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World War I Casualty Lists - May 15, 1918

Gen. Pershing Reports 121 Casualties; Making Total of 5,682 in Overseas Army

Washington, May 15. - The War Department today made public a list of 121 casualties in the American army abroad, bringing the total from the beginning to 5,682. The list contains the names of three killed in action, three died of wounds, five died of disease, one died of accident, seven died of other causes, six wounded severely, forty-nine wounded slightly, eight wounded in action, and thirty-nine missing in action.

Eight commissioned officers are named in the list. Captain George C. Freeland and Lieutenant James F. Crawford are reported missing in action. Captain Clarence F. Jobson and Lieutenants King Alexander, Clarence M. Archer, Robbins L. Conn, John N. Dickerson, and George Howard were slightly wounded.

Summary of Army Casualties to Date

May 15
Killed in action ..............................465 3 468
Killed by accident ............................233 1 234
Died of disease ...............................1,039 5 1,044
Lost at sea ...................................238 0 238
Died of wounds ................................175 3 178
Gas and other causes ..........................65 7 72
Civilians .....................................7 0 7
Killed or prisoner ............................1 0 1
   Total Deaths ............................2,223192,242
Wounded .......................................3,127633,190
Captured .......................................60060
Missing .......................................15139190
   Grand Total ............................5,5611215,682

Army Casualties Reported May 15.

Army casualties made public today, including next of kin and emergency addresses, are as follows:

Killed In Action - - 3


Farrell, Patrick; J. Farrell, 14 Hilliard Av., Edgewater, NJ


Clark, Harry J.; Mrs. W. J. Clark, Stronghurst, Ill.
Dilley, Joseph; Cornelius Dilley, R. F. D. 1, Thomsonville, Mich.

Died of Wounds - - 3


Cole, Thomas W.; Mrs. Etta A. Tary, Howard St., Springvale, Me.
Conklin, Charles A.; J. Conklin, 1,200 Washington Av., Grand Haven, Mich.
Cromie, James; Mrs. Susan Cromie, 20 Fiore St., Brookline, Mass.

Died of Disease - - 5


Muller, Robert Carroll; Mrs. Bertha Muller, Dickinson, Tex.


Duhig, John; Miss Mary Duhig, care Courtney, 423 West 56th St., New York.
Grant, Stanford M.; John M. Grant, 580 Warren St., Brooklyn, NY.
Maciejewski, Chester M.; Mrs. Nick Maciejewski, 624 Broadway, Berlin, Wis.
Morahan, Patrick L.; Thomas J. Morahan, 206 West 84th St., New York.

Died of Accident - - 1


Freeman, Stuart; Mrs. Emily Noon, 341 12th St., Portland, Ore.

Died Other Causes - - 7


Brightman, Willet T.; Mrs. L. K. Brightman, 917 South Perry St., Montgomery, Ala.
Lewis, Harry J.; Charlie B. Lewis, Buckfield, Me.


Young, Walter H.; Mrs. Mary Young, 12 Broad Square, Lynn, Mass.
Klein, Kenneth; J. S. Klein, Fort Kent, Me.
Goodwin, Alfred; Mrs. Ora Goodwin, South Hiram, Me.
Gagnon, Rene J.; Mrs. Rose Talardy, Serie St., Georgetown, Mass.
Dow, Norman N.; Mrs. Carrie Porter, Princeton, Me.

Wounded Severely - - 6


Drottar, John A.; J. S. Drottar, Chisholm, Me.


Andrews, William H.; Sylvanus Sessions, Downey, Idaho.
Beyer, Otto J.; John Beyer, R. F. D. No. 2, Castorland, NY.
Chase, Lester W.; Fred B. Chase, 17 Beacon St., Derry, N.H.
Gouin, Walter G.; Zole Gouin, R.F.D., Westville, N.H.
Zaluki, Mike; Joe Pooler, Farmington, Me.

Wounded Slightly - - 49


Jobson, Clarence F.; Mrs. Chris F. Jobson, 706 Pullman Building, Chicago.


Alexander, King; William Alexander, Chambersburg, Penn.
Archer, Clarence M.; Samuel B. Archer, Saratoga Springs, NY.
Conn, Robbins L.; Mrs. Charles W. Conn, care Fifth Av. Bank, 330 Lexington Av., New York.
Dickerson, John N.; Mrs. J. M. Dickerson, 917 Powell St., San Francisco.
Howard, George; Miss Jennie Howard, Rosendale, NY.


Ellis Solon E.; Robert E. Ellis, 869 South 11th St., Waco, Texas.
McCully, David; Hugh McCully, 223 Insworth Av., Belfast, Ireland


Emery, Leon A.; Andrew S. Emery, R. F. D. 2, Farmington, Maine
Gittings, James H.; Mrs. W. H. Gittings, St. Mary, Ky.
Gould, Daniel B.; Otis S. Gould, R. No. 1, New Vineyard, Me.
Green, Herbert; Miss Grace Green, Bartersville, Ky.
Nary, Burdett; Ella Nary, Hillsdale, Ill.
Loughlin, Bernard; Patrick Loughlin, 46 Lincoln Place, North Plainfield, NJ.
Schumaker, Charles; Mary E. Schumaker, 17 Jefferson Av., Jersey City, NJ.
Speck, Thomas G.; Miss Agnes Speck, Livingston, Tenn.


Driver, Nelson H.; Mrs. Lillian Driver, 2,820 Monterey St., St. Joseph, Mo.
Helm, Orion; Guss Helm, Columbus, Ohio.
Wickersham, Richard; Raymond Wickersham, 715 North 10th St., Elstherville, Iowa.


Bates, Rollo; Mrs. Elsie Bates, P.O. Box 551, Ladysmith, Wis.
Burger, George; Robert Tiffenbacker, 1,018 Crystal St., Chicago, Ill.
Butcher, Don; Mrs. Gertrude Butcher, 1,415 Webster St., Ft. Wayne, Ind.
Brown, George C.; Moses Brown, 10 Central St., Whitman, Mass.
Cavanagh, William J.; Daniel J. Cavanagh, 810 Dover St., Boston, Mass.
Chapman, Douglas B.; Frank M. Chapman, 2,115 West Fourth St., Newburry, Penn.
Collins, Roy J.; Miss Neva Homer, General Delivery, Petersburg, Ill.
Dick, George T.; John Dick, 69 Wegman Parkway, Jersey City, NJ.
Doyle, Thomas F.; Mrs. J. J. Doyle, ??1 Liberty St., Schenectady, NY.
Francisco, Alfred T.; Ira W. Sipes, 1,325 Charles St., Wilmette, Ill.
Hamer, Hans A.; Hans Kroeger, 1,725 Second Av., Mankato, Minn.
Hientza, Stanley; Frank Hientza, R. No. 2, Beaver, Wis.
Hodgdon, Winslow; Mrs. Olive Batson, 384 Central Av., Saugus, Mass.
Hosier, Sam; William W. Hosier, Waldo, Ark.
Johnston, Jeff; Mrs. Alice Johnston, McIntosh, Ala.
Leggett, James D., Mrs. Ella Harris, Rodney, Iowa.
Leland, Silmer T.; Isaac Leland, Weldon, Saskatchewan, Canada.
Lossard, Joseph N.; Napoleon Lossard, 205 Chapin Av., Providence, R.I.
McCarty, Kirby S.; Rebecca Bowons, Washington Court House, Ohio.
Meacham, Standish; D. B. Meacham, Carow Building, Cincinnati, Ohio.
Miller, William A.; Louis Wendell, 41 East Grand St., Chicago, Ill.
Prichard, Francis L.; Mrs. Delia Prichard, Rouseville, Penn.
Riordan, Denis J.; Mrs. Josie Gildard, 9 Arkwright St., Manchester, N.H.
Rudnick, George; Mrs. Anna Rudnick, 1,626 North Hermitage Av., Chicago, Ill.
Soder, Thomas C.; Hiram Soder, Ravenscroft, Tenn.
Spiegel, Robert E.; Mrs. Annie Spiegel, 338 Madison Av., Perth Amboy, NJ.
Thomas, Walter; Dudley Thomas, general delivery, Lexington, Ky.
Walls, Bonta; Bill Dorne, 20 Maple St., Cincinnati, Ohio.
Watson, Raymond; Henry Watson, Route No. 1, Hart, Mich.
White, Michael H.; Mrs. Mary White, 47 Linden Av., Malden, Mass.

Wounded in Action - - 8


Begley, Gray; Annie Begley, 51 East Franklin St., Shelbyville, Ind.


James, Charles R.; David James, 41 Whittier Place, Indianapolis, Ind.
Traub, William E.; Charles G. Traub, Miami, Fla.


Billhymer, Jesse A.; Ernest Hillhymer, Oglesby, Ill.
Bohan, Peter J.; Mrs. Keeler, 1,444 75th St., Brooklyn, NY.
Fulenwider, Herbert; Mary J. Reid, 48 Lexington Apts., Indianapolis, Ind.
Hockard, Everett R.; Mrs. Della Hockard, Van Buren, Ind.
Townsley, John C.; James W. Hall, 18th St. and Broadway, Vincennes, Ind.

Missing in Action - - 39


Freeland, George C.; Mrs. G. C. Freeland, 194 Fountain St., Westville, Conn.


Crawford, James F.; Mrs. Eliza H. Crawford, Warsaw, NY.


Barry, Thomas F.; James Barry, Olive St. and Grand Av., New Haven, Conn.
Bathgate, Jack; Mrs. Mary Bathgate, Plainfield Av. Orange, Conn.
Borgman, Harold A.; Mrs. W. A. Borgman, 21 Townsend St., New Haven, Conn.
Carlson, Gustaf E.; Carl F. Carlson, 175 Pearl St., Middletown, Conn.
Chitty, Fred W.; George Chitty, 148 Foster St., New Haven Conn.
Coleman, James F.; Benjamin Robertson, 79 Pine St., New Haven, Conn.
Johnson, Arthur F.; Edward Johnson 75 East Main St., Middletown, Conn.
Kluth, William; Charles Kluth, 207 Springside Av., New Haven, Conn.
McHugh, George D.; Mrs. Amelia McHugh, 109 Tyler St., New Haven, Conn.


Reynolds, Walter J.; Mr. Reynolds, 502 Orchard St., New Haven, Conn.


Cronin, John F.; Mrs. Anna May Hodge, 102 Main St., Portland, Conn.
Plant, Peter F.; Fred St. Lawrence, 15 Kidder St., Quincy, Mass.


Newton, Herbert R.; Mrs. W. L. Newton, 65 Capitol Av., Hartford, Conn.


Gravatt, Chester D.; Mrs. Henry Gravatt, 144 Embury St., Ocean Grove, NJ.
Clark, Edward; E. L. Clark, Collinsville, Conn.
Clements, Sylvester J.; Mrs. Nettie Brown, Geneva, Ala.
Colburn, Leonard; Walter Colburn, 518 Orchard St., New Haven, Conn.
Cook, Harry I.; Harry M. Cook, East Hampton, Conn.
Couch, Lory M.; Harmon G. Couch, Bridge St., New Milford, Conn.
D'Anna, Joseph; Frank Onarato, Box 264, New Milford, Conn.
Jennings, John M.; Mrs. Roy E. Howard, Belle Plains, Iowa.
Kanoff, Raymond J.; William Kanoff, 327 James St., New Haven, Conn.
Knudson, John; Carl Knudson, 23 Reid St., New Haven, Conn.
Labriola, Vincenzo; James Nash, 86 Main St., Bristol, Conn.
Leary, Joseph P.; John Leary, 14 Warwick St., Middletown, Conn.
Lemieux, William P.; Joseph Lemieux, Middletown, Conn.
Minor, John A.; Mrs. Ellen Minor, 1,190 Whalley Av., New Haven, Conn.
Olie, Michael M.; Peter Olie, Box 23, Pequabuck, Conn.
Moquin, Ernest D.; Mrs. Jules Moquin, 36 Roberts Av., Bristol, Conn.
Prunier, Edward W.; Albert E. Prunier, 248 West Hazel St., New Haven, Conn.
Quinn, Jeff D.; Ramsey Quinn, Glencoe, Ala.
Sachs, John; Israel Sachs, 265 Cedar St., New Haven, Conn.
Sala, Daniel E.; C. Sala, West Wareham, Mass.
Samak, John; K. Samak, Kevel, Russia
Sefcik, Boleslaw R.; S. Sefcik, New London, Conn.
Thompson, Warren E.; Mrs. Katherine Thompson, Marlborough St., Portland, Conn.
Young, Ellis M.; Dr. E. W. Young, 640 Broadway, Everett, Mass.

Source: NY Times, May 16, 1918

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