Officers of the U. S. Army - Armand

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Officers of the U. S. Army - Armand

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  • Armand, Charles Treftn (Marquis de la Roueire)
    France. France.
    Colonel 3 cavalry Pulaski Legion 10 May 1777
    succeeded Count Pulaski in command of the Legion 11 Oct 1779 and on 21 Oct 1780 the designation of the command was changed to "Armand's Partisan Corps," which he commanded to the close of the war
    appointed Brigadier General Continental Army 26 Mar 1783
    By the act of 27 Feb 1784 it was

      "Resolved, whereas the United States in Congress assembled, are well informed, and entertain a just sense of the great bravery, intelligence, zeal, and activity manifested during the course of the late war with Great Britain, by Brigadier General Armand, Marquis de Roueire, in the service of the United States, and, whereas it also appears by a letter from the late commander in chief, dated at Philadelphia, 15 Dec 1783, addressed to the said General Armand, that, super-added to general merit for good conduct, vigilance, and bravery, General Armand has, in a variety of instances, particularly signalized himself as an excellent officer and great partisan, and frequently rendered the United States very valuable services. Resolved, that the President write a letter to General Armand, Marquis de la Roueire, expressive of the high sense Congress are impressed with, of the services he has rendered the United States in the course of the late war with Great Britain, and of the entire approbation the United States in Congress assembled entertain of his bravery, activity, and zeal so often evidenced in the cause of America."

    [Died 30 Jan 1793].

Extracted from the Historical Register and Dictionary of the United States Army: 1789 - 1903
By Francis B. Heitman
Published under act of Congress approved March 2, 1903

Names are followed by state or countrywhere born and then the state from which originally appointed but when there is only one place listed, it indicates the state whence appointed, the place of birth not being known.

Where "Cadet Military Academy" is indicated, the next date refers to the date he entered that institution, and the figure in parenthesis represents his standing in the graduating class.

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