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New Jersey Marriage Records - July, 1900

Listed Alphabetically by Groom's Surname

  • Groom's Name (last, first) / (Groom's Residence) / [Groom's Parents]
    Bride's Name (last, first) / (Bride's Residence) / [Bride's Parents]
    Date of Marriage
    Place of Marriage - State / Locality
    Church or Other Official Presiding
    Source of Information

  • Cortright, Charles B. / (Atlantic Highlands) / [Not Noted]
    Prime, Lizzie E. / (Ithaca, New York) / [Not Noted]
    NY / Brooklyn
    Not Noted
    Mrs. F. A. Mills, sister of the groom
    Red Bank Register, Jul-18-1900

  • Greene, Charles H. Jr. / (Long Branch) / [Not Noted]
    Adams, Mary / (Freehold) / [Not Noted]
    NY / New York
    Not Noted
    Not Noted
    Red Bank Register, Jul-4-1900

  • Kirbey, Ely Bergan / (Red Bank) / [Mrs. Jennie Kirbey]
    Hunter, Elizabeth / (Long Branch) / [Alexander Hunter ]
    NJ / Long Branch
    Rev. H. H. P. Roche
    Not Noted
    Red Bank Register, Jul-11-1900

  • Menzel, Alfred Renal / (Cliffwood) / [Not Noted]
    Ervin, Louthera Ervin / (Matawan) / [Not Noted]
    NJ / Matawan
    Rev. Milton R. Eastlack
    Not Noted
    Red Bank Register, Jul-4-1900

  • Mertz, Joseph / (New Brunswick) / [Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Mertz]
    Champlin, Nellie / (Oceanport) / [Mr. & Mrs. Charles B. Champlin]
    NJ / Long Branch
    Rev. Edmund Hewitt
    Jennie Champlin & Frank Smock
    Red Bank Register, Jul-18-1900

  • Strahan, Charles J. / (Clarksburg) / [Matilda H. & Reuben Strahan]
    Imlay, Ida / (Imlaystown) / [Lucy A. & the late James Imlay]
    NJ / Imlaystown
    Rev. S. L. Harter
    Elizabeth H. Strahan & C. Gordon Hyers
    Red Bank Register, Jul-11-1900

  • Taylor, Arden / (Windsor, Vermont) / [Not Noted]
    Wiley, M. Nettie / (Bridgwater, Vermont) / [Not Noted]
    NJ / Keansburg
    Rev. John Allen
    Mrs. G. M. Leonard, sister of the bride
    Red Bank Register, Jul-25-1900

  • Witman , Edward / (Freehold) / [Not Noted]
    Soden, Lilian Truex / (Fort Hancock) / [Mrs. Mary P. Soden]
    NJ / Jamesburg
    Rev. C. V. D. Conover
    Not Noted
    Red Bank Register, Jul-11-1900

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