1898 California Marriages - Jan 7, 1899 Mountain Democrat, Placerville

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1898 California Marriages - Jan 7, 1899 Mountain Democrat, Placerville

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Cupid's Conquest's

Marriage Licenses were issued to the following victims during the year just closed, who will put to a practial test the oft discussed issue, "Is marriage a failure?"

Jan 1 - John H. Bendfeldt to Frances Crane

Jan 4 - Maurice J. Schweick to Miss Adele Simon

Feb 1 - Pietro Micheletti to Lou Busch

Feb 9 - Robt. Blakely to Miss Amelia Miller

Feb 21 - B. D. Maggiora to Fannie N. Vogel

Feb 22 - Edward Hancock to Jane R. Anable

Feb 22 - Geo. P. Handy to Ludie E. Prewett

Mar 5 - Geo. W. Shepherd to Carrie M. Flintjer

Mar 24 - Philip Barker to Rosa Dormody

Apr 10 - Joseph Merz to Victoria R. Harms

Apr 12 - Geo. Bergola to Georgia Lawrence

Apr 12 - William Schaller to Lucy McNabb

Apr 21 - Joseph N. Papineau to Emma A. Eddy

Apr 30 - Wm. Richards to Hattie A. Ayers

May 7 - Charles E. Norris to Lillie Wheeler

May 8 - Edwin Greer to Nettie Cotton

May 8 - Louis P. Eaton to Ida F. Davis

May 9 - Chas. Lawrence to Mary Burke

Jun 11 - Benj. I. Hoxsie to Maud Odlin

Jun 22 - Thomas Nightengale to Francis Bryant

Jun 22 - Benjamin Rossi to Maggie A. Rossi

Jun 25 - Walter L. Edwards to Eva May Dougherty

Jun 30 - Louis Anthony Davis to Clara M. Wilson

Jul 6 - Samuel E. Anable to SarahKesselring

Jul 31 - John C. Horn to Maude A. Hulbert

Jul 16 - Henry DeSpain to Clara Pfeiffer

Jul 20 - John A. Vance to Lucy C. Drew

Jul 28 - Chas W. Raymond to Abbie M. Byrne

Jul 9 - Henry B. Hinkson to Charlotte S. Knight

Jul 30 - Thomas Turney to Annie I. Martin

Aug 6 - Waite F. Rice to Mabel McCumsey

Aug 14 - David D. Fields to Hattie Van Wincklin

Aug 12 - Jay French to Callie Breedlove

Aug 17 - Frank B. Ladd to Susan M. Thomas

Aug 17 - Mark M. Miller to Mary E. Slater

Aug 6 - Wm. H. Shermentine to Annie M. Masters

Aug 25 Wm. Mote to Mary O. Clark

Aug 31 - John W. Leventon to Phila May Ahart

Sep 18 - Chas. H. Leventon to Lucy F. Martin

Sep 18 - Edward McCullough to Hattie Epps

Sep 21 - Augustus C. Lang to Luella Neidecker

Sep 24 - Victor Boyle to Bertha Henderson

Sep 26 - Robt. L. Hatch to Etha Coval

Oct 2 - John Wm. Peck to Angelina Keath

Oct 10 - Worthen Blacklock to Louise Edner

Oct 16 - Wiley Sexton to Lucy Godair

Oct 11 - Joseph B. Park to Mary E. Crawford

Oct 23 - Jules Besse to Josie Ghigliotti

Oct 26 - Asa B. Rodman to Anne Melchoir

Oct 19 - Edward G. Sherwood to Emily Keyser

Oct 6 - Samuel J. Eva to Lillian Morey

Oct 29 - Ralph Smyth to Annie A. Purcell

Nov 5 - Wm. A. Hatt to Emma L. Bragg

Nov 14 - Jas. C. Mysted to Dussollna G. Scholari

Nov 16 - Wm. F. Galleher to Mabel Crocker

Nov 2 - Robt. L. Casey to Katie Young

Nov 29 - Herman Brown to Evelyn B. Davis

Dec 12 - Geo. Harvey to Williamette Heuser

Dec 11 - Wm. F. Lupold to Allee A. Hackley

Dec 22 - Arthus M. Davis to Cora M. Kelley

Dec 21 - John Balderson to Florence Bragg

Dec 24 - Camille Gay Balmaz to Felisse Durand

Dec 25 - Antonio Pilotti to Nellie Hartley

Dec 27 - Daniel Evans to Eva Mertz

Source: The Mountain Democrat (Placerville, El Dorado County, California) Jan 7, 1899, Page 5

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