State of Vermont, Roster of Soldiers in the War of 1812-14 - P Surnames

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Page #Description / Surnames in order they appear, not necessarily in alphabetical order
Page 320Packard, Packer, Paddock, Page, Paige, Pain
Page 321Paine, Painter, Paladay, Palmer
Page 322Palmer, Pane, Paners, Pangborn, Pangbourn, Pangburn, Pangman, Pano, Parcels, Parcher, Pardit, Pardo, Paris
Page 323Parish, Park, Parkel, Parker
Page 324Parker, Parkhurst, Parkill
Page 325Parks, Parliment, Parlin, Parling, Parmelee, Parmenter, Parmentre, Parmerton, Parmeter, Parquet, Parr, Parrett, Parrington, Parris, Parsons
Page 326Partch, Partridge, Passwaters, Patch, Patnoe, Patrick, Patt, Patten, Patterson
Page 327Patterson, Pattison, Paul, Payn, Payne, Payson, Peabody, Peach, Peacock, Peake, Pearce, Pearch, Pearl, Pearson, Pearsons, Peas
Page 328Pease, Peaselee, Peavy, Peck
Page 329Peck, Peckham, Pecore, Peesho, Peet, Pelkey, Pellet, Pelsue, Pelton, Pelves, Pemberton, Pengree, Penn, Penniman, Pennock, Penny, Penoyer, Perch, Percival, Perg, Perham
Page 330Perigo, Perkins
Page 331Perkins, Perley, Permond, Pero, Perrigo, Perry
Page 332Perry, Persons, Peters, Peterson, Pettengill
Page 333Pettes, Pettibone, Pettiface, Pettingell, Pettis, Pettit, Petton, Pettybone, Phelps, Phifer, Philbrick
Page 334Philbrook, Philimore, Phillips
Page 335Phinney, Pickett, Pier, Pierce
Page 336Pierce, Pierpoint, Pierpont, Pierson, Pike, Pillsbury, Pilot, Pincher, Pine, Pineo, Pingree, Pingry, Pinkham, Pinkney, Pinney
Page 337Pinno, Pinny, Piper, Pitcher, Pitkin, Pittkin, Pitton, Pittsley, Pixley, Place, Plaice, Plaisted, Plant
Page 338Plass, Platt, Pleer, Ploof, Plumb, Plumbly, Plumley, Plummer, Podge, Pollard, Polly, Pomaray, Pomeroy
Page 339Pomeroy, Pomroy, Pond, Pool, Poor, Pope, Porter
Page 340Porter, Porterfield, Post, Potter
Page 341Potter, Powell
Page 342Powell, Powers
Page 343Powers, Powrs, Prager, Pragers, Pratt
Page 344Pratt, Pray, Preble, Prelmes, Prentice, Prentiss, Presbury, Prescott, Preston
Page 345Preston, Price, Prier, Priest, Prill, Prim, Prime, Prindle, Prior, Pritchard, Proctor
Page 346Proctor, Proper, Prouby, Prout, Prouty, Prowter, Prowty, Prun, Puan, Publee, Pudney, Puffer, Pulsifer, Puner, Purington, Purmont, Purple, Purse, Putnam
Page 347Putnam, Putney