Engagements and Marriages reported in the NY Times, June 9, 1918


Belman - Goodman

Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Goodman of 1520 51st. St., Brooklyn, announce the engagement of their daughter Anna Matilda to Mr. Abraham I. Belman

Cohen - Harris

Mrs. Dora Harris of 19 Catharine St. announces the engagement of her daughter Caroline to Mr. Samuel L. Cohen of Baltimore Md.

Feirstein - Newberger

Mr. Selig L. Newberger of 61 West 89th St., city, announces the engagement of his daughter Bessie to Mr. David Feirstein.

Firehock - Edwards

Mr. and Mrs. Webley E. Edwards of Jersey City announce the engagement of their daughter Helen Gladys Edwards, to Mr. Milton B. Firehock, now at United States Aviation Camp at Dallas.

Humphreys - Taylor

Mr. and Mrs. G. Wood Taylor of Springfield, Mass., announce the engagement of their daughter, Doris Remsen Taylor, to Ensign John G. Humphreys of Pittsburgh, Penn.

Kolk - Schwartz

Mr. and Mrs. L. Schwartz of 300 West 93d St. and Edgemere, L. I., announce the betrothal of their daughter Dorothy to Mr. Jacob Kolk of New York.

Levine - Lichtenstein

Helen Lichtenstein to Louis Levine.

Oppenheimer - Haskell

Mr. and Mrs. Harris Haskell of 125 Post Av. announce the engagement of their daughter Jane to Mr. Morris Oppenheimer of Shenandoah, Penn.

Valdes - Terhune

Mr. and Mrs. John Terhune announce the engagement of their daughter Kathryn to Mr. V. F. Valdes, Lieutenant, Naval Aviation, Pensacola, Fla.

Young - Birdsall

Mr. and Mrs. William Birdsall of 40 Prospect St., East Orange, N. J., announce the engagement of their daughter, Marian Townsend Birdsall, to Lieutenant Philip John Young, Jr., U. S. A., 81st Field Artillery, Camp Fremont, Cal., son of Mr. and Mrs. Philip J. Young, of 245 Grant Av., Nutley, N. J.


Coles - Wood

In the Church of the Good Shepherd, in Augusta, Ga., on Saturday, June 8, by the Rev. Claude Harris, Thelma Katharine Wood, only daughter of Colonel W. J. Wood of Atlanta, Ga., to Rutgers Remsen Coles, Ordnance Corps, of Mamaroneck, N. Y.

Farnam - Fitch

On Saturday, June 8, at the residence of the bride, No. 47 Hillhouse A., New Haven, Conn., by the Rt. Rev. Chauncey B. Brewster, assisted by the Rev. Charles O. Scoville, Anna Heaton Fitch to William Whitman Farnam.

Franklin - Dandridge

On Saturday, June 8, at Petersburg, Va., by the Rev. Edmund P. Dandridge, Martha Dandridge to Lewis Battelle Franklin.

Hall - Smith

In New York City, June 8, 1918, at the North Presbyterian Church, by Rev. John R. Mackay, D. D., Estelle Elizabeth Smith of New York to Malcolm Boyd Hall of New York.

Hoffman - Newberg

Mrs. Newberg, 245 Brook Av., Bronx, announces the marriage of her daughter Harriet to Joseph Hoffman.

Hoyt - Borland

On Saturday, June 8, 1918, at Zion Church, Wappinger Falls, N. Y., by the Rev. Prescot Evarts, Maud Rives, daughter of the late John Borland, Esq., to Franklin Chase Hoyt.

Kantrowitz - Hildebrandt

Mrs. Henry Hildebrandt announces the wedding of her daughter Grace to Frank H. Kantrowitz, June 8.

Mailhouse - Dryfus

Mrs. Fanny Dryfus of New Haven, Conn., announces the marriage of her daughter, Selma, to Ensign Robert J. Mailhouse, U.S.N. on Wednesday, June 5, 1918, at 851 Orange St., in the presence of the very immediate families.

Menke - Litscher

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Litscher announces the marriage of their daughter Florence to Ellis Menke, by the Rev. Dr. Isaac Moses at the Hotel Gotham, on Saturday, June 8, 1918.

Niedermeyer - Thompson

On June 8, by the Rev. Robert Courtney, Margaret Annie Thompson to Mr. Louis C. Niedermeyer.

Prendergast - Hull

On June 1, by Rev. John Howland Lathrop, Brooklyn, Irene Hull to Lieut. Thomas Prendergrast.

Ritter - Kansler

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kansler announce the marriage of their daughter, Beatrice Victoria, to Dr. Henry H. Ritter, June 1, 1918, New York City.

Schwartz - Sherman

On March 22, 1918, Terese M. Sherman of 380 West 95th St. to Simon I. Schwartz of 362 Riverside Drive.

Shackman - Friend

On Tuesday, June 4, Miss Miriam Friendm, daughter of Mrs. Emanuel M. Friend, of 540 West 136th St., to Mr. Sydney Shackman of Cleveland, Ohio.

Whitman - Durbur

James McIntosh Craig announces the marriage of his daughter, Jennie Morris, (Mrs. Herbert Franklin Durbur,) to Dr. Luther Oakes Whitman, on June 7, New York City.

Van Gwyer - Tripler

June 7, Marjorie Tripler to Lieutenant K. Van Gwyer.

Source: New York Times, June 9, 1918, Column 2

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