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Welcome to New Jersey Marriage Records

    This section consists of a list of marriages in the state of New Jersey during the 1600s through the early 1800s which has been submitted to us from a variety of sources. Most records are from the 1700s. Each record consists of the names of a bride and groom according to the date on which they were apparently married. In some cases, the bride or groom's town or other place of residence is listed. Sometimes the name of the officiating person is listed.

    This section is solely meant to be a reference point. We cannot vouch for the authenticty of records submitted to us and some may contain transcription errors. Please use this section to gain clues as to when and to whom one of your possible ancestors was married. Further information will likely be found by making an inquiry with the New Jersey State Archives.

    To begin, locate the persons you are researching by clicking on the first letter of their surname. Then locate the individual's name and click on it. You will be taken to a list of marriages which occurred during the appropriate year. The marriages are then listed alphabetically by groom's last name. This should provide information which is useful for the purpose of seeking an actual marriage record from the state archives or library.

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