
Buchanan, George N., Mannette, Wash.
Bucher, Emil, R.F.D. No. 2, El Centro, Cal.
Callan, Joseph P., 375 Third Avenue, Milwaukee, Wis.
Canwell, Fred D., 210 Thomas Street, Fall River, Mass.
Castro, Louis V., 1,237 Delmas Avenue, San Jose, Cal.
Clausing, Edwin L., Grafton, Wis.
Cook, Virgil C., Hobart, Okla.
Croatt, William G., Port Washington, Wis.
Diehl, Herman, 445 East Ninety-first Street, New York City.
Dierks, Herman W., Braunfels, Texas.
Eckel, Conrad, West Allis, Wisc.
Gerhardt, Fred, 3,435 West Congress Street, Chicago, Ill.
Gerl, Edward L., Manitowoc, Wis.
Gottenberg, Redwald, Pigeon Falls, Wis.
Graci, Giuseppe, Licati, Sicily.
Hackler, Charles F., Millville, Cal.
Hodges, Thaddeus, Mount Carmel, Utah.
Johnson, Clem, Martin's Mill, Texas.
Kneip, Isidor H., 454 Ashland Av., St. Paul, Minn.
Kobus, John, Missouri Av., South Milwaukee, Wis.
Lading, Henry C., Strasburg, Ill.
Larsen, John S., 1,202 East 55th St., Chicago.
Williams, Barney D., Dixon, Ky.
Lewandoski, Frank, 4,728 Seeley Av., Chicago.
Lindsey, Clyde B., Clarksburg, Miss.
Lundell, Anton W., 9,717 Avenue M., South Chicago, Ill.
McCarthy, James G., 23 Tyler St., Boston, Mass.
McKinney, Frank, Stonington, Ill.
Mars, Jesse, Shelbyville, Ill.
Mikle, Rudolph, De Pere, Wis.
Milone, Jesse, Olney, Ill.
Odell, Frank, Blytheville, Ark.
Rosh, Emil M., Lankin, S.D.
Roux, Frank, Rice Lake, Wis.
Reaser, Lee, Cedarsville, W. Va.
Sautter, Walter G., New Hartford, NY.
Schuh, John, 840 3d St., Portsmouth, Ohio.
Sherman, Joseph, Fort Totten, N.D.
Spies, Lewis P., Nelson, Wis.
Swartz, Ray, Pleasant Hill, Ohio.
Sweetland, Maurice G., Albany, Vt.
Trapp, Willow, Arbor Vitae, Wis.
Weber, Edward N., Tolley, N.D.

Diehl an Army Veteran

Mrs. F. Diehl of 445 East Ninety-first Street, mother of Private Herman Diehl missing as a result of the torpedoing of the Moldavia, said last night that she saw her son three weeks ago, when he came home on a short furlough just before sailing for Europe. She had not previously seen him for five years.

Diehl, who was 30 years old, was a veteran of the regular army. He leaves a wife and baby, who are now in Oklahoma.

Source: NY Times, May 26, 1918

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