New York Marriages - Jan 16, 1865

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New York Marriages - Jan 16, 1865

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Cornish - Teets - On Thursday, Jan 12, by Rev. Alfred Cookman, N. N. Cornish and Sarah F., eldest daughter of Philip Teets, esq., both of this city.

Chave - Van Pelt - At Harlem, on Thursday, Jan 12, by Rev. J. S. Lord, William Chave and Miss Sara R., daughter of John Van Pelt, esq.

Farrington - Kip - At Calvary Church, on Saturday, Jan 14, by Rt. Rev. W. H. Odenheimer, D. D., Bishop of New Jersey, Rev. William G. Farrington and Anna W., daughter of the late Leonard W. Kip, of this city.

Rigby - Ketchum - In Brooklyn, Jan 3, by Rev. L. D. Littlejohn, Henry T. Rigby and Mrs. Maria Louisa Ketchum, all of the former place.

Source: New York Times, Jan 16, 1865

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