Officers of the U. S. Army - Anglum

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Officers of the U. S. Army - Anglum

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  • Anglum, Daniel Francis
    Mass. Army.
    Private Corporal Sergeant and 1 Sergeant C 12 infantry 11 June 1874 to 30 Apr 1882
    2 Lieutenant 12 infantry 27 Mar 1882
    1 Lieutenant 16 infantry 1 Jan 1891
    transferred to 12 infantry 20 July 1891
    Captain 26 Apr 1898
    retired 4 Nov 1901


Extracted from the Historical Register and Dictionary of the United States Army: 1789 - 1903. Names are followed by state or country where born and then the state from which originally appointed but when there is only one place listed, it indicates the state whence appointed, the place of birth not being known. Where "Cadet Military Academy" is indicated, the next date refers to the date he entered that institution, and the figure in parenthesis represents his standing in the graduating class.