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Links to Ship Passenger Lists - James Goodwill - Rotterdam to Philadelphia, 1728

  • http://www.ristenbatt.com/genealogy/shplst14.htm

      James Goodwill - Rotterdam to Philadelphia, 1728

      Hosted on: On the Trail of Our Ancestors

      Surnames included on this page in alphabetical order:

          Bants, Bayer, Beyer, Bontz, Crison, Crockatt, Dörr, Dur, Durr, Eberle, Engelar, Engeler, Englert, Fernssler, Firrumsler, Fucks, Graff, Grim, Grimm, Groff, Gurts, Herman, Hicker, Holsteiner, Holstiender, Keller, Kopenhaver, Koppenheffer, Korr, Krafft, Kuhn, Kun, Kur, Mechling, Mekeling, Mettler, Moeser, Moesser, Moser, Neff, Rider, Ruiter, Ruspag, Schlauch, Scholl, Schuhmacher, Seller, Seyler, Shoemaker, Sholl, Sinc, Slauss, Söller, Sommer, Steffer, Stickeler, Stöver, Strickel, Summer, Valck, Valk, Zenck

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